This poem is another picture of Hell, a mixture of Dante's Inferno, Hell as seen by the Greeks and Romans, with the author's own, modern touch


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In rest forever he lies,

his eyes full of tears,

his body in deep slumber it rests

inside the coffin of black misery,

no light shines through to reach his heart,

surrounded by thorns and nails

inside the ice of Hell

whence no one comes,

devoid of salvation

in eternal repose

and hopeful prayer

with no will to survive

as he sleeps without peace,

his head full of fire and thunder,

a million memories to remember

like so many fragments of crystal glass

shattered to reach his heart and soul

so black a wolf would feel fear

so miserable a slave would crave his own destitution,

in the pits of a Hell of sorts he lives,

with no company but his own,

to feel the pain of a million lives,

no need to speak when he thinks greater torments

than Dante’s Inferno,

let him die without dying,

he weeps,

there is the gnashing of teeth,

there is the fear of never awakening,

the gong sounds,

see the spectral servants,

they bring the delicacies he cannot enjoy,

the morsels of the rich taken from the poor,

each piece tastes like sand on fire,

the wine is blood of so many poor people,

let them sacrifice their lives,

it never ends

this morbid thought

of a burning intensity,

"Ah, I’m on fire.  Quench my thirst..."

No rest and no peace,

Look up,

Here comes the burning rain from Heaven

onto your unprotected body,

scream forever

it will never pass,

tomorrow never comes,

yesterday is an illusion,

time is inexistent,

here in this region of terrible pain,

where life has no meaning,

where pity left God long ago,

in this you shall suffer

as the memories flash by without end

remembering the victims,

is it so lovely?

Or are you just pleased to see me?

I am the Joker of another realm,

to torment you I come,

so spill your rage,

it feeds my resolve,

beautiful to anger you,

all of you,

no exception,

pay me the double-headed coin,

you need to suffer,

feed me with your venom,

let it run through my veins,

like claret,

or orange juice if you do not drink alcoholic beverages,

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa...HA!!

Laugh you sinner,

the joke was funny,

but your humour’s gone,

no matter,

I’ll throw my head back

and guffaw till my bladder spills,

contemplate the darkness

of misery and hopelessness

where evil sits like a well-fed leech,


the bat flew past,

your mind is cracked

and so is mine,

to do this job it takes insanity,

Loredan, the joker I am,

to grind your face into the past I come,

life of a very nasty kind,

but I cannot speak forever,

let me work on,

the break-up of your first marriage,

sad is it not?

do weep poor boy,

fulfil my sadistic streak,

lie in obscurity,

the coffin is colder,

a fridge is Australia,

this chills your bones,

your soul has gone hard,

never mind,

let it pass through your mind like acid and fiery hailstone,

greet the moment when He calls

to confirm the judgement passed upon you,

guilty as charged,

eternity is miserable,

a pair of limbs rip your heart out

which will grow overnight,

beasts of burden tread on your chest,

priests pass by to sprinkle holy water on your head,

too righteous you no longer are

you vile spit of Satan’s womb,

mute and dumb and in pain to freeze and burn and melt and hurt,

destruction is here but not arrived,

you live and you die

somewhere in the middle you lie,



neither options are available,

so sit tight and writhe,

melodrama or crazy illusion,

I swallow LSD

and I’m dreaming of your salvation,


fun or what?

Loredan the Joker I am and to make you suffer I live,

deep or subtle?

torment of a very bizarre type,

but if you are in pain,

think of cool waterfall,

which changes into a burning lake of lava,

the ghosts of your victims,

there they are to mock you,

nodding in approval at your pain,

the insanity is driving you beyond destruction,

but no rest shall you find,

this is torment,

do you hear me?

Torment, torment, torment!!!!

For eternity,

eternal torment,

no life,

no death,

just pain and memories,

your coffin fits nicely,

no movement permitted

or a whip shall slash your face,

I could go on,

but I won’t,


numbing feeling in your mind,

here comes the falcon to rip your liver out,

which will grow overnight,

Free fall for you,

a fall without end,

no hope at the end,

let alone relief,


In your dreams my boy,

grotesque images fill your eyes,


go on,

I need the food of helplessness,

greet the eternal torment,

there I’ve said it,

now die and live,

but do neither,

for it is not permitted,

wallow in your torment

and I’ll lap up your sorrow and pain,


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