i wanna be with you...

Isabella was just a normal directioner. When the day finally came that she had been dreaming about with her friends for years, she's going to london! when she was asked if she could give up her seat so a mother could sit with her son she was moved to first class. she falls asleep before the plane even takes off with five seats around her that are empty. when she wakes up she finds herself sleeping on somebodies shoulder...harry styles shoulder. read about how the two fall in love with some troubles along the way.


5. princess belle.



When we were finishing up our ice cream I looked outside and it had stop raining I say, “Harry it stopped raining!" he said, "oh good! Hey um I want to get some dry clothes on...u know Lou Teasdale? baby Lux's mum?" I say, "oh coarse I do!" Harry says, "good! Well her flat is kind of close and she usually has some extra clothes there do u mind?" I say, "not at all!" Harry says, "good thanks belle! You can borrow some clothes too!" I say, "yay thanks haz!" we walk up a block and the paparazzi shows up out of nowhere and a bunch of fans! I get a little flustered cause this has never happened to me before. Harry holds my hand and whispers, "ugh sorry, just don't say anything to them." I say, "okay." and I squeeze his hand. People start asking, "Who is this harry?" "are you guys going out?" "what's your name?" "where are you from?" what's your job?” "how old are you?" and we say absolutely nothing. Then I realize Harry and I am still wet from the rain and can't help but laugh cause their taking pictures. Finally the stop following us. Plus we get to the building of the flat. We go up and then Harry knocks on the door. She answers and says, "oh hello harry I wasn't expecting you! Oh who's this?" Harry says, "sorry just we got caught in the rain and I was wondering if u had some extra clothes...and this is Isabella!" I say hi and we exchange a handshake. I’m fan girling a bit on the inside. We walk into the apartment and baby Lux was there. Harry goes up to her and says, "hi Lux!" Lux has a HUGE smile when she sees Harry and starts to laugh. She says, "Harry!" I remember hearing that Harry was her first word. She's so much cuter in person. She's adorable. Harry says, "Lux this is Bella! She's my princess!" Lou gives Harry a look with raised eyebrows and a smirk. Harry says, "yes it's true but nobody knows yet. Well besides the fact people just saw us holding hands but oh well!" then Lux waves and smiles cause she actually thinks that I’m a princess so I start laughing. Then Harry says, "okay let's get changed. Lou brings over a hug plastic container full of some of the boys clothes. Harry hands me the smallest pair of jeans and belt. then I grab a plaid shirt that's Liam's cause those can look okay baggy. I go and get dressed in the bathroom and everything is pretty huge but I folded the cuffs on the pants and tied the shirt. It looked ehh but oh well. I was really cold though. I walked out of the bathroom and harry chuckled a bit. Then I said, "Haz I'm still a bit cold." then Harry says, "hmm okay let me see." then he finds another blazer of his and says, "here wear this." I put it on and I felt better. I'm going to look like such a idiot. Then we leave and say goodbye and thank you to Lou and bye to baby lux. Then after we left and Harry said, "well Belles what would you like to do now?" I say, "well actual harry I'm really rather tired...could we just sit in a cafe or something?" harry says, "Hmm I have a better idea. Just walk with me." I say, "okay" and grab his hand. We walk up three blocks and I begin to get really achy. Harry can tell in getting tired so he says, "here Belles let me give I a piggy back ride." I say, "but Haz everyone’s going to take pictures and I don't want you to have to do that!" Harry says, "Bella I don't care! Just get on my back." he squats down and I jump on his back. I put my arms around his neck and lean my head on his shoulder and wrapped my legs around his waist with him holding them too. I remember when I used to imagine harry giving me a piggyback ride. We walked up three more blocks with people taking pictures but harry and I were just laughing and talking the whole time ignoring them. We got to the building and harry said, "okay Louis and mines flat is in this building but I don't know if he's here and I don't know if he is here with someone or Eleanor." I said, "okay sounds great either way haz!" we get to his flat and Harry opens the door and I walk behind