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Haylee, Her Dad, Older Brother, And Friends- Bre and Sammy - Need To Move To London For A Few Months For Her Dads Job, And When She Gets There, She Bumps Into A Few Boys And Changes Her London Life, Forever,



6. who do i like more?

Haylee's POV

i woke up at 6:00 pm and i was in Nialls room. i got up and went downstairs and everyone was sitting on the couch, exept the girls "wheres the girls?" i asked while running my fingers through my hair. "they went home. u were sleeping, so they decided to leave you here overnight" Niall exclaimed while smiling. "oh. Crap" i mumbled to myself. Niall winked at me and then i waved my finger at him, he sighed. i was still in what i was yesterday.Harry passed me on the satirs. he smacked ma bum! i glared at him. he smirked and went back up to his room. i went into his room. "what was that Mr. Styles?!?" i sarcastically yelled. "Nothing" he smirked again, while getting a tee and some sweats out. i walked out of the room and Harry threw a pair of socks down the hallway, to land infront of me. i looked back at him and he gestured to come back into his room. i walked in and he slammed the door. locked it. "umm, Harry?" "yes, love?" he smirked. "NO! no sex!" he sighed. "were friends.. friendss" i explained to him " i know.. but, you- you kissed Niall?" omigod. what am i supposed to say to him? "yes. i dont wanna lie to you, im sor-" he cut me off. He Kissed Me! Again! i pushed him back, not kissing him back. "Harry, Again!?!" i yelled fairly " i-im sorry! i just cant stand you! your so god damn gorgeouse!" i blushed and looked at him.

he knew i wanted to kiss him back, but i couldnt. i knew he wanted to kiss me, he knew i wanted to kiss him. but its wrong. were friends, weve already kissed once. "Harry, im so-" he cut me off with a hard kiss. i kisssed him back and he thrusted his body on mine. i pulled away a minnute. "dont do that again, Hare Bear.." i said in a deep, suttle voice. "sorry" he said. i laughed at him and we started kissing again. he was kissing harder. why was i doing this. but it felt so right!.

but i had to choose. Who do i like more? i pulled away from Harry. "whats wrong babe?" he asked. "we shouldnt be doing this, im sorry." i left the room and Harry stopped me. "why not Hayl?" he asked with some sereosness. "Because, Harry, were friends, and its not right for friends to have sex together. its just not right for them to even kiss!" i pushed his hand off of my shoulder and started going down the stairs. he pulled me back up before the boys saw me on the satirs. i turned around and his lips accidentally smashed against mine.

i blushed and ran into Harry's room. shut the door and locked it. it seems that every time i see him he kisses me. when he said 'thas all i wanted, but youll get more soon' he meant it! he wanted to have sex with me! i was worried. he was knocking on the door. i unlocked the door and quickly opened the window and the walls on the outside were shaped like a ladder. i climbed down safely and i ran home. Harry probably noticed i was gone. i ran inside the door and up the elevator into my room. i ran into my room and started to cry. Bre knocked on the door. "let us in Hayl!!" Sammy yelled. "come" i sniffled "in"  as they walked in iwas thinking why Harry wanted to kiss me everytime he saw mw. omigod. he was using me just to kiss me! that little bitch! i cried even harder. "whats wrong!" bre yelled while runnig and plopping on the bed."its Harry." i said while in my crying voice "what did that bitch do?!?" Sammy yelled in her angry voice. "he used me, just to kiss me. ive thought long and hard about it. and i  have to ask him if its true." i put my face in my hands. "Grr.. i knew there was gonna be a problem." Bre growled. "im the one that has to fix it." i said. i walked outside. walking along the side walk. i saw Harry across the street. no no no. please dont see me. i started walking faster. Harry saw me. he crossed the road and grabbed my waisti turned and looked at him. everything was silent. all i did was stare at him. he was studying my eyes, he knew i was crying.


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