The Sleeping Beauty

I'm not that good at poetry, this is my first time with it, so please do tell me what you think of it! It was not originally meant to be a poem, I was writing a descriptive piece but I noticed a poetic sort of effect to it and changed the layout a bit...and this is what I got. Please offer feedback, I desperately need it. Any improvements you think I should make? Please don't hesitate :-)


1. The Sleeping Beauty

Sunlight streams in through the high windows,

And falls delicately upon her beautiful face,

Framed by golden curls that caress her cheeks,

And flow all the way down to her waist.

The golden sunbeams trace her soft features,

Lips like rose petals pressed together.

Lashes so long and so perfect,

And skin as flawless as ever.

If her eyelids were to flutter and reveal,

The beauty and depth in her hazel eyes that lay beneath,

It would be enough to mesmerise the beholder,

And leave him enticed for an eternity.

She is, in all respects, fashioned and perfected like an angel –

Be it in the beauty of the face,

Or in the beauty of the soul.


I watch the Goddess sleep so deep,

Like a young child, innocent and naive.

Her chest rising and falling ever so softly,

In a peaceful slumbering state.

It is evident that she is pure and sacred,

Her soul untainted, unlike the rest.

Her conscience still so perfectly clean,

Her innocence still not ripped to shreds.

O, sweet maiden, never wake,

For the world around you is dark and poisonous.

It shall maim your untouched purity,

And harm your serene righteousness.

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