him. Louis is snuggling on the couch with Eleanor and he says, "How was your date Haz!" and harry says, "great." and he turns to the side and I walk out from behind him and he puts his arm around me. I wave to Eleanor and Louis and say hi. Then Harry says, "She's my princess." Louis says, "I KNEW IT! Ahh cute couple I approve." Eleanor says, "aww that's so adorable!" she waves to me and says, "hi I'm Eleanor!" I say, "Haha yeah I know great to meet you! I'm Isabella, but you can call me Bella. Which ever one works." then Harry says, "I call her Belle but I'm the only one aloud to cause she's my princess Belle." then Eleanor says, "AWWW princess Belle! That’s so adorable! Lou why don't we have something cute like that!" Louis says, "El, you don't already have a Disney princess named after you sorry babe, you’re still my one and only princess Eleanor though!" Eleanor says, "okay good enough prince boo bear!" Louis laughs and they have a quick peck kiss on the lips. Harry says, "Okay well we are going to go in my room. Oh and in case you were wondering about Bella’s clothes, we had to borrow some from Lou Teasdale cause we got caught in the rain.." then Eleanor said, "ahh that explains ALOT!" I laugh and then Eleanor and Louis get back to watching Grease. I walk into Harry's room and he says, "Hey belle how about we change into something comfy." I say, "okay that would be nice." we walk into harry closet and it's pretty huge. Harry says, "just pick out whatever!" in the corner I spot two one pieces. I say, "Okay I found something." harry says, "okay you can get dressed in here I'll leave and come back in when your done." I say, "k thanks haz" I put the one piece on and it's so comfy. I say, "okay I'm done haz." harry walks in and starts to laugh like crazy. He says, "oh gosh Bella! Okay I'll wear the other one." I say, "yay!" when he's getting changed I'm looking around his room. It seems really normal. I look at some pictures in the frames. There's one of him and his mum, him and Gemma, him and the boys, him and his dad, and then I saw a corkboard. There are so many pictures of him and the boys and friends and family that I've never seen before, even one of him in white Eskimo, which I found funny. Then I stumbled across a picture that was laying next to one of the frames. It was me. Me. It was the pictures Harry toke on the plane. Of me. Harry already had a picture of me. I can't really believe this. We weren't even going out yet we only met each other once and he already printed a picture. I know I'm overreacting but I just can't believe it. When harry comes out of the closet. I say, "Oh look you came out of the closet!" Harry says, "ha ha very funny belle." and I giggle. We lay down on his bed and we see what's on TV. We saw that one of my favorite movies was on, the parents trap! it was just starting too! It started and harry started singing with the background music in the movie, "L is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see, V is very very extraordinary, E is even more than anyone that I adore...." I smile and lay my head on his lap and he starts to play with my curls since I put my hair down. We were both quoting a lot of parts of the movie and laughing are each other’s jokes. Gosh I love him so much. During one of the commercials harry poked my tummy and I started laughing so hard cause that's my most ticklish spot. Harry said, "ahh belles is ticklish!" and he started tickling me all over I was dying laughing. I kept saying, "okay harry stop stop stop" while laughing like CRAZY. Finally he stopped and I hid under his blankets. Then he went under the covers to and I hid in the sheet I was practically wrapped up like a sausage. We were both laughing non stop. Then I felt part of the sheet come down by my face and Harry days, "oh look I found my princess!" and he kisses me. Then he gets up takes the top cover off the bed and wraps the sheet all the way around me and picks me up while I'm wrapped like a sausage in a sheet. I'm laughing uncontrollably and say, "Haz what are you doing!" he just laughs at me. He carries me into the room with Louis and Eleanor and harry says, "Lou can you take a picture for me!" Louis says, "Harry what the heck are you doing to poor innocent Bella!" and Eleanor says, "Omg Bella what did harry do to you.." I'm still laughing and I say, "I have no idea....." Louis takes a picture but I didn't want him to so I buried my face in Harry's chest. Harry says, "thanks you can you send that to me or tweet it!" I