The trip

Anna and Alexia are Canadian. And 17... And travelling for the first time without their parents. To England.


3. Neighbors

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I just couldn't believe it. If I could hear the same music in real life AND in the twitcam, it meant that Niall Horan was just meters away from me ! I nearly fainted at my latest discovery, but because I wanted to be reaaaaally sure, I had to make a test. If I blasted music of my own with my Iphone and could hear it in the twitcam, then this was for real. If not, then it was just a stupid coincidence and I would dislike my real neighbor instantly. I chose a song from my repertoire, "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson, and put it at full volume. At first I couldn't hear it through the twitcam, but once the chorus came, I could hear it clearly, meaning that all of the others watching and Niall could hear it too. I stopped it, just realizing now that it must've been annoying to hear two songs at once, and began jumping up and down, again, totally fangirling.

A while later, when I was a bit less in fangirling mode, I thought of how I'd meet him. It's not like I could just go knock on his door and say that since we were gonna live two months next to each other I thought it'd be nice to know each other ! Right ?

I decided not to trust myself, if I wanted to make a good first impression, so I went and asked Lex what she would do if she were me. "LEXIIIIIIII ?!" I scream through the apartment. "WHATTTTTTTT ?!" She screams back. "I HAVE A QUESTIIIIIIIIION !!!" "WELL COME HERE, AND STOP FUCKING SHOUTING !!!" "Fine." I say, with a normal tone as I make my way out of my room towards the kitchen, where Lex was putting her plate in the dishwasher. "So, what do you want babe ?" "Well, uh, I kinda was 1D stalking, you know, and uh, you know, I kinda found out things about our neighbor..." "Whattsup with the neighbor ? He's like, a 1D fan ?" She asks, laughing. "NOOOOOO, well, I mean, you could say so, but that's not the point..." "Yeah... BUT WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT ?! ARE YOU HEARING YOURSELF ?! YOU'RE LIKE "Uh, yeah, kinda, like, you know"... Get to the point ALREADY !" She roared near my ear. Lex was not a patient person. And the fact that I had woken her up that morning was definantly playing against me. "Okay, okay ! But promise me you won't laugh AND that you will help me with my dilemma". She rolled her eyes and said "I can't control laughter, but sure, I'll help." Knowing it was the best I could get, I said : "Okay... NIALLHORANISLIVINGNEXTTOUS!!!!!" She looked at me funny, like I had just grown two heads. "What ?" I asked defensively. "I just didn't understand a word you said Sweets !" "Oh." I replied, intelligently. "Well go on !" "Okay ! So um... Niall Horan is living next to us ?" She rolled her eyes again, thinking I was playing her, her patience fading away quickly. "It's the truth I sweaaaaaar !" "OH REALLY ?! THEN YOU WOULDN'T MIND IF I WENT NEXT DOOR, WOULD YOU ?!" By the time I processed what she had just said, she had opened the apartment door and was going straight for our neighbor's flat. I tried to catch up with her, but she had already knocked 3 times. She was about to ring the doorbell when the door opened. I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing this with my own eyes, and in reality ! NIALL FUCKING HORAN WAS IN FRONT OF ME ! OH MY FUCKING GOD ! 

Lex was keeping it cool, 'cause, you know, she's not a dedicated directioner like me. For me, it was a bit harder. I mean, his eyes were even gorgeous-er in person... How could I not fangirl in that moment ? Of course, I was mostly fangirling on the inside, but my big grin that was spreading from ear to ear was saying a lot. 

He looked confused for a bit, when the two of us didn't speak. "Uh, can I help you ladies ?" My level of fangirling increased even more as I heard his cute Irish accent. Lex answered "Uh, it's gonna sound really weird, but my friend Anna there was trying to convince me that we had a member of One Direction living next to us, because she had made some crazy test while he was doing a twitcam. I didn't believe her and so here we are, and actually, she was right. I'm impressed."She finished, looking at me

Niall looked at the two of us, going back and forth, with a crooked smile on his face. How could I look more like a fucking idiot right now ?! Lex made me sound like a fucking psycho tracking him and stuff...

He spoke "So, you're Anna, right ?" I nodded "Well, nice meeting you Anna, I'm Niall. And who are you ?" He asked looking at Lex. "I'm Alexia, but everybody calls me either Lex or Lexi." He nodded. "Nice meeting you too, Lex" She smiled at him and said "Yeah, nice meeting you ! So, we'd better go... It was kinda rude of us to interrupt whatever you were doing just to question Anna's sanity." He looked surprised and said "What ? No ! You're not bothering me at all ! I was actually just watching the telly. Nothing more. Would you like to join me ?" Lex and I looked at each other for a split second before replying "Yeah, sure, it's not like we have anything else much to do anyway." We followed him in the apartment and noticed that it was just like ours. Meaning that there was two bedrooms... I just had to ask : "So, are you guys bunking together or do you get separate flats ?" Lex elbowed me in the stomach but Niall nonetheless answered "Uh, we got separate flats, so that we could actually have a bit of privacy during our vacation."

"Oh ! Okay !" I said, trying not to sound too disappointed because I wasn't gonna see the other guys. He seemed to sense the change of tone in my voice because he said "What ? Disappointed you'll get just me ?" I was trying to say something intelligent to make-up for what I had just said but just kept opening and closing my mouth like a fucking fish... He winked at me, meaning that he was kidding the whole time. "You're meaaaaan !" I say to him with a glare. He just smiled widly at my remark like he couldn't care less. How I wish I could have that kind of confidence ! "So, whatta you watching ?" Lex asked as she was sitting on the couch. "Huuuum, I don't know, I had just turned on the telly when you distracted me" There goes the wink again... Damn the Irish charm ! But Lex wasn't one to be easily impressed. "So whatta we watching now, then, Irish ? Having trouble deciding 'cause we're startling you with our amaaaaazing beauty ?" He looked startled for a moment, like he couldn't actually believe she had just said that. I was about in the same state... Lex was... Lex. Niall seemed to snap out of it and just burst out laughing then said "It's been a while since I've seen people so bold and direct. It's a nice change." Lex seemed pleased and I was getting a bit jealous since the attention was only on her, me being totally gutless and unable to speak normally with him. "Well are you gonna answer my question then ? Or else I'm picking what we're watching... You've been warned !" At that statement, my eyes went big in fear. You must never ever let Lex choose something to watch... Unless you want to watch things that'll traumatize you for the rest of your life... Niall saw my reaction and shot me a questioning look. I faked cutting my throat with my hand, my tongue on the side and he nodded. "I saw that babe." Lex simply said, not mad at all because she knew what I thought of her taste in television shows... "What ?! He needed to be warned. You'll scar him for life !" She laughed and said "Haha ! It's not because you don't comprehend the depth of what I'm watching that nobody will !" Niall seemed to agree with her statement because he said "Okay then, I wanna see if I understand the complicity of Lex's tv shows !" Lex squealed, knowing that she had had her way and I sighed. I was doomed for hours of pure torture.

Luckily I had my iphone on me as I made myself comfortable on the couch preparing myself for an intense session of 1D stalking. At least I had 1D...

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