i wanna be with you...

Isabella was just a normal directioner. When the day finally came that she had been dreaming about with her friends for years, she's going to london! when she was asked if she could give up her seat so a mother could sit with her son she was moved to first class. she falls asleep before the plane even takes off with five seats around her that are empty. when she wakes up she finds herself sleeping on somebodies shoulder...harry styles shoulder. read about how the two fall in love with some troubles along the way.


6. oh goodness...



The next morning I woke up and I smelt food. I got up and Kara and Caitlyn were eating and there were flowers. Kara said, "Bella look at the card on the flowers." I say, "okay" I look at it, it said. "HEY BELLES! So I miss you already. I can't wait until the wedding. Anyways I got you some room service. Oh and some flowers. Text me when you get this. Love always, Prince Harry. P.s. I love you xx" I smile and pull my phone out I text Harry saying, "Omg haz your too sweet! Quit spoiling me! I love you! Xx" I sit down and eat some bacon and talk with my friends. We were going to see sights today.



Belles. I really think that she might be the one. I've never felt this way with anyone ever. She makes me feel the best way I have ever felt. The boys and I are going to all see each other today. We are working in the studio. Everyone besides Lou doesn't know about Belle yet, unless they saw pictures. Lou and I drive to the studio together. When we get there Liam and Niall are there but Zayn isn't there yet. Liam keeps asking me about Bella cause he looks at fans tumblr’s a lot. But I keep telling him I'll tell him when Zayn gets there. Finally Zayn’s here so I have Liam, Niall and Zayn all sit down. I say, "Ummm so basically I think I have found my princess. Bella of coarse. You were together all day yesterday and I am not single anymore." they boys are very happy for me. Niall says to us, "yeah Um her friend Caitlyn, I fancy her a lot, I hope she does to she's so fit." I say, "Well Bella told me Caitlyn fancies you the most out of all of us. She thinks you’re so fit..." Niall said, "yes!" I laugh a bit and then we start recording.




I wake up to my alarm at 7:00a.m. I have to wake up early today cause I'm going to the wedding with Harry and we have to drive to Cheshire! We've been talking non-stop the past two days. I need to wear something nice so I bought a nice dress that's formal yesterday. It a strapless sweetheart dress that's a light pink with lace on the whole thing. A small sash and one layer of tulle under the sash with a detailing at the bottom of the tulle. It's hard to describe but it's beautiful. I curled my hair and put my toms on and brought my heels. I have a big bag with a change of close considering what has happened in the past. Then I have my small purse for the wedding. I leave at 8:00 and the girls are still sleeping but they know I'll be gone all day. Caitlyn had a date with Niall today though. I go outside the hotel and wait a few minutes and then Harry shows up in his Audi. I get in the car and hug and kiss harry, I say, "Haz I missed you!" harry says, "Belles! You look gorgeous! And I missed you more!" I say, "AWWW thank you Haz" it was really fun having a short road trip with Harry. We stopped a lot and whenever songs came on the radio that one of us didn't like we would blast it and sing along. Harry and I both sang Call Me Maybe, A Team, and Want U Back. Then One Thing came on the radio and I spazzed and harry was just smirking. Neither of us sang to One Thing cause I absolutely sound horrible singing it and Harry sings it all the time. But he sang his solo for me! When we finally got to Cheshire neither of us had ate anything so the first place we stopped was the bakery Harry used to work at! Everyone working there got all exited when he walked in. They let Harry go in the back and show me where he used to work. It was funny all the workers were telling me funny stories about Harry, and Harry was getting embarrassed. Their pastries were so good though! After that we left for the wedding. Harry met up with his mom, stepdad, and Gemma. I was nervous cause it would be my first time meeting them. Harry whispered to me, "don't worry they will love you!" I smile and kiss him on the cheek. We find them finally outside the church. Harry hugs and kisses his mom and Gemma and has a manly hug with his stepdad. His mom taps on harry cheek a bit and says, "you alright, I missed u..." Harry says, "I'm fine mum. I missed you too...oh and guys there's someone I want you to meet...this is my princess." Gemma and Harry's mom raise their eyebrows. I say, "hi nice to meet you! I'm Isabella but you can call me Bella if you would like too!" I shake hands with his stepdad and Gemma. Then Harry's mom gives me a hug. She says, "awwww hello Bella! That's a beautiful name! How did you two meet?" Harry holds my hand and harry says, "Well basically it's really funny actually. Um you know how are plane wasn't working properly before we came back? Well we went on a public plane and Belles here got moved to first class because a family needed to sit together and there was no other room so The airline updated her ticket for free..." then I pick up the story, "and I fell asleep before the plane toke off and when I woke up I was sleeping on his shoulder!" Everyone's laughing. Gemma says, "Well that's some story! Well I'd love to get you know you Bella!" I say, "awwww thank you! I would love to get to know you too." then his mom says, "well we better get inside the weddings going to start soon we can catch up after!" we walk inside and I sit next in between Harry an Gemma. Harry told me it’s a family friend getting married. When she came down the isle her dress was beautiful. It was a Cinderella dress just and absolutely gorgeous. The wedding was very beautiful and now we were heading to the reception. When we got there and sat down they brought out these drinks that looked and smelled like lemonade. So I tried it and was a lot better then lemonade whatever it was! I couldn't stop drinking it! I felt myself getting really dizzy and my heart racing. I didn't feel like myself. A lot of people there were drunk so I thought it could just me the smells getting to me. I'm not used to it. Then later I felt myself fall to the ground.

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