i wanna be with you...

Isabella was just a normal directioner. When the day finally came that she had been dreaming about with her friends for years, she's going to london! when she was asked if she could give up her seat so a mother could sit with her son she was moved to first class. she falls asleep before the plane even takes off with five seats around her that are empty. when she wakes up she finds herself sleeping on somebodies shoulder...harry styles shoulder. read about how the two fall in love with some troubles along the way.


3. if i lay here...


When we walked away from the boys I kept looking back. Harry looked back too. We made eye contact a good amount of times and smiled at each other. Finally he blew me a kiss and I couldn't see him anymore, because fans surrounded him. We picked up our luggage and got a ride to our hotel. London was so beautiful. The buildings, the people, the accents, everything. I loved it. We finally arrived at the hotel. We got up to our room. We only got one hotel room because there’s to full beds and we were just going to share. We were also going to be in London for a week so we all unpacked. We decided to spend the rest of the day shopping and seeing places on the same street of the hotel. It was so lovely.




When I woke up I was the first person up. I was on my computer when I got a text from Harry! He texted me,

"Hey Bella, would you and your friends like to come to the concert tonight? You and your friends could come backstage before and after the concert :) xx"

I fan girl and say, "oh yes please! The girls are still sleeping so I will have to double check but I will be shocked if they say no! I just need some details about the time and location...thank you Harry (: xx"

Harry texts me the details. I'm squealing a bit over what just happened. Then Kara wakes up cause I'm shaking the bed from freaking out and says, "hmmmm u okay boo?"


then Caitlyn sits up so fast and says, "HOLY UNCLE SIMON FLACKING COWEL OMG"

and we thought she was sleeping.

Margaret moans and says, "what are u guys freaking out about now?"

and I say what I told Kara and Margaret sits up wide awake and says, "OMG I CANT EVEN OMG WHAT IS AIR!"

we all get out of bed and fan girl like crazy. Kara and I are trying to figure out what to wear. I decided to wear my light blue strapless Jack Wills dress with a white blazer, my white lace toms, a necklaces of a infinity sign with the word directioner on it. We all end up spending all day getting ready. We want to look perfect. My hair is naturally curly but really frizzy so I have a lot work to do. We all do each other’s hair, makeup, and one direction themed nails. I think we all look pretty good. Especially for spending all day on it we better! We stop for a really early dinner before the concert. We decided to go to Nandos! We’ve been to it several times cause threes a bunch in D.C. After that we got to the venue. The security wouldn't let us in and I tired showing them the text from Harry and they still wouldn't let us. Fans were staring at us all over the place to and some were calling some really harsh stuff at us. Then Harry opened the door and said,

"Oh hi Bella I missed you! Hi guys!"

he waved and smiled at my friends and I. The fans were screaming cause Harry was there. Then we walked inside. Harry kissed me on the cheek. He brought us backstage with the boys. We all said hi again. This time, however, Caitlyn and Niall could not get their eyes off each other. They were kind of just in their own little world. We all talked and laughed for about 10 minutes but then the boys had to do stuff so we went and toke our seats. We had front row on the side section of the stage. When the boys finally came on stage it brought back so many memories of the other 1D concerts I went to back home. Harry waved at me a bunch of times and during stereo hearts Niall pointed at Caitlyn. The concert was amazing! After we walked towards the back and Paul let us in.

Harry came over and hugged me and I said, "You did great Harry! Wonderful actually!"

Harry hugged me and said, "thanks babe!"

He gave me a kiss on the cheek. After the boys got changed Harry said,

"Hey Bella I want to show u something! Close your eyes and take my hand!"

I say, "okay...don’t let me run into anything!"

Harry says, "I would never!" and we both laugh.

Finally Harry says, "okay you can open your eyes now." I open my eyes and we are on stage without anybody in the arena. It’s just us in the dark with one small spotlight on the stage.

I say, "oh my gosh u must get such a rush up here!"

Harry says, "Yeah I do! Its one of the best feelings in the world. I just thought it would be a nice place to talk."

