A Summer Holiday with One Direction

Jenna is now turn 18, she's a crazy,cheeky & beutyful girl, with pretty tan and brown long hair with a bit blond dip dye. Australia, the beayty of summer, there is Jenna be on her holiday. First day Jenna is going to a beach party, she's get drunk and meet one direction. But what happens next day when she wake up in someone's room, in only underwear and a beauty boy i laying beside her..? check it out.! xx


7. why me?

when i woke up i saw Louis slept on my knees, he were hugging a carrot that was so cute and on Louis were Zayn sleeping, i laugh to my self, and took my iPhone too look at the time, I was only asleep in 5 hours, oh... that mean's it's 15 hours till we're home in London, i heard some music, then i feel i had one hedphone in my ear and the other one was in Louis. Actually it was a song called 'Another World' i like it, it was great, i turn off the radio and go in on Spotify and search efter a song called 'Another World' the first result was by One Direction i that song and heard the first sounds and rewind a bit, i stop exacly on Louis part, he's voice is so beutiful, i could sit and listen it forever! I looked at Louis, and think to my self what lucky i am, then Loui woke up, he open hes beauty diamondgreen eyes and stared at me, M: you look like a angel without wings, so beutiful! WAIT, did... did i just say it loud? i ask myself confused then.. Lo: hahahaah, yes you just said it out loud, ur so cute when u are confused! He said and lift up his head to my and left a sweet kiss on my lips, i start to play with his hair and lokked him in the eyes, i love to play with his hair, he was still laying on my knees, M: Louis... what happend when we came back to London? I am afraid, i don't want to loose you, i seriously kill myself I'd did, but what gonna happen? we have no plans.. i mean do we go our own way, back to our normally life's and just let this be a memorie? I don't want that boy that gave me the best memorie, to became a memorie, i love you Louis Toml... i can't spell ur name...on! Lou: no, love! don't be afraid, i'm not going somewhere I stay with you, i know you are only 18 but when we get back I can buy a house to us somewhere in London and we can live together, what do you think about it? M: i really like that idea, but.. Lou: but...? M: ymm.. you don't buy a house to us, WE buy a house to us, Louise i have money too, I'm a blogger and i get money from my blog, and i have an own collection of Wrangler jeans, i get money from that too, so if you wan't to WE can buy it together,! Lou: oh, i fotgott that you are famous, sorry baby! yes, it's a good idea we can buy a house together! M: good, love! i left a kiss on his dirty, hot lips ans smile to him while i left the kiss on his lips. Lou: I am so happy for having you, i never through i had so much luck in my life that i would meet a girl like you, and everything started with that stupid alcohol.. but I'm happy that i know you, i love you Jenna Wrangler! M: aaawwe, Louis! I love you, too! The whole flight i spend with Louis and rest of the boys, it was a lot of laugh and a lot of joking.. When i finally went home Louis we're with me, i took my key and opened the door, we walk in and i saw my mom and dad was sit on the coach, my mom was crying and my dad sit beside her and hug her, i drop my keys down on the flor and run on front to my mom, she's looked at me so suprised, Mom: JENNA? wha.. what are you doing here? M: I'm home, it's been some comlicated thing there so i went back home, enough about me, what happend why are you crying? My mom looked t my dad and he just shake his head for a yes, Mom: can you please sit down, darling.? M: ymm.. yes but first i have to show you someone, mom and dad this is Louis Tom..ymm.. yea, Louis!  Louis get he's next to me and hug me tight, my mom smiled thougt the tears, and stand up Mom: Oh, hello Louis, I'm Anisa but you can call me Ani, nice to meet you! My dad stand up too and stood beside my mom, he smiled truly Dad: Hello, Louis! Nice to meet you, I'm Adrian Wrangler! Lou: Hello Anisa and Andrian, nicto meet you too, I'm so happy too meet you! Mom: now, darling why are you back? M: it's better if you sit down, haha.. i said confused. Me and Louis start to tell them the storie about how we got to the partie, got married and how we are together now and about our planes for life. My mom or dad wasn't suprised over that I've done something like that, they're know I'm crazy and they just laugh about my and Louis story, Mom: I am so happy for you two, i wish the best for you and hope you are happy with each other! Lou: thanks you Anisa, we are really happy I am so happy for meeting a girl like Jenna, she's amazing! I really love she, and promise to never leave her, NEVER! My mom just smiled at Louis same did my dad, Mom: Okey, Jenna i have something to tell you, but first. Do you really trust Louis? M: oh, of course i do, i trust him like you and dad, i love him! I saw tears in my mom's and dad's eyes, i didn't know what happend right now, M: mom, tell me! i say loud. Mom: I.. I have cancer, i can die at any moment.. I freeze, i literally did. I felt my tears  on my face how they run down thought my face, i fell Louis hug me tight, and whisper 'I'm so sorry, love' At the moment i didn't see anything everything just became black, i fell how i just fall asleep and everything bacame black, i  fainted.

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