Get outta my head ~

Haylee, Her Dad, Older Brother, And Friends- Bre and Sammy - Need To Move To London For A Few Months For Her Dads Job, And When She Gets There, She Bumps Into A Few Boys And Changes Her London Life, Forever,



7. harry..

Haylee's POV

me and Harry were walking along the road. he had a beanie, some sweats and a white tee. luckily i changed before i left. i had black sweats, a blue tee, and my mascara was dripping. i had my Toms on. he was looking at me as we were walking. i gues we were on our way to his place. he stopped me. he turned me around to face him. we stopped. he just stared into my eyes. he has pretty green eyes. i wiped my eyes and he looked at me and said, "Haylee" he paused, just staring into my eyes i looked away and he turned my head back. just holding my chic, keeping my head in place. "whats wrong. why were u crying?" he asked in a whisper.

"i-i-" he cut me off "Haylee, u can tell me."  i dodnt wanto to tel him, he would just make a big deal out of it. "i- i cant.."  i said, looking away from him. he stood infront of me and lifted my chin, "why not, love?" he said in a whisper. "be-beca-because.. i just- i cant" i sniffled and ran away. i looked back and harry was leaned against the wall, face in his palms. why was he crying?

Harry's POV

she studdered. "be-beca-becasue.. i just - i cant" she sniffled and ran away. there was no point of going after her?! so i leaned against a building's wall. i put m y face inn my palms. what i was doing to her was wrong. my body just- it goes right at her and.. i cant resist. thats probably why she is upset. i was a fuck-up..

Niall's POV

Harry wasnt back yet, where was he. he said he was going to go and talk to Hayl, but he said he would be back by 10, and its 12 now..what if they were going to her house, just to , make out all night, have sex.. get married for god sake.. im just wacked.. me and Harry had a deal. ' no dating Haylee, pals before gals' i texted him. 'To: Harry: Where uat? u supposed to be here 2 hours ago?!' it was 10 minuted later and no answer. im sure he was on his way. hs phone probably died. or it was off. i went to bed.

Harry's POV

i walked back overr to her, behind her, she didnt know. " love, i-" she cut me off with a jump. i looked into her eyes. she was so gorgeouse. "Haylee, i-" she cut me off with a kiss, a long, passionate kiss.


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