Get outta my head ~

Haylee, Her Dad, Older Brother, And Friends- Bre and Sammy - Need To Move To London For A Few Months For Her Dads Job, And When She Gets There, She Bumps Into A Few Boys And Changes Her London Life, Forever,



4. a car ride and hugs

Harry's POV

i have to play it cool. but when i look at her, i just want to run up to her and kiss her. i have to stay strong. she makes my heart skip a beat. boy, i am getting so emotional. ive never done that..! Uh-Oh ..

Haylee's POV

the boys walked back over to out table, and curly looked depressed. "so, Haylee, Girls?" The hazel-eyed boy asked.. "yeah?" Bre asked.. "wanna, come to our place with us for a while?" they all nodded.. "sure, " i mumbled.. Curly was silent.. the boys were explaining how we were gonna sit in the two cars, the 9 of us. while the one with the checkered shirt exclaimed, i was looking at Curls. he wouldnt look up from the floor, rubbing the back of his neck. what was wrong with him? he came over all happy, went with the boys, then came all sad. did they say something to him??

i got up to use the bathroom. i came out of the stall, and washed my hands. i looked in the mirror, and i saw my bruise on my right side of my neck. i shivered. bad memories.

i came out and went back to the table, standing with the boys. i wanted to sit back down, so i started walking to the seat, when some muscular hands grabbed my waist and prevented me from sitting. i turned back and it was Curly. our faces, centimeters apart, i pulles his hands off and turned to face him. "what?" he asked. "why?" i said "well, .. erm.. " he struggled. " i didnt want u to .. erm.. sit.. i wanted you to erm.." "continue??" i said.. cocking my head . "wanted you to.. erm.. stand with me." "was that hard to say now, Curly?"

"oh, u never got my name did you?!" "nope".. i said, he had a cheeky smile on his face, "Harry Styles" "nice to meet yu, Styles." i said, with some sarcasm. he chuckled. i gave him a hug and looked at him. "whats that for?" he questioned. "being funny" i said with a cute voice. we both chuckled and then the boy with the brown eyes said, "everyone got that?" i let go of Harry and lied. "umm, yeah, okay!" Harry also said "sure thing Liam!" so that was his name! i need to ask them all..  we left the place and got into the cars me and Harry stood outside the car, Harry, scratching his head. "where?" he asked Liam. "u were not listening.!" he yelled. "Liam, Calm urself" i said,  "oh, .. sorry" he apologized. he told us where to sit and , wait. i was thinking, whered he get the chart at?!? i thikn he made it after the other boy asked if we could come over. i was in the back row, squished between Niall and Harry.They were both looking at me. "umm,.." i questioned. "Sorry" they said in unison, then both looked out thier own windows.

when i said squished, i mean SQUISHED! ... my shoulders were up to my chin! i loked up at Harry, and his curl was on the side of my forehead. i was a bit short, okay? then i looked at Niall, he had beautuful blue eyes. he looked back down at me. he smiled and i blushed. i looked down, now words were said the whole ride, just cute whom i believe i s Louis was driving. Sam sat in the passenger seat, and me and the two boys sat in the back. the other car, to whom was Zayn, as Curls told me, was driving, Bre was in the passenger, and Chris and Liam were in the we were pulling up, Niall and Harry were hugging me at  the same time, thier faces looking like they ddint maean to same time it. "whats that for, guys?" i said, akwarded. "being so beautiful, love." niall said, irishly. i blushed and got out of the car, after Harry.


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