A Summer Holiday with One Direction

Jenna is now turn 18, she's a crazy,cheeky & beutyful girl, with pretty tan and brown long hair with a bit blond dip dye. Australia, the beayty of summer, there is Jenna be on her holiday. First day Jenna is going to a beach party, she's get drunk and meet one direction. But what happens next day when she wake up in someone's room, in only underwear and a beauty boy i laying beside her..? check it out.! xx


3. solution...?

Liam came and sat next to me on the floor and just hug me tight, i nestled into his chest and still crying. Li: calm down, love! don't cry! M: don't cry? Liam I am 18 years and i am merried, have you ever been throught something like that? Li: no, I don't! But it must be a solution to this! H: get divorce! Lou: Is not that easy, Harry! N: but hey, you both we're drunk right? Lou: yes, we were, and? N: and if you both were drunk this merriege shouldn't be counted! Li: you are right, Niall! Genious! M: yes, but if you don't notice it we are in other country, it's not Englans.. hello... N: oh, so long didn't i think! M: Genious..! i sai wth a bit annoyance in my voice. Li: Okey, i go and check out this and look what we can do about it, I be back soon! Liam take hes jacket and got out, I take my self and ge up fro the floor, M: guys, I must go ti my hotel, take a shower and fresh up me a bit! H: Oh, you can check out ur hotel and come to us, you can stay here if you wan't to! N: yea, it's okey for me! Lou: and me, it would be great if you stay with us just over this! M: it's really nice of you, but i don't wanna make ur more problem that i have done now... N: it's not a problem, stay with us please, I don't wan't you to go to a arty tonight be drunk and marry someone else... M: I'm not sure... Lou: Just because I'm your man I decided that you live with us now! Come we go to ur hotel check out and take ur things to us! M: haha, my man, yeee.. do i have another choice? H: nope! M: I'm comming... I'll take my iPhone and me and Louis get out, we went bach to that beach club and then find my hotel, we get up to my room get all my things, it wasn't so messy just because i were in my room 1 day, and we get down to reception, we cheked out and get back to boy's hotel, when we came back Liam wasn't back.. M: ymm, guys where should i sleep? i asked confused.. H: with you'r man of course! he said with a big smile, and Niall start to laugh, M: HA-HA, so funny Harry.... -.-' but serious? Lou: don't we have a unoccupied room? N: i don't think so, Zayn has the biggest room with 2 bed's. H: oh, honey you are sentenced to share room with our Bad Boy.! He start to laugh, M: you are so damn funny today, Harry.... NOT! H: calm down, love. It's gonna be alright, Liam gonna fix everything i promise! M: I trust you Harry, you'r luck if ur right! H: what if I'm not? M: you don't want to know.... HAHAHAHAH.! Then i go to Zayn's room it was beside Louis room and pack up my bags, nice 2nd day, and i am married, live with a boys i don't know and share a room bith a boy i've meet today, soo goood! i think to my self, I take new underwear, a pair of short-shorts in green color, and a t-shirt with ' calm down shit happens' text and get into the shower,I fresh up my self and get out our the shower i take a towel and take it roung a few lap roung my body, then i forgot to take my clothes, i have lay down them on the bed before i went in to the toilet, shiiit. I take a new towel and take it up on my hair, and get out to 'my' and Zayn's room, when i sttod by the bed someone get in, and of course it was Zayn and I just stood there in a towel in he's room, crep. M: ymm.. Z: oh, I'm so sorry...  M: no, it's okey, i should be sorry. Z: why? M: maybe because I'm stanting in your room like half naked.. Z: oh, right... I take my clothes and wear it on, and just get out, the room was totally clean when i went back and Zayn just sat n his bed and smile, M: WOW.... Z: I know.. Then i heard that Liam is back, i run out and look at him and the other boys were just smiling, M: what the hell or you smiling of? Boys: YOU. M: ym.. shit same, now Liam? Li: oh, contract will be canceled after 3 weeks, till then you are merried! M: oh gosh, I'm so happy! Lou: yea, but till then you are mine, love! Louis said with a flirty voice, M: Yea, man! N: aren't you sad? M: No, my reaction was so just in the moment, but when i have thinked of it i know that it's nothing to worrie about, gosh, I'm young and this is just a little thing in life, in some years this will be a good memorie! N: wow, girl.... Z: HELL YEAH! H: ... gosh, i love you! M: hahah, yea! But is it 100% sure if im live with you? Lou: of urse it is, love! M: okey.! Li: so what are we doing today? H: I don't know... let's figure out something! N: yeah! I take TV remote and and start to scroll inter the channels, then i stop on MTV and it was Justin Bieber with 'Boyfriend' I turned up the volume to max and start to dance and sing like an idiot, all the boys sat on the sofa and laugh at me when I ran around and sang and dance, like i was crazy! When the song end's it some a new song, i thing it's new i heard it for the first time now, Z: can you please change? M: NO! I wanna se what this is? Lou: ymm.. don't you know that? M: no, i've never heard this song before, on the screen it stood 'One Direction - One Thing' M: oh, gosh it's One Direction, can i please chan... WAIT... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING IN THE TV? Li: Zayn don't you tell her about us? Z: ooooups... M: Wait... are you one di...., my gosh. H: fan? M: noway,! Lou: don't you like our music? M: I'm so sorry guys, but i don't listen to music like that, it's just not my taste... Li: oh, okey... M: I'm so sorry, i didn't mean to... H: calm down, it's okey! everyone's have variety music taste.. you don't have to like us. M: thank you Liam, ur amazing! Lou: HEY! M: oh, love you too baby! N: naaaaw, they know each other one day, are merried one day and already love each other. M: shut up, Blondie.! N: HEEEY.! M: hahha.. Z: ey, why don't you wrote something new? M: yym, what you mean? Z: on ur, blog! M: OH, GOSH I TOTALLY FOTGOTT! THANK YOU Bradford! i give him a kiss in he's cheek and run to my room, catch my iPhone and lgo in to my blog, then i start to write everything that happens without the fact that I'm married, then i start to answer the comment's and things like that. After 2 hours i've been ready, with my blog! Then Louis went in in my and Zayn's room, Lou: hey love! M: hello! Lou: what a nice blog you have, really cool, awillas! M: haha, thank you! Lou: do you have twitter? M: yeah, look at Zayn's and you find me, he follow's me! Lou: oh, okey! thank you! M: ur welcome,! Louis get out of the room, i put my headphones in ears and sat on the window and just look out on the beach, I start the music and start to think, Louis wasn't so bad, he have really beauty eyes, and he's adorable! Do i start have feeling for him? No, i don't. Or am i? I am merried with him now, and he's so long i know him hes a good boy, i like him a lot! Yes, i do. Oh, let's give him a chance, he's maybe perfect to me? who knows..

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