What Would Happen if Katniss Never Volunteered?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Katniss never volunteered for her sister? Have you ever wondered what Prim would do if she was a tribute in the Hunger Games?


5. 5

"How are we going to survive?" Peeta asked Haymitch. 

Haymitch groaned before replying. "I just got up. Let me get something to eat." 

I stared at Peeta. He must know that we won't have a chance at winning. District 12 never wins, except for the time Haymitch won. There's no point in even trying to survive. We might as well just kill ourselves as we go into the arena. 

I wonder how Katniss is coping. I miss her and I wish she was here to help me. I know we would survive if she was here. She would find a way to win. I'm sure of it. Katniss could hunt animals. Animals weren't any different to people. I know it's cruel to kill living animals. 


Katniss' POV - 

I can't stop worrying about Prim. She has no chance. It's a fact. I tried to teach her how to hunt once, every time I killed an animal she wanted to drag it back home and help it. She can't kill. It's not in her nature. She stops people from dying, she doesn't kill. 

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