Fourteen year old Luna lives in a world full of dragons and elves. She gets taken away from her family and she is forced to survive on her own with the help of other fourteen year olds.

This is my entry for the fantasy competition.


1. 1

I dug the blade of my knife into the tree's flesh. I yanked the knife back out and looked inside for any food. This is how I live. Everyday I wake up early and find food, I don't have to. It's a hobby. Plus it can get me some money to spend. Money is scarce, for this part of the village. Lignium. The town of trees. The name 'Lignium' comes from the Latin word for tree. There are two parts of Lignium, the poor side where everyone works constantly everyday and the rich side where people have a decent job that pays well to work at least once a week. I live on the poor side because of my parents' stupidity to have fifteen children. I'm in the middle. My older siblings have all left and they haven't returned, they all left the day they turned fifteen. I'm dreading the day I turn fifteen. Once you go you never return. Unless you're lucky. Very lucky. No one has returned in years. People say they get killed. Maybe they do. They even tried to stop people from having children, now every child gets taken away the day they turn fifteen. 

I walked home empty handed. The sun was setting and the moon was rising. I walked up to the house. It was made of wood. The roof threatens to collapse and the windows are covered in dirt from neglect. I pushed the wooden door open and stepped inside the warmth. It was slightly warmer than outside. My six younger siblings, two sets of triplets, sat around the dinner table eating. There was Lana, Kaitlyn and Joe, they all had red hair and bright blue eyes, who are seven years old. Then there is Lyla, Orla and Georgia, Orla and Lyla both have blonde hair and bright blue eyes and Georgia has red hair and hazel eyes, they are ten years old.  They all look like mother, except Lyla and Orla have blonde hair. I'm the odd one out, I look more like my father than my mother. I have curly blonde hair that falls down to my waist because I can never be bothered to cut it and hazel eyes. My skin is as pale as snow.  

"Lunae? You're late." Mother muttered, she was in the kitchen washing up the dishes. Father must be at work. I scowled at her, she knows I hate being called Lunae. I was named Lunae because it means moonlight in Latin. My skin is like the moonlight, that's why they called me Lunae. I prefer Luna. 

"Yes, sorry, I lost track of time." I lied and sat next to Orla at the big wooden table. Her blonde hair cut short and hovered above her shoulders. 

"I missed you." She muttered. I smiled at her and she smiled back in return. 

"I missed you too." I whispered. 

"Lunae, you're fourteen. You should act more grown up." Mother called out from the kitchen. 

"Luna!" I hissed and I got up and left the table, leaving my food behind. I wasn't hungry anyway. "Orla or one of the others can have my food." I muttered and I walked into the room me and Orla share. The others share a room but they all irritate Orla so I invited her to stay in my room. You would think Joe would get left out and irritated because he is the only boy. But it's Orla because she loves to sing and draw. They all think she is mad. I used to have to share it, but two years ago on the day Kathy turned fifteen she got taken away and we haven't heard from her. I threw myself onto my bed. It was cold and damp because I left the window open. My mother normally comes in and closes it after lunch. I got out and shut the window. Looks like me and Orla are sleeping on the floor tonight with the spare blankets. This isn't the first. You can tell my parents have their favourites in the house. I pulled the blankets out of the cupboard and set the down on the floor. I kicked my boots off and pulled my knife out of my belt and into the drawer. I didn't take my jacket off, it will keep me warm during the night. Nights are always long when they are spent on the floor. I climbed under the blanket and shut my eyes. 




I clambered up out of the blanket quickly. I looked at Orla who was peacefully asleep on the floor. That's the same knock that the Wardens use when they have come to collect the child that has turned fifteen. But none of us are fifteen. I grabbed my knife and shoved it in my jacket pocket. I pulled on my boots and ran downstairs. I saw the Wardens standing there. 

"Is Lunae Viridi there?" They asked politely but strictly, "There has been a rule change. All children at the age of fourteen are to be removed from their homes." Mother turned around and saw me frozen on the stairs.  


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