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Haylee, Her Dad, Older Brother, And Friends- Bre and Sammy - Need To Move To London For A Few Months For Her Dads Job, And When She Gets There, She Bumps Into A Few Boys And Changes Her London Life, Forever,



3. lunch and some guys.

Haylee's POV

we were on our way to Nando's. that was my fave place to eat. "i love Nandos!" i yelled but just enough not for the windows to break. " Me Too!" Chrissy yelled aaloud, just enough so we all could hear. 'ring ring!' my phone rang. "hold on, gotta take this" i whispered "hello?" "hey hun!" Dad!" "hey sweetie? where were u? im knocking on ur door!?" "oh wme and the girls are on our way to Nandos." "oh okay, well, see you later!" "bye dad" i hung up.

Chris' POV

Hayl took a phone call while we were pulling up to Nandos. she hung up right before we got out  of the car. i grabbed my wallet and we walked in. me and Bre walked up to the register after we asked Haylee and Sam what they wanted. they went to go find us a table. we came back after ordering. as we were walking we were talking about who our 1D crushes were. it turns out i like Liam and Bre liked Zayn.i twirled my long black hair that was down to my bum, and sat down. i was assuming Sammy Liked Louis. because she had a pic on her phone. me and Hayl sat across from eachother on the inside seat and Sam And Bre sat across from the outside seat. i looked behind Haylee, and i saw familiar hair, then familiar faces.. Omg, I Couldnt Have..

Haylee was asking me if i were okay. then all the girls started helping me. i was frozen. i saw ONE DIRECTION sitting behind us.  i was trying to answer them but i was frozen, not blinking, and my mouth not closing. " CHRIS! what the fuck is wrong with you ?!?" Hayl yelled.

Haylee's POV

Chris was completely frozen, not saying a word."CHRIS! what the fuck is wrong woth you?!?" i yelled.she was staring behoind me. then i looked at Bre and Sam, and they were doing the same. i loked back and i saw...

friggin 1D. they had to be here?!?.. "girls.. snap out of it!" i said waviong in thier faces. they snapped, bur were still staring. "stop staring, they will think your wierd. "

Niall's POV

i was squished in between Harry and Zayn. Lou and Liam brought my food back and i snatched the tray from them and took some food of the tray. i shoved it in my mouth. then when i swallowed and opened my eyes, i saw 4 girls looking at us, one turned to us, then turned back, with a certain glare on her face. i saw her face for two seconds, but it wa sbeautiful. i couldnt believe what i saw. her green beautiful eyes and her brown wavy hair. i pushed my tray away "Niall, mate, you full?" asked liam with a questioned look on his face, "no just not hungry." then all the boys looked  at me wih a funy faceial expression. "excuse me" i said, motioning to scoot Zayn over. they all had wierd looks on thier faces still. i walked over to thier table, just to say hi and everything. "Hello, Loves." i quietly said, looking at the tremendouse lady in the inside. "Hi, and yu are!?" she asked in a sarcastic way. "NIALL" the one with blonde hair yelled..  "yes. im Niall Horan." i smiled. then the boys came over. "id like you ladies to introduce yourselves?" i asked " this is Bre, Christine, and Sammy." .. Bre was The Blonde one, Sammy was the Red Headed One, Christine was the Black HAired one and, who was the hot one? "and you are, love?" Harry asked, with a smile on his face, "Haylee," she slightly mumbled. what a beautiful name. with Harry's Expression i could tell he liked her, alot. but i did also. competition, Styles?

Haylee's POV

"Haylee" i kindof mumbled. Niall was looking at me with a smile. smiling like an idiot. "so. what are you guys doing at out table?!?" i said, slightly yelling. "just. erm.. uhh.." Niall struggled speaking. "He came over , so we followed. said the curly haired one. he had a cheeky smirk on his face.. what the fudge is wrong with theese boys? "uhmm, okay>" i said, confused. "erm.. ugh.. uhh.. erugh.." niall just stood there, staring at me. :you okaii blondie?" i said with a pinch of sarcasm. the boys and girls laughed and he was still standing there, starting to blush now. he looked away and rubbed the back of his neck. "oh mate" the hazel-eyed boy asked. "can we talk a minute? all of us?" "erm, uh.. sure.." they all walked over to the other side of the place and they were talking about.. something "oohhh, someone likes youuu..!" Bre Said.. "shut up, Bre.. He doesnt .." i said, really sereous.

Harry's POV

i really liked Haylee, but its so obviouse Niall does, too. "mate, u like her!" Liam exclaimed "no-no i d-dont.. erm.. ugh" Niall Struggled to explain. "i.. erm.. have a .. erm.. text..brb" i explained. i faked a text, pulling out my phone. i walked away and fakely looked at my phone, pretending to text back. i just didnt want to talk about Niall having a crush on my crush, Haylee.


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