The trip

Anna and Alexia are Canadian. And 17... And travelling for the first time without their parents. To England.


2. England

Heyy Guys ! Chapter 2 finally written ! I hope you guys liked chapter 1 and I'm sorry that it doesn't include One Direction since the very beggining, but I wanted it to be a bit more "real" than the girls just running into them and stuff. 

So enjoy ! And don't forget to like, comment and favorite ! (: 

xx Vickyyy


I woke up just as the plane was about to land, Lex still asleep next to me. I shook her gently awake and she looked at me a bit clueless due to the fact she had just awoken. "Whazzgoingon ?" She asks not separating each word. "We are landing Sweets, you'd better wake up and pack your stuff !" I tell her whispering, not wanting to bother the other passengers.


I see that she is fighting hard to stay awake and to wake her up I tell her "If you don't wake up you'll stay on the plane and they'll bring you back to Canada, for a whole summer all alone..." She took a moment to process this and few seconds later her eyes were wide open and things packed, all ready to go. I had to restrain a laugh, not wanting to start a fight right now. Instead I looked out the window as I was seeing more and more of London with each second. That city was truly beautiful from up here, I couldn't even imagine how GORGEOUS it would be down there just walking down the streets.


Finally the plane landed and I clutched Lex's hand, hard, afraid that the wheels wouldn't come out at the right time, or not at all.


Of course, the wheels came out right and we got out of the plane to face England with pure joy showing on our faces. It was obvious we were tourists with the way we were looking at everything with stars in our eyes, but we didn't care. We were just happy to finally see some sights we always see in movies, but never in real life. My day was made when I saw a BIG RED BUS, Lex not fully comprehending why I was almost hyperventilating and looked at me funny, but again, I totally didn't care, I was happy.


With the way I was looking at the bus, Lex knew that the next thing I was gonna ask her was to actually go on the bus... She knew me THAT well ! So before I could ask anything she said, rolling her eyes "FIIIIINE ! But I pick the next activity !" I was jumping up and down as we made our way to the waiting line and people were giving me funny looks so I stopped jumping and just kept grinning from ear to ear.


We finally got on the bus and of course I wanted to go upstairs so we went looking for a place up there. I sooooooo much wanted to sing out loud "GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY HEAD !" but I thought against it, not wanting Lex to be ashamed of me.


A small round bald man came up the stairs with a mic and shouted "ARE YOU READY TO SEE ENGLAND PEOPLE ?!" I was the only one who shouted back "YES !" and luckily we were at the front because I would've seen everybody staring at me like I was some freak who just escaped from the circus. The man seemed to like me from that moment on, looking at me most of the time he was explaining this and that. It was nice though, it felt like I had my own private tour through London. After the tour, Lex and I were pretty hungry and tired, so we decided to grab a bite and then go to the apartment to rest so that tomorrow we could enjoy it a hundred percent.


We debated whether to go eat at a restaurant or to get something to go and chose the latter, not wanting to wait for service and food we weren't really gonna enjoy due to our tiredness and jetlag. We walked for a bit through London, going towards our apartment (thanks to google maps) and found a McDonalds just standing there waiting for us. We weren't big fans of this fast-food but we knew that if we ate some once in a while it wouldn't hurt us. We ordered, got served and walked to our apartment, munching on french fries we couldn't resist on the way. We arrived minutes later to our flat, searching our bags for the key they had sent us through mail, and finally finding it in my wallet. At the time I thought it was a good idea so we wouldn't lose it, but now I found the idea pretty stupid 'cause a wallet isn't the first place you'd think about when you're looking for a key... Anyway. We passed in front of the landlord's office as silently as we could, but we were followed by heavy suitcases that rattled the ground. Our subtility level was so awesome that I think we could be heard in all the building.


We were trying to pass silently so that we could go eat in peace and then sleep, but the landlord had other plans. "Well, who do we have here ?" he asks. "I'm Alexia and this is Anna" Lex says and he nods his head, associating our names with one apartment I suppose. "Right ! So you're the canadians spending the summer here, yes ?" I was surprised that my parents would have told him that but I nonetheless answered "Yep, that's us". He eyed us smiling and took in our tired faces and our dinner that was getting colder by the minute and said "Well have a good night, darlings, and I'll speak to you a bit more tomorrow ?". I glanced sideways at Lex and she shrugged so i told him that, indeed we could speak more in the morning. He seemed happy with that and we told our goodbyes before we took the elevator to 3rd floor. Normally we would have taken the stairs, but the loads we had been carrying for hours we taking their toll on us.


The elevator dinged when it reached our floor and we got out, excited about finally seeing what would be our home for the next 2 months.


I had the key in hand so I had the honor of opening the door and getting in first, thus being able to choose the room I wanted, the biggest of the two, of course. I then threw my bag on the bed, claiming it.


Lex knew better than to try to get me out of the room so she grumbled a bit to herself as she made her way to her room, at the opposite of the flat.


I changed clothes, because I was wearing them in the plane and felt a bit dirty from it. The kitchen was my next stop as I was hungry as hell. "LEXIIIIIII !!! DINNER'S SERVED !!!" I told her trying to do my best british accent and failing miserably. "COMIIIING MUM !!" was her only reply before she barged in the kitchen in her pjs, barefoot.


We ate our food at lightning speed, brushed our teeth and went straight to bed, no coherent thoughts left in our bodies.




We woke up next morning at 10. Well no, that's not right. I woke up at 10 and went banging pots and pans together near Lex's room so that she'd wake up with me. I wasn't recognising myself as I was jumping up and down continuously like a five-year-old who ate too much candy. But candy wasn't what made me in that state, it was being in England itself that had this effect on me.


I had eaten breakfast when I got up and before I woke Lex, so while she was eating her morning meal, I was 1D stalking.


I booted up Twitter on my laptop that I had brought with an adapter, and then began checking out the boys' pages. My eyes bulged out of their sockets when I saw that @NiallOfficial was doing a twitcam AT THIS MOMENT !!!


I ran in my room to get my earplugs and clicked on the link that he had just tweeted. He was talking about the fact that him and the lads had just moved in this new flat instead of a hotel, because management didn't want to book a hotel room for two months. I fangirled a bit at that, because my situation was the same, replacing management by parents in this case.


Someone asked him were his flat was and he hesitated before saying, in this adorable accent of his, that it was in London. I was dead. I couldn't believe my luck, it was meant to be. I was going to meet them ! For sure !


People were still asking him questions about were he lived and stuff. He didn't seem to know whether to answer those questions, or to just let them slip so to help him a bit I asked if he could put some music on and once he saw my tweet he jumped at the idea and started shuffling through his phone for suitable music, settling on "Moves like Jagger" from Maroon5 and Christina Aguilera.


What was my surprise when the music didn't just blast from my computer, but also from the apartment next door...

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