Young Once

This is my first entry to the poetry competition. Ok, yeah, it is a war poem, but it isn't just meant to be limited to that. What I'm trying to say is that everyone is young once and, though we fail at times, we are all kids inside. God, that sounds corny. Anyway, I'll leave the message for you to contemplate on :D
Hope you enjoy. Feedback is always welcome, especially criticism. Also, I'll return the favour on your's :D :D :D


1. Young Once

Beside the poppy flower, row on row,

Where broken laughter and pink youth blow

Stand Kings and Paupers, both the same, 

Taught to go blind and deaf and lame. 


And now in foreign fields we grow, 

Misplaced but remembered, short days ago. 

Us cherished who loved and saw sunset glow

Were cherished once more for devouring the foe. 


We stooped over the top to a promised land

Where Victory is stale and forever we stand. 

Never in words; only in doomed eyes

Shine the faint glimmers of unholy goodbyes. 


The lark sings bravely and kisses the skies, 

Crosses mark the sleeping as the sun starts to rise. 

Young ones drink sunlight and keep faith; but then...

Though we are fallen, we were young men. 

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