Fourteen year old Luna lives in a world full of dragons and elves. She gets taken away from her family and she is forced to survive on her own with the help of other fourteen year olds.

This is my entry for the fantasy competition.


2. 2

They shoved me into a car and they took me away. I had no idea where I was going. How could this happen? 

The biggest question I had was 

Where am I going? 

It was impossible to see out of the windows. So I had no idea where I was going.  I just hoped I wouldn't be alone. They dropped me off outside of a forest and I saw a group of other fourteen-year-olds waiting there. We were each given a bag full of food, water, clothes we needed to change into, a sleeping bag, matches, a small silver knife, rope, a wooden plate and bowl, a fork, a dinner knife and a spoon, blankets and a pair of boots. They told us that after all of the water and food had gone we had to find our own food and water. They gave us a small bottle of iodine to purify the water we collect. Maybe the do want us to survive. But we will never go back home. Unless we are lucky enough to make it back home. 

We walked a few miles into the forest and found a little clearing and we agreed that this is where we will stay. I pulled my knife out of my pocket and put it into the bag with the other. 

"You brought a knife?!" Someone hissed. I looked around and saw a boy staring at me with wide eyes. His brown hair messed up and his blue eyes still staring at me. 

"Yeah from home, I didn't know I was going to get taken away." I told him. 

"You're lucky you didn't get caught." A girl muttered. Her red hair tied back into a plait. Her green eyes looking at me in disgust. I looked away from her. 

While the others went off to get changed, I didn't need to, the clothes I wore were fine. I learnt that we were all fourteen except the boy who was shocked I had a knife, he was fifteen. There were four of us. The boy, the red-head, me and another boy. When the others returned we sat in a circle and introduced ourselves. I went first.

"My name is Luna,I'm fourteen. I have fourteen siblings, eight of them are dead. My family is poor. I know how to survive in the woods as I used to spend every day there." I told them. Then it was Red-head's turn. 

"My name is Ruby. I'm fourteen. I have two other siblings. Both are dead. My mother can't have any more children. My father is dead too. I know a bit about surviving in the forest 'cause my father told me before he died." She informed everyone, in a small voice. Then she looked at the boy, who was shocked I had my own knife, with cold eyes. 

"My name is Chris. I'm fifteen. I know nothing about how to survive. I have three siblings. They are still alive. My parents are still alive." He mumbled. Looking down at the ground. 

"My name is Joe. I'm fourteen. I know how to survive as my father took all of us into the forest for a whole month teaching us how to survive. Two of my siblings are alive and my other sibling is dead. My mother is dead too. She was executed for trying to hide my older brother so he wouldn't get taken away." He said proudly. He had short brown hair and hazel eyes. 

"We have to survive for a year. If we are successful we have to live in the woods for the rest of our lives. There are dragons and other creatures in here that are most likely going to kill us. Most of us will die. If we are lucky and make it back home then we get to live there. We are here because the population is too big. If we are lucky we could run into another group and we can join up." Chris muttered. We all looked at him and saw he was holding a piece of paper with instructions on it. Ruby got up and snatched the paper out of his hands. 

"Lemme see that." She snarled. Her eyes scanned the paper quickly and then tossed the paper behind her. 

"Hey!" Chris called out and got up to pick the paper back up. 

"We are here to die!" Ruby hissed to the woods. 

"Duh . . ." I muttered quietly. She glared daggers at me. 

"Well, I'm sorry I didn't know!" She hissed at me. 

"No need to be sarcastic, Ruby. It is obvious," Joe told her calmly. She glared at him and went to sit on the ground with her back to us. "Wow, she is stupid." Joe muttered to himself. 

"Hey! I heard that!" Ruby said. 

"Oops." Joe mouthed to me. I smiled. 

I opened my bag and grabbed the bottle of water out of my bag. There is no way this will last long. 

"Is that all they gave us?!" Joe asked with one eyebrow raised. 

"Yep. They gave us more food than water," I replied, examining my bag. "Wait, I have another four bottles in here." 

"Good. Otherwise we will all be dead in a week." Chris muttered. I turned to look at him. He was examining the knife he was given. 

We went hunting for some food so that our food will last a bit longer.We managed to kill two rabbits. Chris skinned them and cooked the meat. 

"What are we eating." Ruby asked with a small smile to her lips. 

"Rabbit." Joe answered adding more twigs to the fire. 

"Ew! We can't eat that! You lot are cruel!" She screamed. 

"Shush!" Chris hissed. "You'll attract danger." Ruby sighed and sat down. 

"I'll go find something for pudding." She muttered and got up and went into the woods. 

I took another sip of water and watched her walk further into the forest. When dinner was ready we got out our plates and Chris gave us a serving of rabbit. 

"Hasn't Ruby returned yet?" Joe asked. I shook my head. 

"Maybe she got lost." I said, a bit too hopeful. Then we all heard a high pitched scream that could belong to no one else other than Ruby. I got up and Joe shook his head. 

"I will go, you two stay." Joe ordered and he ran off into the forest in the direction Ruby went. 


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