i wanna be with you...

Isabella was just a normal directioner. When the day finally came that she had been dreaming about with her friends for years, she's going to london! when she was asked if she could give up her seat so a mother could sit with her son she was moved to first class. she falls asleep before the plane even takes off with five seats around her that are empty. when she wakes up she finds herself sleeping on somebodies shoulder...harry styles shoulder. read about how the two fall in love with some troubles along the way.


2. what just happened?!


My eyes open slowly and I bat them a bunch of times, where was I? Then I remembered I was on the plane. Only I felt my head resting on someone's shoulder and I quickly got up and said,

"oh my gosh I'm so sorry I didn't mean too..." and then I heard the most familiar British accent saying,

"oh it's okay love I don't mind at all!"

I froze up for a minute...It couldn't be. It can't be. I turn my head as looked. Sitting right smack next to me was the one and only Harry Edward Styles. Was I dreaming? I literally pinched myself, as I was speechless. I felt the pinch. It was real. I bit my lip so I wouldn't scream. I look around and sitting in front of me was Zayn, to the left Louis, then Liam. And Niall was next to Harry. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs but I couldn't. I had slept on Harry Styles shoulder. How am I not dreaming? I struggled to get words out of my mouth and then Harry said,

"I guess you know who I am. Sorry I didn't mean to startle you."

 And he smirks. His eyes. There a million times for beautiful in person. I finally get words out and say,

"No. It’s fine...really.... you don't understand.... startle me anytime...please..."

Louis starts to laugh...

"Calm down Hun we're just people."

I say, "oh yeah I know...I promised myself I wouldn't be like this around you. I just wasn't really prepared."

Liam said while smiling at me, "hey babe how about you go to the bathroom and get your thoughts through your mind and then come back.."

I say, "Good idea, thanks Liam." I smile at him.

Then I say, "oh hi Niall, hi Zayn!"

They smile and wave. I walk into the bathroom shut the door and begin to jump up and down and cry. THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. I look in the mirror. Omg my makeup was smudged all over my face. My mascara was all under my eyes and I looked like a raccoon. I flinched the fact they saw me like that and I began to fix my face I guess you could say.




She was beautiful. Her big brown eyes, her big rosy cheeks, and her brown hair. Everything about her. She just made me want to melt. I had to know her name. I wanted to know everything about her. She just made me get this big lump feeling in my gut. But it made me do happy. She finally walked back and she had no makeup on. Oh my gosh she was so beautiful. I just wanted her to be mine. I just hope she is what she seems. She sat down next to me. I decided to break the silence and say,

"so what's your name babe?" and she answered saying,

"Isabella. But my nicknames Bella. But I love both equally."

Isabella. Bella. That was the most beautiful name I’ve ever heard I just wanted to sing it like in the movie West Side Story. Tony just sings about how beautiful the name Maria is. And that exactly what I wanted to do. But I couldn’t of coarse. But her American accent was so adorable. Oh my gosh I want to listen to it for hours. I’m so happy our plane we were supposed to be on broke down, it was so worth it.




I thought about telling my friends but I didn't want them to get all jittery knowing that they are on the same plane. So I decided to go right back to my seat. Gosh I hope the boys like me. It would kill me inside if they didn't. I walked back to my seat and Harry was smiling up at me. Oh my gosh I'm going to be sick. Then Harry spoke, he said,

"so what's your name babe?" babe. He called me babe. I say,

"Isabella. But my nicknames Bella. But I love both equally."

Harry smiles at me, "that's a beautiful name."

oh my gosh. All the boys smile at me and I smile at the ground, then Zayn and Niall announce that it was nice meeting me for the first time and that they are both going to sleep. Then Louis and Liam put there headphones on. Liam goes on his iPad and so does Louis. Harry sits there open to talk to but I didn't want to seem desperate so I kept my mouth shut and just looked out the window.

Then I began to hear his voice again, “Isabella, you know you can talk to me..." and he smiled when I turned to him and we winked.


I say, "oh okay that's nice to know Harry, what do you want to talk about then?"

he said, "good I wanted to talk to you. So just tell me about yourself."

I say, "well what do you want to know?"

Harry answers,"ummm are you in school? where u live? your family? what brings you on this trip? What kind of a directioner are you, if u are one? about your hobbies and stuff like that..."

