A Summer Holiday with One Direction

Jenna is now turn 18, she's a crazy,cheeky & beutyful girl, with pretty tan and brown long hair with a bit blond dip dye. Australia, the beayty of summer, there is Jenna be on her holiday. First day Jenna is going to a beach party, she's get drunk and meet one direction. But what happens next day when she wake up in someone's room, in only underwear and a beauty boy i laying beside her..? check it out.! xx


1. time to go..

- Jenna, come down! we have to go now! I heard my mom shouted, - I'm comming, calm down! I take my bag and go down to the hall, there's was my mom and dad already stood. - take care of you, don't do something stupid now, love. My dad say to me, - i promise to do, you know me i don't do something stupid.! I answered my dad, i give him a hug and we go out to the car, I pack my bag in the car, and we go to the airport in London,

it was about 40min way left.. I pick up my phone i wrote a sms to my bestfriend Dana, ' Hello baby, I'm going to the aiport now hope you have a good holiday in LA, love you xx ' Yes, Dana was going to LA, we came

home aat the same time, then.! I pick up my headphones and turn the music on, and just chillin. - here we are, darling! I heard my mom say at the end of my favourite song 'Usher-Scream' I take of my headphones and put them in my bag, i get out of the car and take my bad with me, then we go in to the airport. After i leave my bags, it was time to say goodbye

to my mom because i was going to the briefing, - goodbye, mom. gonna miss you alot!  I say to my mom, - goodbye, darling. hope you have a great flight and holiday. love you! My mom answered me, - thank you, I call you when I'm on the place, love you too. bye! - bye! She answered, I turn aroung and go to the briefing, show my ticket and stay in the queue, then i take of my mobile, clock, shoes because they were high heels, belt, handbag. I go by the safety and then pick up my things and go away to gate 3 on my way i bought a newspaper and coffe. When i find right gate I find a free place and sit down there, I looked at all the people there, they were so happy, and when i seen them I be happy on my self, good feeling! It's take about 20 hours to fly to Ausralia from London, it's a long time, but it's worth it! I see that the check-in is open, i took all my things and i set in the queue, I show my ticket and go on board, my sit was 51C, it was in the middle of the plane and beside the window, -perfectly! I say yo my self. I take my sit, lay the bag on my feet and take out my headphones and my iPhone, i had 99% battery left, it should be enought for some hour's, then i have my iPod or just find someone to talk to, but i prefer the first option. Thet it come a boy bith brown hair, and beautiful brown eyes and sat next to me, and a boy with blond hair and cute blue eyes sat next to him, and though my head it run a little thought, maybe i should talk to them? I mean I'm gonna sit with them in 20 next hours, and then I probably never meet them again! - Hello boys! I said, to them! - Hello beauty. - Hey pretty! I get a answer from the boy with brown hair first and then from the blonde one! - What's ur name? the brown one asked and smile, and the blond one was just looking at me. - Jenna, and your's? i answered and asked at the same time! - Beauty name, I'm Niall and this is Zayn! the blond one say and smile, while showing he's whote teeth, so cute he was! - But that you maybe know? Zayn said. I was a bit confused now, what is that supposed to mean? - yym.. no sorry, should I do? I said with a bit of surprise in my voice.. - It's nothing to say sorry for, pretty. hahaha.. have you ever heard about a boyband one direction? Niall said, - yea, I've heard about them, my bestfriend is like in love with them..  I said and roll my eyes. - don't you like them? Zayn asked,

- haha, it's not that i don't like them. I don't know them, so i can't say something about them, they are famous and they were never talked to someone like me, i prefer other music then one direction..

- you also don't like them..? Niall asked confused.

- no. i can't say if i like them or not, I never heard they music...  And then a stewardess cut me off, saying that we must take our belt on because we fly out. I did what she said, and then they were showed what to do if we should crash, or something. I turnd around to Niall & Zayn and listen to they's conversation, i was a bit funny.. N: but i really like her.! Z: dude, she has a boyfriend! then i cut off and put me in the conversation, M: so? football has a goal keeper but that doesen't mean you can't score! I said proud and smiled at them! N: IN YOU'R FACE, ZAYN! Niall shouted so everyone was stare at us like on idiots, and i just couldn't hold me so i started to laugh like a idiot, and so do Zayn and Niall. Z: yeah, you are right! smart girl over here! He said, and smile at me, i smile back victorious! M: be right back! I said, and move my ass to the toilett, I pee and look in the mirror, M: I look very good! i said and give my mirror reflection a kiss, and go out! When i went back a boy with curly hair sat on my sit, and i was just like ' WTF?' M: ey, you curly! getta ur ass of my sit! i shouted low. boy: Hello, Jenna! he sais and smilee to me! and my face just looked like 'WTF?' again.. M: how you know my name? i said confused.. boy: Niall and Zayn told me! He siad and looked at them and smiled, boy: I'm Harry! He said and show me he's snowwhite teeth M: okey well... Harry can you move ur ass from my sit? I said and smiled victoriously! H: eeeh.. yea, sure! He moved his as up and move away, I slipped in on my sit, and Harry had gone away Z: do you have twitter? M: oh, yea! Z: what's ur nickname, then? he smiled M: JennaWrangler Z: you'r after name is like on those world famous jeans! M: yea, it's my dad's brand.. i smiled, and showed my white teeth then Niall came in and cut off Zayn that was on his way to say something, N: seriouusly? My jeans i wear now is from Wrangler! he smiles excited! M: haha, there you see! we talk later, i wanna sleep a bit now.. i smiled and take out my headphones and iPhone from my bag, i unlocked my iPhone and i have a new messege from twitter, so i opened it and looked at news, and then i saw that Zayn had followed me, so i check out he's profile, it was a 'official' thing there beside he's name, why? are he someone famous? gosh. when i saw he's followers i literally freeze, he had 5millions followers, i was just like 'WOW', then i feel someone's hand on my shoulder, i turn aroung and look after whos hand it was, it was Zayn'n hand, M: ymm, yes? Z: are you someone famous? why do you have a 'official' thing on twitter? and you have like 2,7millions followers! M: ymm.. I'm a blogger in England! I Said and smiled at him, but Zayn look a bit confused.. Z: blogger? you must be a really fomous blogger then! M: I thing so! My blog is most famous in England! I said and look at he's reaktion Z: WOW, ipressive! what is the adress? M: www.awillas.uk Z: are u serious? i know that blogg!! but why you don't have ur name? why is named awillas? M: hahah, happy for that! Because i wan't something originall, not only my name, something new that people gonna remember! N: wow, that's really nice! Niall cut off and said with a smile! M: thanks, but we talk later, i wan't to sleep now! I turnd around, and put my headphones in ears and start the song, it was nemed 'Breakeven - The Script' beauty song, and i just fall asleep...

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