i wanna be with you...

Isabella was just a normal directioner. When the day finally came that she had been dreaming about with her friends for years, she's going to london! when she was asked if she could give up her seat so a mother could sit with her son she was moved to first class. she falls asleep before the plane even takes off with five seats around her that are empty. when she wakes up she finds herself sleeping on somebodies shoulder...harry styles shoulder. read about how the two fall in love with some troubles along the way.


8. next morning.



I felt awful that Harry and Liam had to sleep here. My doctor briefly came in to check on me. We talked quietly cause I didn't want to wake them up. She said I could go to the cafeteria and get some food. I decided to go down and get some muffins, bagels and mini cereal boxes for Harry, Liam and I to split. When I came up Harry and Liam were up looking for me. I said, "Guys I'm right here!" I walked into my room with Harry and Liam behind me. Harry said, "how'd you sleep baby?" I said, "like a baby! I got you guys some food though. Hope you guys slept okay." Liam said, "Thanks Bella! I slept okay considering sleeping on a chair." Harry said, "yeah basically the same for me..." I said, "ahh okay." then we ate our breakfast. The doctor came in and said, "hey Isabella, umm I'm going to do one more check up and then if it's fine you are free to go!" I say, "okay!" Liam sits down in his chair and harry comes over to me and stands next to my bed. The doctor checks my heart to make sure the pulse is all right. He tells me to breath in and breath out with big breaths. After he's done he says, "Okay looks like you are fine and free to go!" I say, "great! Thank you so much!" I get all my things together and harry drives Liam and me back to London.

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