say while harry walks away, "NOOO Lou don't listen to him!" Harry shouts, "LISTEN TO ME BOOBEAR!" and then we are back to Harry's room and he throws me on top of the bed. I say, "ahh harry..." I unwrap myself and go to the bathroom cause my on piece got all twisted. Harry follows me into the bathroom. I fix my hair and stuff and then I say, "haz can we take a mirror picture...to he honest one of my dreams was to take a picture of the two of us in onsie." harry laughs and says, "anything for you belle.." he grabs my waist and looks at my phone threw the morrow and does a duo face. So I did the same. I toke the picture and I love it. Harry says, "Send that one to me too.." I say, "okay!" we finish watching the parents trap and all of a sudden I feel harry scratching my back. I say, "Haz what are you doing..." he says, "scratching your back, want to play this game where I draw something on your back and you guess what it is?" I say, "oh my gosh harry, I used to beg my grandma to play it with me..." harry says, "no way!" I giggle. Then he starts drawing with his finger. I try to think of what it is....oh my gosh. "haz did u just draw a cat?" he says, "Well yes I did!" I laugh. We play that until the end of the movie and then I look at the time and it's 6:00 I say, "Harry I better get going!" he says, "no Bella don't leave, let's at least eat dinner! I'll cook." I say, "aww okay harry." we walk back into the family room where Eleanor and Louis are because the kitchen is right next to it and connected to it. We walk into Louis and Eleanor making out and harry says, "Oh get a room!" I say, "Harry!" Eleanor laughs. Louis says, "haz!" I laugh too. Harry says, "well I'm making tacos for dinner. Is that all right for you guys?" we all say yeah. Eleanor, Louis and I talk while harry makes dinner and Eleanor and I got along so well! She told me she thinks that Danielle and Perrie would love to meet me. I think Louis is like a big brother too me. Even though I already have too. But Louis and i ended up getting really close. Then dinner was ready and it was great and we all talked some more. It was great. Then it was really time for me to go cause it was 8:00 I say, "Well I need to go it’s getting late. Nice meeting you Eleanor and nice seeing you again Louis!" then I turned to harry and said, "thank you harry. today has truly been one of the best days of my life. Thank you so much haz. I love you." I wrapped my arms around his neck while i hugged him and he picked me up. we kissed each other, then he put me down. He said, "I love you too belle." with one of the most genuine smiles. Then I walk out waving goodbye. I get to a cab to drive me to the hotel. After I give the driver the address I already get a text from harry, "I miss you already. I busy all day the next two days but the day after I'm gong to Cheshire for a wedding. Come with me belle?" I text back, "awe Hazza! I would love to(: xx" he texts back, "woohoo :) .xx" I get back to my hotel go up my room. The girls were on their laptops an shouting, "Bella! Bella! Bella! Look at these pictures your all over the place fans are going crazy!" I look at their computers and there are so many pictures of us today! And Louis did put the picture on twitter! I say, "oh my gosh guys today was in my the best days of m life. Haz and I are officially going out!" Kara says, "oh my gosh!! I mean it was kind of obvious us looking at this picture!" he turned the computer screen and some how someone got a picture of harry and I kissing in the pouring rain. It was such a pretty picture. So then I realized I was still wearing Harry's onsie and I texted harry saying, "oh I'm still wearing your undue! I'll give it to you next time I see you!" harry texts back, "no no just keep it!" I text, "harry u ant do that!" he said, "oh yes you can! :)" I text back, “aww thank you hazza! (: xx” then I ask Caitlyn about her and Niall finally. She says, “well, we went to the club across the street. Um he got VERY drunk and I got a little but not a lot. When Niall was drunk he started pouring out some feelings for me. Ummm then he ended up falling asleep at the bar so I waited for him to wake up. Then it was three in the morning and we walked back to his flat and we watched TV together. Then we got breakfast and he brought me back here….” I say, “awwww Omg that’s cute and funny and weird but adorable! Do you think you guys will go out?” she says, “maybe, hopefully, possibly..” I say, “awww!”

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