What Would Happen if Katniss Never Volunteered?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Katniss never volunteered for her sister? Have you ever wondered what Prim would do if she was a tribute in the Hunger Games?


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Prim P.O.V 

It was the first time I have ever been in a car. I stared out of the window and watched the world go by. I'm glad in a way that Katniss didn't volunteer. Mother needs Katniss more than she needs me, Katniss brings all the money and food. I still can't believe my name got reaped though. I will win the Games. I promised Katniss. Somehow I will win. Somehow. There will be a way. 

I looked over my shoulder. Peeta sat next to me and he was looking out of the window. Off in his own world of fantasies. I turned my attention back to my window. 

There was camera-men and reporters everywhere at the station. All trying to catch us on camera. I didn't let tears escape my eyes. I couldn't. All of the other tributes would know I'm weak. After a few minutes we walked on the train. We were showed our rooms and then we were told to have a shower and get changed for dinner. We didn't have a shower at home. Only a bath. The shower was nice. There was loads of buttons for different massages, shampoos, shower gels and moisturizers. When you stepped out of the shower a nice warm air dries you. 

There was more clothes than I had ever seen. It was really hard to choose what to where. In the end I chose a long sleeved, baby blue top and black jeans. There was a lot of shoes too, I chose a pair of black pumps. I tied my hair back in a braid and walked to the dinning hall for dinner.

Peeta was sitting there and was waiting for the rest of us. I sat down next to him. Haymitch was next, he staggered in and sat in one of the seats opposite us. He grabbed a glass and filled it with liquor. I looked up at Peeta, his eyes were staring at the window, watching the world whiz by. Then before Haymitch could get too drunk, dinner was ready. The food looked delicious. Much nicer than the stuff Katniss brings home. It was the Capitol food. Of course it would be much nicer than the food Katniss gets on the table. I looked at my plate. A chicken's leg sat on a pile of rice. The chicken was covered in some sort of sauce. I picked up the fork and the knife and cut a bit of chicken off and it was covered in the cream-colored sauce. It tasted nice and it was slightly spicy. Two words - chicken curry. It was amazing and I couldn't stop eating it. When I had finished I was full but there was still pudding. A nice apple crumble. I know it's an apple crumble because I have seen very few in shop windows. It was lovely and warm and it warmed my body up. It was crumbly and it melted in my mouth. 

After dinner, we all went to watch the other reapings. In District One and Two, the tributes volunteered. They looked very, very strong. Katniss must know I have no chance at winning. Why did I promise her? I finally felt that all hope had vanished. I couldn't win. No way. 

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