Revenge of the Garden Gnomes

Who is creeping around the garden at midnight, crackling wickedly...


1. 1

Chapter one.

clack, clack, clack.

the table tennis ball clattered over the basement floor. "Yes!" i cried as I watched Mindy chase after it.

It was a hot, sticky June afternoon. the first Monday of the summer holiday.and joe burton had just made another exellent shot.

thats me. joe burton. im twelve. and there is nothing i love better than slamming the ball in my older sisters face and makeing her chase after it.

im not a bad sport.i just like to show mindy that shes not as great as she thinks she is.

you might have guessed that me and mindy don't always agree on everything, the fact is im really not like anyone else in this family.

mindy, mum and dad are all blond, skinney and tall.i have brown hair. and im quite pudgy and short. mum says i havent had my growth spurt yet..

so im a shrimp. and its hard for me to see over the teble tennis net. but i can still beat mindy with one hand tied behind my back.

as much as i like winning, mindy hates to lose.

and she doesn't play fair at all. everytime i make a great move, she always says it doesnt count.



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