The trip

Anna and Alexia are Canadian. And 17... And travelling for the first time without their parents. To England.


1. The beginning of the adventure

Heyy guys ! This is my first fanfiction that I really publish. So far only one chapter is written, this one. Tell me whatcha think about it and if you've got comments or suggestions about what could happen, tell me, I'd love to hear it !

xx Vickyyy





"OH MY FUCKING GOOOOOOOD I CAN'T WAIT !!!!!!" I hear my best friend Alexia say and I have the same feeling... We're travelling for the first time without our parents FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER ! And we're going to England which is a big plus because British accents are to diiiiiiiiiie for ! And for the landscape you know... ;)


We're staying at a little place our parents found for us. It's a flat with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a little kitchen and a living room. It's in London so it's pretty convenient since we don't bring our car with us on the trip and don't wanna get ruined by taxi drivers !


"HURRY UP !" I shout back to Lex who was taking her time getting ready. Of course, I told her to get ready the night before. But being Lex meant she was gonna wait to the last minute... Even the last second if she could've.


I was all packed two days ago of course, and that made me feel so much like the parent in our relationship. Lucky she's been my bestfriend since we're 10 'cause I've seen her behaving plenty like an adult when she needed to... Or else I wouldn't have believed it right at this moment.


"I'M DOING THE BEST I CANNNN !" She says and I snort. I can hear her music blasting from her speakers from down here. Of course, One Direction is playing. I think it's one of her plans to mellow me down a little... Because I kinda have a soft spot for them... But this time, it won't work. I am not missing my plane to go to England, a country I wanted to visit since I was 12.


"I'M GOING IN 15 MINUTES WHETHER YOU'RE IN THE CAR OR NOT !" I warn her, dead serious.






I hear her walking down the stairs and I look at her when she tells me "Babe, I know how much this trip is important to you. What kind of bestfriend would I be if I didn't accompany you and/or made you late ?"


I looked at her smiling and gave her a massive hug, happy I had such a great friend in my life who coped with me through thick and thin.


"Thanks Sweety ! Well hurry up then if you don't want me to wait for you !" I answer pulling away from the hug and smiling brightly "Right !" I hear her say as she realises she only has about 12 minutes to get ready and gets jolting up the stairs at a speed I rarely see her going at.


I sit back in my favourite chair, in our living room, and while I wait for her I decide to go on twitter a bit to see if any of the guys posted something good. Yes, I call them "the guys" okay ?! Anyway you know who I'm talking about.


So I log on my Twitter app on my iphone and I begin cheking out their latest tweets. Harry was talking about random stuff again, no tweets from Louis... I continued scrolling until I saw Niall's page and clicked on it. I began to read his tweets and what I saw brought a BIG smile on my face : ONE DIRECTION WERE BACK IN ENGLAND WHILE I WAS THEREEEEE !!!! I just couldn't believe it and began smiling like an idiot, making little shrieking noises from time to time, not being able to control myself.


When the time to go came, Lex came down the stairs and came to join me in the living room and saw me in my state of disbelief/shock/excitement. "What's up with you ?" she asks suspicious "Ohh, it's nothing !" I say dismissing her question. She rolled her eyes making sure I could see her and noticed I still had my phone on, the light shining a bit on my face. She snatched the phone away and began reading Niall's tweet, looking for the thing that had me in this state. When she reached the one saying they were in England for most of summer, she looked at me laughing. "What ?" I asked her, defensively "Nothing. I just thought something really big was happening !" I look at her in disbelief "This isn't BIG ?!" I shriek, not totally controlling myself. "Anna, how many times do I have to tell you that my life doesn't revolve around One Direction ?! Sure, I like them and their music but so what if they are in the same country ?! Do you expect to meet them or what ?" I so wanted to say yes, because in my mind, being in the same country as them meant I would end up meeting them somehow, either on a random street or you know, at my door... But I couldn't tell Lex that 'cause she would just laugh her face off at my expense and I didn't want that so I just said "What must happen will happen." She seemed to agree with me so she let it drop and I was glad.


I checked the clock on my phone absent minded until I grasped what time it was. We REALLY had to go ! "Lex ! Car, now !" I say trying to keep cool but she must've saw in my eyes how panicked I was because she put her sweater and shoes on and started packing the luggage in the trunk of our car as fast as she could carry the heavy loads. I decided to help her, out of my panic transe and soon we were driving away to the airport trying to find someplace to park the car.


We found a place not too far away and walked as fast as we could to the entrance of the airport while carrying our bags. How happy we were when we found the trolleys ! We then rolled happily to the customs, agents cheking our carry-ons and little ladies cheking our tickets to register our luggage. When all was clear, we went to sit down in our gate's waiting area because our plane was going to board soon. "The passengers of the flight A-32 to London, England are now asked to gate 10 for boarding. I repeat, passengers of flight A-32 to London, England are now asked to gate 10 for boarding, thank you."


Alexia and I looked at each other and squealed a little while standind up to go in line for boarding. "Have a nice trip !" The boarding lady said "Thanks !" We answered in unison grining from ear to ear. We boarded the plane and found our seats and I shotguned the window seat earning a glare from Lex but I just laughed it off and said "You can have it when we get back !". She seemed to consider it for a second and I guess she thought it was a good deal because she smiled at me, glare already forgotten. I smiled back and positioned myself comfortably on my seat... Well as comfortably as someone could in a plane. We took off minutes after the flight attendant told us to buckle up munching her words as much as she could, and I squeezed Lex's hand.


Goodbye Canada, hello England and One Direction !

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