What Would Happen if Katniss Never Volunteered?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Katniss never volunteered for her sister? Have you ever wondered what Prim would do if she was a tribute in the Hunger Games?


4. 4

Primrose P.O.V

"Rise and shine!" I heard Effie call out as she banged on our bedroom doors. I stretched then climbed out of bed. I took a quick shower and got dressed into some clothes. I picked out some black jeans and a black and grey top that flowed down to my thighs. It was just really a short dress. I put on some shoes and pulled my hair back into a bun. I walked into the dinning room and sat next to Peeta. 

I grabbed a slice of toast and spread jam on it. I poured some orange juice into a glass and took a bite out of the toast. The jam was amazing, better than the jam we had back home. Much more sweeter and fruitier. 

"So, how was your sleep?" Peeta asked. I turned to him and placed my toast back onto the plate. 

"Terrible, I couldn't sleep, you?" I returned. 

"Same." Peeta murmured and the conversation stopped there. I finished my toast and drank my orange juice. 

I was terrified with what was going to come. I'm going to die. 

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