I say, "yeah sure!" Harry sits down on the end of the stage with his legs hanging off and turns around looks at me, smiles and pats on the ground to single me to sit down next to him. I come and sit. Harry and I just talk and talk and laugh an laugh. We have so much in common. Then Harry looks at me smiling. I look at him.

Then I felt these words slip out of my mouth, "sing to me Harry!"

Harry says, "Sing to you? What do u wants me to sing!"

I say, "you know I've always wanted to here u sing you audition song again!" then Harry smiles at sings, and me "isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful..." when he said “she” he tapped on my nose and then I scrunched my nose and he started to giggle while singing. We couldn’t get our eyes off each other’s eyes while he sang. Then I realized he was slowly coming closer to me. Then I didn’t hear him singing anymore. I felt his lips on mine and nothing felt more right in my life then that kiss. Its like a dozen fireworks just went off in my mind. It was the most perfect thing. After we finished we stood up.

Harry said, "Lets dance Bella!" I say, "dance? Slow dance? Buts there’s no music!"

Harry says, "Yes slow dance and Bella I was just singing wasn’t I!"

I smile at him. I say, "What are you going to sing?"

then Harry grabs my hand, puts his hand on my waist, and I put my hand on his shoulder. Then he smirks and starts to sing Chasing Cars, which he sang on X Factor with the boys, harry spins me in a circle quite a few times. Then I let go and lay down. I sing,

"if I lay here"

then Harry gets it and lays down next to me and for the rest of the song we just laid down on the stage of a empty arena. Then Paul came on stage and said,

"Sorry to interrupt but its time to get going"

Harry says, "Okay thanks Paul!" Paul walks back and Harry stands up and am still laying down cause I got really tired plus I zoned out. Harry just stared at me and then crotched down and said, "come on Bella!" and he lifted me up so my back was leaning on one arm and my legs were folded on his other and I put my arms around his neck and smiled at him. He carried me backstage and I rested my head on his shoulder. We walked in the room and everyone went “aww” and Louis said,

"Why don’t u ever so that for me haz?" a joke of coarse. Harry says,

"sorry boo bear but you’re not as easy as you think, plus that’s Paul’s job!" I laugh a lot and then I say,

"Where is Niall and Caitlyn?" Liam says,

"they went to the bar across the street! Can u believe it!” I started laughing. then the boys said they could give us a ride back to our hotel. Then Harry started typing something on his phone in the car and then he handed me his phone, it said,

"I have the day off tomorrow, want to go to Nandos for lunch and spend the day together?" I look at him and hug him immediately. Harry whispers in my ear,

"ill take that as a yes, ill have someone pick you up tomorrow morning." I whisper to him

"thank you harry" he kisses me on the cheek. I look up and Margaret’s staring at us. I mouth to her

"what?" in a joking way and she laughs silently and looks away. When we got to the hotel the boys didn’t get out of the hotel because they didn’t want people to go crazy so we said goodbye inside the car and headed in. when I got in the elevator I already had a text from Harry,

"I miss u already Bella...xx" I text back,

"I miss you too harry! ill see u tomorrow thou(: xx" when we got to the room I told Margaret and Kara I have a date tomorrow and we all talked about what we did backstage cause I wasn’t with them. We all had a blast though. I texted Caitlyn cause I just wanted to make sure she was fine and she texted back and said,

"yaw m so great dot worry about   my" I could tell she was drunk so I texted back,

"HONEY YOUR DRUNK DONT LET U OR NIALL DRIVE!" she texted back "okay mom." I texted back, "im serious!" she texted back,

"don’t worry I fen" oh gosh. then I went on tumblr and twitter and saw some pictures of me when Harry was letting us backstage and people were trying subfigure out who I was cause there lectures of us hugging. some people found my tumblr, and instagram cause I gained a bunch of followers…but mostly on twitter!


HARRY POV: that was the best kiss I have ever had. I cant get her out of my mind.

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