Summer Vacation

Maddi is one of the quiet girl with a talent.Summer is coming up and there is a competition at her school a week before. Her frinds love One Direction so they all sign up for Battle of the Bands at her school. The grand prize is the world tour with One Direction. She isnt to excited to meet them. See how one youtube video changes her life. Read More!


9. Apology Excepted

It was about 9:00 when I found myself sleeping on the couch. Anna was on the other couch and Aubrey and Taite were sleeping on the floor. I got up carefully not trying to wake anyone up. I go into the hall and into the bathroom. I look into the mirror. I give myself a grossed out face when I see my massive bed head and smudged make up. I guess that's what you get when you don't wash your make up off and sleep on a couch. I turned on the sink and put my hands underneath the cold water. I bring my hands up to my face and rub the water on my eyes. My make up clears and I try brushing through the tangled mop of hair on my head with my fingers. I walk out and see that the girls had barley woken up.
"Good morning sleeping beauties", I say with a smile.
They all giggle and say good morning in a chorus. Anna and Taite get a text.
"Hey. I need to get home. My parent need me home", Taite says.
"Mine too. Maddi, can you take us home since we don't have a car here?", Anna asks.
I nod and we all give Aubrey a hug.
"Thanks Aub. Talk to you later.", I say and head for the door. We head for Jeepers and shut the door behind us. We jump in and I take Anna and Taite home.
I get home to find out that Max isn't up yet. I go upstairs quietly trying not to wake him up. I go to my room and throw on a fresh pair of clothes. I dressed into a Black tank top and a gray and purple plaid button up shirt. I keep it open. I slip on my black convers and go into my bathroom. I brush through my dark hair with a REAL brush and put it in a messy bun. I put on some eyeliner and lipgloss. I head down stairs and grab a banana. I sit down at the couch and flip on the tv. I flipped through the channels. Then I heard feet coming down the stairs. Must be Max. I continue flipping the channels.
"Hey. Your home early.", Max said as he walked into the living room and set next to me.
"Ya. The girls needed to come home and they needed a car."
"Ya. Maddi, I'm sorry for over reacting on who you should date. Your old enough to make your decisions.", he said looking at me with truthful eyes.
"Its ok. Your just being a good brother.", me and him laughed.
"I promise I won't get in the way of you and leprechaun", he smiled.
"Ok, leprechaun's name is Niall and you also need to promise that whenever me and him get on the celebrity news that you wont flip out", I said with a smile.
"Promise", he said and held out his arms.
I leaned In and gave him a tight hug.
I liked how everything was back to normal. Well, with my brother anyways. I miss the times when the band would preform in my garage for the neighborhood and Max would record it. The only problem I would have is Caitlyn. That was all in the past though. All cos of all the fans and fame. Plus I got a super sweet boyfriend. Man I love my life!

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