A Summer Holiday with One Direction

Jenna is now turn 18, she's a crazy,cheeky & beutyful girl, with pretty tan and brown long hair with a bit blond dip dye. Australia, the beayty of summer, there is Jenna be on her holiday. First day Jenna is going to a beach party, she's get drunk and meet one direction. But what happens next day when she wake up in someone's room, in only underwear and a beauty boy i laying beside her..? check it out.! xx


4. let's go to the beach..

After 2 hours i still sat on the window with headphones in my ears and listen to 'Payphone-Maroon5' and when i thinked more it sound like Paynephone like Liam's aftername, hahah, oh, then Liam walken in the room, and talk to me, I take out my headphones, M: oh, what you day? can you reeat i was listen to music. Li: yea, yym.. we are going out you wanna come with us? M: are you sure you want bee seen with someone like me? i asked a bit confused Li: what was that mean't to mean? M: I mean that i'm not someone special are famous, im just a girl, are you sure you want be seen with someone like me? Li: Jenna, please... ,i don't wanna hear something like that anymore, you are a blogger you have Englands biggest blog, i've seen you a alot times in newpaper and internet, you are like us, get it? M: yea, thank you Liam. I hug him and go take my bikini and change to it, then i just take a tube-tope in pink and a air of red short-shorts, i get out to the room and start to sing Nicki Minaj's 'Starships' M: let's go to the beach, ye let's get away they say what they gonna say, lalalal... starship were meant to flooooow, hands u... HEY LOUIS! Lou: you have a beauty voice, Jenna! M: no I'm dooooooon't. i shouted on him and start to lugh, so do Louis! Lou: you look very beautiful! I turnd around to face Louis he look deep in my eyes Lou: you have beati eyes, you know that, love? M: thank you, love! Did i say that? did i just say 'love' to Lou? what hapend with me, I'm jealous because Zayn get a kiss och cheek before today, M: oh, poor Looooouu.. I say and thart to laugh, then Lou grabbed me around the waist and start to tickle me, M: STOP LOU STOOOOOOOOOOPPP...... I start t scream Lou: what i get if i stop? :D M: what you want? Lou: hmmmmmmmmmm.. a kiss! M: hmm.. where? Lou: on my lips, baby! M: HAHAHAHAHHA, in your dreams. Then Lou started to tickle me again M: OKEY, OKEY, JUST STOPPPPPPPP I DO EVE... EVERY.. THING.. YOU WANT ME TOO..! Then he stop, he stipp hold me round my waist, i turnd around to face him, he look me deep inside my eyes and i stood on tiptoe and left a kiss on he's mounth, he kissed me back automatically. M: let's go to the beach now, my maan AHHAHA! Louis start to laugh and we get out to the rest boys and get down to the beach, time was about 14 here, i lay down my towel take of the clothes and lay down on my towel, when the boyd came to me they eat me with theyre's look, M: Take a picture, it last longer. i say and smile, literally everyone take out they phones and take a pic on me, M: SERIOUS..? Z: ym, you say we should take a pic! M: eh, shit same, be praoud you have a pic on a blogger ;)) i said and joke wth them, they stard to laugh and so did I. Then i saw 2 girls, one maybe about 16 years and second about 9, 1st girl: yymm, sorry, my name is Lana and this is Josephine * she pointed on the little girl* are you Jenna Wrangler? M: ym, hello pretty girls, yes it's me! Lana: could i have a autographe on here? M: yes, sure love. I signed on her iphone case ans give it back, boys only stood and watch every move i made, M: you wan't a pix too, love? Lana: get i get one? M: of course u can, pretty! Come! Lou can you take the pix? Lou: yym, sure. He took Lana's iPhone and  i stand beside Lana and hug here and smile, Lou: doooone! Lana: oh gosh, thank you, it means a lot to me! M: you welcome, do you have twitter, pretty? Lana: yes,  do... she said confused. M: whats your nickname? Lana: LanaDevine i took up my iPhone check in on twitter and i fell Louis grabbed me round my waist, and kiss my on my cheek M: followe, beauty! Lana: SERIOUS, OMG THANK YOOOOOU! M: ur welcome, beauty! Josephine: are you and Louis together? she asked with so cute voice, aaaaww, i looked at Lou and turnd around to little Josephine, and i have no idea of what i should answer Lou: yes, we are together! Josephine&Lana: AAAAAAAAAWW, congrats that's so cute, you look sweet together! Lou: thank you, pretty! I turnd around to Louis and kiss him on his lips, he pull me so tight to him, and we still kiss each other, then i feel Louis tongue inside me and we were together, as one part. A lot of people and paparazzis took pix of me and Louis but we doesen't care, when we we're ready Hazza have come with a drink to me and Lou, we look at each other, laugh and took drinks from Hazza, then a girl in maybe 17 yeasr came and face me She: sorry you little slut, back off from Louis he's mine, bitch! Louis just looked at me, M: oh, poor girl, i have something better than Lou to you. I took my drink and just thwor it in that girl's face M: bye, pretty. i said and turnd around to Louis and he only hug me, and whisper in my ear Lou: I'm proud of you, babe! M: me too, love! I gave him a kiss tok his hand and go down to the sea, Louis took me in hs hand and just run in the water and scream ' I LOVE YOU JENNA' and just because i do same for him ' I LOVE YOU LOUIS' i scream and everyone was looking at us but we totally ignored it and swimming around and laugh. After swimming and joking around in 2 hours we get out and lay down on the beach, Harry and Niall sat at the bar talking to some girls, oh.. that girl Harry talk with was that girl i throw a drink on, ooooooups. And Zayn ssat on the beach with a blonde beauty girl on he's knees, M: Baby, who is that girl Zayn is with? Lou: oh, it's Perrie he's girlfriend. M: wow, she's literally beautiful, i mean it! Lou: not like you, love! and he give me a kiss on my cheek.

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