I take a deep breath and say, "well I go to the fashion institute school in Virginia which is right by dc. I go there with one of my best friends with me who is actually in the back of my plane with two of my other friends. I have apartment there but I stay at home a lot in Maryland and that's where i grew up. I'm really close to my mom and have a very joking relationship with my dad. I have two older brothers who are 24 and 26. Patrick is 24 and Christopher is 26. I'm 18 but my birthdays in a few months. I'm going to London because to be honest when I was a freshman with my other friends who are in the back, when we all became directioners we promised each other when we were eighteen that we would go to London cause they would be old enough to drink. And I said I was going to be "mommy direction" and look after them cause I can't drink just like Liam but because I have a heart condition, I can't tell you more later about my heart if you would like to know. I'm became a directioner march 2, 2012. I try not to be the ones causing drama or anything. I'm more of the kind that sit back and watch stuff and then once you guys confirm it I freak out In a good or a bad way..and yup."

Then Harry looks at me smiling with his dimples and says, "Wow that all sound truly amazing. And yes I would love to know about your heart condition later if that's okay with you."

I say, "oh yeah it's perfectly fine, I've told this story I don't know how many times... But so basically when I was 3 and 4 whenever I didn't drink enough water or got to restless my heart would sometimes go 200 beats a minute instead of a average of 100. That was caused from a extra pathway that would trigger my heart to beat that fast. The pathway wasn't in use in my body though. Then when I was five I got surgery in Florida and they got rid of the pathway. Ever since then all I have to do is have a checkup twice a year and take medication every day. But i also cant has caffeine alcohol so no soda or coffee. Also if I ever passed out it would be very scary and you would have to call the ambulance as soon as possible but it's never happened before. And i could never play team or sometime sports but I was never a big fan anyways. PLus i can't get an adrenaline rush, so no roller coasters or anything."

then Harry said, "oh my gosh I’m so sorry Bella. I’m happy your okay."

I say, "thanks Harry! And I really don't think about it a lot it's nit really a big deal in my mind."

Harry says, "okay good i would hate to have something like that bother you!"


Harry's POV


Everything about her is just perfect. I can't even describe how amazing I think she is. ughhhh.




We talked for hours and hours and The entire flight. We laughed most of the time. We both tell stupid jokes. Then they announced only fifteen minutes left. And what seemed like  the shortest flight for how long it really was.

Harry said to me, "hey can we have each others numbers?"

I said, "yes are you kidding of coarse!" we our phones out and put our numbers into each other’s contact list. T

hen Harry asks, "could I get a contact picture for you? Plus I want to be able to see your face whenever I want to.."

I blush madly and say, "of coarse!"

I smile at the camera and he put his camera down and says, "beautiful!"

I blush like I never have before. The last fifteen minutes were probably some of the funniest fifteen minuets of my life because all the boys were awake and they were hilarious!

I whispered to Harry, " you think you guys could stay here for a few minuets when we land so my friends can meet you?"

Harry sad, "of coarse love let me ask Paul love."

BUT OH MY GOSH PAUL! Harry called Paul over and explains and Paul's says it should be okay and smiles at me and says hello and

I say, "hi Paul!!" Harry laughs at me and I say, "what I'm a fan girl that's not going to change hahaha" Harry laughs.

We land I walk over to get my friends I say, "hey guys how was it for you guys?"

they all say, "LONG!" and they say, "you?"

I say, "oh just cheeky. I want you guys to meet some people I made friends with."

The girls say "ohhhhhhh" like I fell in love with someone. Well i guess you could say I did. But we aren't close to going out but i hope we will oh my gosh I hope. I stand in front of the curtain and whisper make sure you look nice.

And Caitlyn says, "oh for good sakes Bella its not like one direction Is behind the curtain." I smile very big and the Girls look flustered and I quickly open the curtain and there stand the boys and they all shout,

"hello!" all the girls are fighting back crying and yelling and all Caitlyn can do is walk towards Niall with her arms out. Niall looks confused so I say, "she's wanted to Horan hug more than anything since we were freshman." Niall laughs and gives her a big one. But Niall’s and Caitlyn’s eyes seemed so big and they brightened  up so much when they saw each other. Margaret and Kara are just sorta frozen so the boys walk close and hug them. After everyone met each other and hugged, Paul walked in and said, "it's time to go boys..." and then the girls started fangirling from Paul and the boys started laughing and Harry looked at me and said, "I guess your not the only one!" and he smiled with those dimples and I said, "no I'm not crazy harry!" as I laughed. It was time or us to leave and as we said goodbye Harry kisses me on the cheek. Oh my gosh.

Then he said, "Ciao Bella." I blush knowing that it means, "goodbye beautiful" in Italian.

I say, "bye Harry! And you know I'm 100% Italian..."

Harry says, "i did not! but thats a amazing bonus to your beautiful self!"

oh my gosh...


(what bella was wearing but purple sweatshirt: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=55366294)

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