A Summer Holiday with One Direction

Jenna is now turn 18, she's a crazy,cheeky & beutyful girl, with pretty tan and brown long hair with a bit blond dip dye. Australia, the beayty of summer, there is Jenna be on her holiday. First day Jenna is going to a beach party, she's get drunk and meet one direction. But what happens next day when she wake up in someone's room, in only underwear and a beauty boy i laying beside her..? check it out.! xx


8. i never forget you mom. thanks Louis! ♥

I woke up in a white room, beside was Louis sleeping and on a white sofa was my dad sleeping, i took me up and get out from the room, i was dressed in a white yymmm.. dress i think i can say,.. i go to a doctor and ask for my mom, he said she's laying in 331, i got back to my room and Lou and my dad wasstill sleeping, i get back and get me in to my mom's room, she was looking terrible, not like before, how long was i sleeping? Her's hair was lost, and not brown anymore, they were grayy, and lokked terrrible, my mom look like she's not eat something on weeks, and she look so tired, i never seen her like that, she turnd around and look at me and gave me a weak smile, Mom: Jenna, im so happy too see you! I hope you and Louis gonna have a happy life, Louis is a amazing boy, he's perfect to you. Don't leave ur dad, you gonna have it hard now but Jen, please promise me, that you gonna live ur life no matter what, and be happy! I saw tears in her eyes and fell my own tears on my face, when they fall down, i felt someone hug me from behind, it was Louis i hugged weak, Me: mom, i'm promise to do! Mom: Louis, promise to take care of her, never hurt her and love her like you never been hurt before. Lou: I promise, to take care of her, never ever hurt her, and love her forever! Mom: I love you, both! I opened my mount to say something, the tears run down my face, my mom close her eyes, and all the machine start to get out a noise, a lot of doctors run in and say to us we must get out, we sat down outside room 331 and i start to cry, Louis hug me tight and don't say a word, a fell so safe in his arms, M: Louis, thank you for being here. i love you! Lou: I'm always here for you, baby! i love you too. he gave me a soft kiss, and the doctor came out, Doc: I'm so sorry, we couldn't to anything more.. he hug me and get away.

*2 WEEKS LATER* I woke up in my bed and have a gray t-shirt on me, i took up Louis phone that was beside my bed and look at the time, it was 05:14, i took of my t-shirt because it was not comfortable, now i was in only underwear just like Lou, i turns around to him so i face him and hug him, he hug'd me back and tighter. When i woke up later again, i slowly opened my eyes and i saw Louis looked at me and smile, I left a soft kiss on his diirty lips, M: goodmorning, love! i whisper. Louis just smile, we turn'd around so now Louis was above me, he start to left a thousand kiss in my lips, and my nack and go slowly down. Now we turn'd around again so now i was above Louis, i left a kiss on his still dirty lips, M: Louis, lay down here, and wait for me I'll be back in a second, and DON'T open ur eyes. He smiled, and shake he's head for a 'yes' Louis closed his eyes and i move my ass upp and got out from the room, i smile to my self and get down tot he kitched to do some breakfast to me and Lou, on my way I said goodbye too my dad that was leaving to his job, when i was ready i felt someone that start to tickle me, M: LOUIS STOO. STOOOOOOOP, NOOW...HAHAHA. Louis stop and hug me tight, L: did you really think that i am so stupid? M: ymm... yes, i did! Lou: THAT IS HORRIBLE! I start to laught like an idiot, and took the flour and throw it in Louis face than i start to run away, i run in the toilet and locked the door.

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