i wanna be with you...

Isabella was just a normal directioner. When the day finally came that she had been dreaming about with her friends for years, she's going to london! when she was asked if she could give up her seat so a mother could sit with her son she was moved to first class. she falls asleep before the plane even takes off with five seats around her that are empty. when she wakes up she finds herself sleeping on somebodies shoulder...harry styles shoulder. read about how the two fall in love with some troubles along the way.


9. dont wanna say goodbye.


*Three months later*

Well Caitlyn and I moved to London, we share a flat on the same street as the boys. So we spend a lot of time in each other’s. We go on trips with the boys a lot. We were both looking for jobs the week of my birthday but Harry surprised me on my birthday, he bought me a store! Caitlyn owns it with me and we split the bills and the profit. It works out real well! We named it: "Isn't She Lovely" and we have a lot of success because of One Direction fans. They feel like they have more of a reason to come and visit. Buy stuff too. Harry and Niall worried about our safety though because some fans send us death threats and they know where we will be so they hired one bodyguard to stay in the store with us. The boys have to leave for America in a few hours but Caitlyn and I are going in two weeks because Christmas is then and we want to see our families and the boys don't want to go fly back home for Christmas. Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie are coming with us. Okay so right now I'm at Harry's flat and he's making sure he has packed everything. I'm dusting off a lot of things so they aren't really gross when he comes back. Then I here Harry shout, "belle can u come here please!" I say, "yeah just a second haz!" I put down the duster and go to Harry's room. My fingers are playing with my necklace that Harry got me a few months ago. It's a half of a heart that has an 'H' on it for Harry. He has one with an 'I' for Isabella. When you put it together it says Hi. Just like his tattoo he got before he even met me. Now that’s crazy. I go into his room and I say, "yeah Harry?" Harry says, "hey Belle, sit down for a second." I say, "okay." Harry grabs my hand and sits down next to me. He says, "well, Belles, I’m going to miss you way to much. We are going to be away from each other for a while. We have never spent more than three days apart. I don’t knowhow I’m going to live. Anyways I want to give you this, I want to give you this," he pulls out a silver ring with writing on it. He says, "It's a promise ring, that we will not do anything each other wouldn't approve of while we are away from each other." he slips it on my finger. He pulls another one out of his pocket and puts it on his own finger. I say, "I love you" with tears in my eyes. He said, "No I love you." he kissed my forehead and he hugged my head with my head against his chest. I looked at the ring. It said, "HI" with an infinite sign next to it. We had a short make out session and then we had to get his stuff to the door. Louis and Eleanor were there waiting for us. Eleanor and I are really close now since Harry and Louis share a flat we are always together. Louis said, "There they are, come on guys we got to go!" I say, "Okay sorry Lou!" Eleanor grabs my hand and looks at the ring and says, "WHAT'S THIS!?" I say, "ohh..um..." Harry says, "it's a promise ring." Eleanor says, "awwwww oh my goodness" Louis says, "I'm gonna throw up." Eleanor playfully smacks Louis and says, "LOU!" Louis says, "what el?" and they smiled and made kissy faces. We all headed out of the flat and Harry locked everything up. Harry drove all of us to the airport. Perrie was with Zayn, Niall was with Caitlyn, and Danielle was with Liam, first I said goodbye to Zayn, we hugged it out. Then I said goodbye to Liam, Niall, and Louis. I have a brotherly relationship with all of them now. Then I got to Harry. He looked at me and said, "why do I have to say goodbye to you?" I say, "haz I don't know. it's only goodbye for two weeks. we will video chat okay." harry says, "ugh but it's not enough" he picks me up like a baby and I have my arms around his neck and then we kiss for quite some while. He puts me down and says, "okay bye belle." I say, "okay bye haz" the boys start to walk more into the airport. We walk towards the door. All the boys keep turning around and looking at their girlfriend and we keep looking back at our boyfriend. Right before they turn the corner Harry stops, looks at me, and blows me a kiss. Then we couldn't see them after they turned the corner. I miss him already.

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