i wanna be with you...

Isabella was just a normal directioner. When the day finally came that she had been dreaming about with her friends for years, she's going to london! when she was asked if she could give up her seat so a mother could sit with her son she was moved to first class. she falls asleep before the plane even takes off with five seats around her that are empty. when she wakes up she finds herself sleeping on somebodies shoulder...harry styles shoulder. read about how the two fall in love with some troubles along the way.


4. this kiss.


The next morning I woke up bright and early, nobody else was awake yet. I had the date with Harry today! I went to my closet to figure out what to where. I decided on a floral strapless dress with big pockets, a jean jacket, and my toms. I put my hair in a fishtail too. When I was getting ready to leave Caitlyn walked in and I said, "Omg your back! how’d it go?" Caitlyn said, "amazing but I’m going to sleep ill tell u more later..." I said, "okay i'm going on a date with Harry right now so byeee!" and Caitlyn said, "aww have fun..." I said, "thanks kid see ya later!" I walked out the door. When I got to the lobby man was holding a sign saying my name. I walked up to him an said, "hi i'm Isabella! was this from Harry Styles?" the man smiled and said, "Yes, right this way!" I followed him to the car Harry had ordered to pick me up. When we got to Nandos someone was holding the door open. I said thank you and walked in. It was dark but lit with candles and the only people I saw were the waitress, chef, and then I saw Harry. He got out of his chair and said, hey Bella u look lovely, I said, thanks harry

he got up and pulled out my chair for me to sit down in, I said, "Harry I can’t believe u did all of this for me!" Harry said, "No, no its my pleasure, lets figure out what we want to eat cause I want to ask u something important. basically." I said, "oh! okay well I always get the lemon and herb perrie perrie chicken with mashed potatoes!" Harry says, "okay and I know what I want!" we ordered our meal and then harry put his hands across the table for me to hold. I hold them. Harry says to me, "Well Bella I wanted to talk about, us. I think I love you. Well I do love you. I want us to be together. If you would like to." I say, "oh my gosh harry I would love too!" Harry says, "oh my gosh good. but I just have two questions. first I really have to make sure of this because its how everyone is, but, do u love me for Harry, or Harry Styles of One Direction?" I say, "to tell u the truth Harry when I first started talking to you on the plane I forgot u were Harry Styles of One Direction I smiled at him and he smiled with me with his dimples and kissed me from across the table. then he says, "good, and the second you know u are going to get a lot of hate right? like I know your not going to be okay with it I wont one bit but are u sure your willing to go that?" I said, "well harry i'm not willing to but its worth it to me" Harry said, "okay babe ill help you with it and defend you." I said, "thank you Harry" he said "no problem babe. but just keep this on the down low. don’t announce it of anything. lets just both tell our close friends and family." I said, "okay sounds like a good idea haz!" harry says, "your calling me haz now?" I say, "yup! that’s fine right?" he said, "of coarse! but can u call u belle? cause you’re my princess?" I blush and say, "awww hazza!" he says, "what I can be cute" and he winks at me. then our food comes. when we were all finished with out meal it was raining. so Harry tried to get a taxi but we couldn’t get one I said, "Harry, I don’t mind just running to the ice cream parlor." since we were going to go there. Harry said, "no! I don’t want you in the rain!" I said, "no really I don’t mind at all!!" and Harry says, "Are u positive babe?" I say, "yes!" Harry grabs my hand and we run in the pouring rain. we are passing a lake with a dock when harry jerks me in the direction of the dock I say, "Harry what are you doing!" and he stops at the end of the dock put his hands on either side of my head and kisses me in the pouring rain. it was the most beautiful, most amazing experience I have ever had. then Harry and I stop and we grab each other’s hand again and start to run. We finally get to the ice cream parlor after a block and we are absolutely soaked. Harry and I get a huge giant sundae to split. Harry begins feeding me himself and I do the same with h. but the  things got a little messy, I had whipped cream on my nose cause he did that to me and I put whipped cream on his cheek and nose. Harry says, "you know bells, u gave me this kiss in the rain I always wanted.” I smile, “and you gave me the kiss in the rain I always wanted..” 

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