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Haylee, Her Dad, Older Brother, And Friends- Bre and Sammy - Need To Move To London For A Few Months For Her Dads Job, And When She Gets There, She Bumps Into A Few Boys And Changes Her London Life, Forever,



5. the night at thier house

Nialls POV

when we were at Nandos and Haylee agreed to come to out house, she didnt seem to happpy, but she wasa so beautiful, i diidnt even mind. we walked into the house and Haylee stopped in the doorway. her mouth open. shocked. "coming, love?"  i said, sarcastically. "huge?!?" she said. "yes.. very!?!" i also said sarcastically. i put my arm around her waist, as if she were mine, and walked her around to the living room. i set her on the couch, watching tv with the lads, and then, .. "Niall, lad?" Harry.. "can we, uhm, talk?" "erm.. sure, mate" "so, i know you like Haylee and all.." i couldnt speak "and i know you know i kinda do too... so can we just, " .. i couldnt speak at all, then it just came out and said, "how about niether of us date her?!? "Haz sighed "yeh, good idea.." so we both went back to the living room and sat down. Haylee was in the kitchen, making snacks. so isat in the last spot available.

Haylee's POV

i finished the popcorn and came out to the living room. there was no more seats left, so i just sat on the floor.. putting the popcorn on Louis' Lap " Love, come sit up here" Harry suggested while pating his lap. i got up and came over to him, sitting on his lap. he put his arms around my waist, and i samcked his hand. i looked basck at him and he looked away. why?

Harry's POV

i put my arms around her waist, becasue i couldnt resist, my body made me. she smacked my hands, and looked back at me, i just looked away, i couldnt look at her becsasue then i woukd kiss her, and it would be infront of niall too... so i decided to sit on my hands, so it wouldnt happen again. the movie was over about an hour later. thank god. Haylee got up and yawned. "tired, love?" Lou asked.. "yeah, a bit" she answered in a cute voice. well, she could sleep in my bed? " you can sleep in my bed?" everyone looked at me. i tried to scare them, "but i would sleep on the floor" i scared them.. they looked back at Hayle, "no YOUR sleeping in YOUR bed.!" she emphesized the 'your's. "no i insist, your the guest!" "fine" she admitted defeat. she is probably fast asleep in my bed by now. i was kind of getting a bit tired too. " boys i am going to sleep" i yawned "night" "NIGHT" they screamed. im used to it! :] i came in and there was a bed made on the floor. "oh hi Hare Bear." she said while getting into the bed on the floor. "No no no. im sleeping on the floor!" "no your not." "yes i am!" i picked her up bridal style and slightly put her down on the bed. "Fine" she crossed her arms. "but you will wake up with messy hair and a bad back!" she exclaimed. she was already asleep. she was right. so i climbed into bed with her. she put her head on my chest. and i wrapped my arms around her waist. she may kill me when she wakes up, but its all worth it :)

Haylee's POV

i woke up and looked up. i saw Harry sleeping. his arms wrapped around me and my head on his chest. i got up and realized i had my cloths on from yesterday. then i felt arms wrap around me. lemme guess, Harry. "Morning, love" he said in his husky morning voice. "morning Hare Bear!" i said, exitedly. i pulled his arms off my waist, "why keep doing tht Harry! " "doing what?" .. i gave him a 'you-acting-stupid-' look, because he knows what im talking about. "wrapping your arms around me! why?!" .. he ignored that and just stood there, looking down, rubbing the back of his neck. "its okay" i said giving him a hug. i let go of his hug and started to walk out of the door, when Harry pulled me back in. he walked towards the door. "what was that?!" i asked with a sereouse yell. "oh, nothing" he smiled, and shut the door. i turned away with a worried look on my face. looking down so he didnt see me. 'what would i do if he kissed me?!?' was all that ran through my mind. i turned around and Harry was standing there.

he took a step forward, and i took a step backward. that pattern continued untin my back was against the wall. i looked down, and he pushed my chin up, smirking. he kissed me! i kissed back for a few seconds, then pushed him back a bit. " Harry,!" i yelled, but not too loud. he just smiled and walkked towards the door, before opening it, he looked back at me, "thats all i wanted, but you will hget more soon" he smirked and walked out of the room. when he said that, he tried to keep it sereouse with a smile, but he couldnt. i walked downstairs and Harry was looking at me, i tried to avoind those stares, but it just pulled me in, i blushed and loked down.

Niall came up to me and hugged me. "love, may we talk a minute?" i was worried. would he ask about Harry? "sure.." i said. he took me up to his room and he locked the door. i sat on the bed. he sat next to me "babe, i beard you yell from Harry's room. what happened?" i was worried. "uhm,.. " i struggled to tell him he kissed me. "he - he uhmm.. erm..""he.. what?" he questioned, cocking his head. "he.. he.. kissed me.." i looked away. i looked back a few seconds later and Niall was gone. i walked downstairs and Harry and Niall werent in the dining room with the rest of us. i ate some bacon and an egg. then Niall came walking out of the kitchen and sat down next to me. i looked at him, them back at the kitchen door. Harry came out looking down, rubbing the back of his neck. he sat on the other side of me and avoided looking at me. i looked back at niall and he looked at me . he mouthed 'upstairs in 5' i gave him the ok signal under the table.

when we were finished breakfast i went upstairs to Niall's room and he came up following. he shut the door again. i sat on the bed with  him next to me. he turned to face me. our faces were inches apart. then, Niall did it, he kissed me. i kissed back for a few seconds, then pushed him bak a little. "Niall i-" he cut me off "Haylee, im sorry i just- i couldnt resist you! i like you, alot. and its my fault and Harry's just so so-" i cut him off with a little kiss. " ur kiss felt different than Harry's" it didnt though, i lied, they felt the same.. i just wanted him to be happy. "and, ive only known you for a day! Haylee! i dont know.." "Niall, its fine. were only friends though, got it? " he nodded and i left the room, him sitting there on the bed. i decided to surprise him. he was sitting on the side of the bed that was facing the wall, so  ran into the room and jumped on his bac. he fell backwards on the bed. he looked into my eyes and i looked into his. i put my hair behind my ear, it was still hanging down a bit, since i was looking down.

Niall's POV

she jumped on me and i fell backwards. she was on top of me now. she put her hair behind her ear but it was still hanging down. i loked into her beautiful green eyes and she looked into mine. damn she was so gorgeouse. but i could not date her. Me and Harry made a deal. but this time, she leaned down and kissed me. of course, i kissed back becasue, i liked her! we kissed for what seemed like hours. then she pulled back, letting her hair hang, but not infront of he beautiful face. "Haylee, ur so beautifull" she turned away and blushed. "Niall, no im no-" i cut her off. "yes, you are. i meann it!" she blushed and got off me. i stood up with her and picked her up. her legs wrapped around my waist. she was laughing. i loved her laugh, it was now 1: in  the after noon, i forgot that the door was locked, but Haylee didnt know, and she was sleeping on the bed.

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