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Haylee, Her Dad, Older Brother, And Friends- Bre and Sammy - Need To Move To London For A Few Months For Her Dads Job, And When She Gets There, She Bumps Into A Few Boys And Changes Her London Life, Forever,



2. plane ride :| and lunch

Sammy's POV

we were bpoarding the plane, when My Phone rang. it was my mum. i answered it. "hello?" i said, "hey hunny, hows ur trip so far?" "its fine, were boarding the plane now" "oh great!! I am missing you alreadyy! so hows Bre and Haylee??"

there good hows u and dad?" "oh were fine.. well, i have to  hang up now sweetie, love you, bye!!" "bye mum " i hung up the phone and looked over at Bre and Haylee, they gestured there hands to sit in the 3 seater with them. Haylee's mum and dad sat in the seat behind us with her brother. of course, as soon as we sent off into the air, Haylee was sleeping and Bre was on her phone, on instagram. she took a pic of Hayl, and posted it. she showed me and it said:

'Haylee, shes a pretty sleeper!! :D'

i chckled sand looked back at Haylee, her head pressed against the window, facing the front of the seat. she looked so peacful, so me and Bre decided...

Haylee's POV

we were taking off and before i knew it i was fast asleep. i was dreaming about how london would bewhen we got there at night.. i was thiking about all of the lights that would be on, then i heared .. ONE DIRECTION?!?!? .. i shot my head up and looked at Bre and Sammy, Bre was hoolding her phone , with 1D on, full blast. right now, they were both being a bitch.i snatched her phone and turned i toff, giving it back to her, i looked out of the window. i looked at my iphoine, and saw it was already 12:00. i decided to stay up, so the girls were not doing the 1D stuff. i sighed and looked through the seat in front and saw, a shirtless ghuym with hair al over his back, EWW!! i looked back at the window, disgusted. i played an app on my iphone, called farmer story, FREE! so i clicked it and an ad came up for 1D and i accidentally clicked it. then it came up in the app store with a million other results. i sighed and looked that the cover. "how so famouse so fast??" i mumbled to myself. and as i was clicking the 'x' i clicked back on farmer story and no ads. Phew.

Bre's POV

i looked at Hayl, and she was looking at a 1D app! looks like she has intrest after all :] i twirled my fairly long blonde hair and smiled. then i poked Hayl. she rolled her eyes at me, looking like she didnt mean to =, and said, "whatchya need?!?" i chuckled at the thought in my head. Haylee Liked 1D!! "oh.. nothing.. just.. ur.. erm.." i struggled to say that she was looking at one d! .. "oh,.." she sighed, as i chuckled...

Haylee's POV

we arrived to London a few hours later and we unloaded the plane. we entered the airport and tthen someone jumped on my back. it was Christie!!! she was my cousin! "HAYLEEEEEEE!' she screamed. people looked at us funny, but i didnt care. "CHRISSY!!" i yelled back at her.she woukdnt let go of me. i havent seen her in 10 years?!? and im 17 now.. she hugged me and squeezed me. "Chris.. I ..C-cant ...breath" i struggled. she let loose and jumped.. she was the craziest thing ever.. "and Bre, Sammy! Nice to see you too!!" she said while hugging them, "hey Chris!!" they said in unison. we all laughed and walked out of the airport. we hopped into Chris' car and she drove us all to the hotel. she said she got the room next to us so...

we arrived at the hotel. we walked into my room, and it was big for a hotel room. there was 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, a bath in both bedrooms, and a bath near the living room, and a few closets. i went into my room  and it had a two person bed, a closet near it, a bathroom to the far side of the room, and a popcorn ceiling. i started to unpack and put my things into the closet. it was a walk-in (thank god) because i had alot of cloths. and almost everything needed to go in there.

all my clothes were unpacked and all my soaps and washes in the bathroom. i took a shower, letting my brown hair fall down to my l;ower back. i jumped in and let th water drip down, off my hair. ' London ' is all that went through my mind. ive alwsys wanted to go here since i was 6."Hayl! were going out to lunch! get ur stuff ready! Chris Is Coming along!!" i heard Sammy yell through my door. i jumped out of the shower, getting in an angry birds tee, and some skinnys. i applied some mascara ans some blush and met the girls out in the living room.

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