Get outta my head ~

Haylee, Her Dad, Older Brother, And Friends- Bre and Sammy - Need To Move To London For A Few Months For Her Dads Job, And When She Gets There, She Bumps Into A Few Boys And Changes Her London Life, Forever,



8. choosing

Haylee's POV

i woke up by Chris screamin at the girls "MY BACON!!!" my gosh.. i got up and i passed the mirror.. i looked at myself and my right cheek was black.. i ruvved it and walked up to the mirror and sat in the chair without tain my eyes off of the mirror. i grabbed my mascara remover and rubbed my cheek with it ------------------------------------------------------------ it was 3:00 and i was in a black and yellow batman tee and some skinnys with some DC's. i got a call. it was Niall. i answered it.. "Hello?" (M=me N=niall) N:"Hey.. Whats going on Babe?" M:"Haha, Nothin.. and DONT call me that!" N: "Why not?" M:"becasue im not ur 'babe'" N:"oh well anyway, me and harry were wondeing if you wanted to have lunch someplace in an hour?" i had to think about this.. M:"uhmm, sure," N:okay! pick u up at 4 kay?" M; "okay!" i hung up and slud my head peeking through the door to see wat the gurls were doing.. "Haylee! wanna come to  lunch with us?!?" Sammy asked.. she had a creepy smile onher face.. she knew i was lunching with Niall and Harry.. "sammy.. u KNOW i cant..." "alright.. go with ur boyfriends.." "SHUT ... " i pointed my finger and scrunched my nose at her.. i went in my room and got a peachy colored flowy shirt on with stonewashed skinnys and a pair of peachy colored flats. i put on some green eyes shadow and some mascara.


Harry and Niall knocked on my door. i opened it and they both said 'hi' in unison. i waved .. "shall we go?" Niall asked holding out his hand. "sure!" i grabbed his hand and Harry's in my other. i looked up and thier faces and they were smiling. i wonder what they are up to...

Niall's POV

i remembered exactly what me and Harry discussed earlier. 'i cant stand the deal.. so whoever gets her first.

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