A Summer Holiday with One Direction

Jenna is now turn 18, she's a crazy,cheeky & beutyful girl, with pretty tan and brown long hair with a bit blond dip dye. Australia, the beayty of summer, there is Jenna be on her holiday. First day Jenna is going to a beach party, she's get drunk and meet one direction. But what happens next day when she wake up in someone's room, in only underwear and a beauty boy i laying beside her..? check it out.! xx


9. I heard everything...

After sitting in the toilet in about 30-40min i took a glass with water and then slowly opened the door, efter i i wait some minute i got out, nobodys anywhere, what the..? were r everybody? i knew they was joking, i got to the toilet and took out, a water-pistol and filled it with water, i got out again and slowny move from room to room, i felt like a CSI-agant while a ninja, that was a cool feeling, haha GANGSTA. I go up on the stairt quietly and gently, and walken in first in Liam's room and then looken int he tiolet and closed, no one there, then i got to next room Hazzy's and do the same, no one there, okey 2/6 clean, i was pretty sure they were in my room, i walked in to Zayn's, Louis's and Niall's room so now only mine left, i get in like a ninja, no one in the toilet or closed, but then i saw Harry's hair stand out from under my bed, i knew they were under the bad, i got up on the bad, and tookt the blanked and did so that it looked as if someone was there, then i walked up on the window and hid me behind the pinky curtain, i hate it. M: oh, i don't get it anymore, more time for me, huh... i said to provoke them, i we quiet and i heard Niall, whister '1,2..3' they jumped upp took off the blanket and start to throw water, milk, flour and chickedflavor? wtf? I jumped up from behind the curtain and start to splash the water on them, while i was on my way out M: F*C OFF, BITHES IMA THE QUEEN! and i run down, and heard the boys behind me, and now my play stopped, what should i do know? damn. i run out stop looking around i saw a big tree so i run to it and get up so highi only could, the boys have no idea of where i was, so stupid they were.. haha.. Then Harry, Niall and Zayn go back to the house and Liam and Louis sat down on the hammock under me, i have no ide of what they're was supposted to do, the i heard Liam start, Li: You really love her, right? Lo: of course i do, she's my everythink. I think she's that girl i wanna spend my life with! Li: we are so happy for you and Jen, we all like her very much, she's like a sister to us. Lo: hah, i'm happy that she have so good contact with every1 of you!  They still talked, it was a lot of thing, about me, Louis, the band.. *15min later* gosh, how long will they talk? Li: Have you talked to Jen about ymm.. you know.. Lo: about what..? Li: oh, you knoww... Lo: Liam, it's only we two here, you can say it.! Li: about that we're going to our families in 2 weeks? Lo: No i haven't, gosh i totally forgot it! Li: are you afraid? Lo: No it's just.. I really wanna take hew with me, but i can beat that she's like other girl and gonna say 'oh, no i don't wanna meet them' 'noway, i'm not ready for this' or you know, girls... I climbed down a bit, when my foot slipped and i fell down on Liam and Louis knee, they're were so shoocked.. Lo: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING JENNA WRANGLER? I start to like like an idiot... M: I'm sorry guys but i was afraid that you find me so i climbed up there. Li: so you've been there the whole time we were talking? M: yym.. yea! Lo: and u heard everythink? M: THANK YOU FOR CARING ABOUT ME LOUIS TOM...SOMETHING SON....! Lo: oh, sorry hun, are you okey? He said and left a big kiss on my lips, i  smile M: Louis, I'm sorry but i've heard everythink.. :/ Lo: wow, i'm so proud of you, now i know i can trust you! M: whuuuuuut...? Lo: I know that any girl outside there would lie to me and say they didn't hear something, and you just say it face2face! M: oh, Louis you can always trust me! i left a kiss on his dirty, sweet lips. M: oh, gosh, i totally fotgoott! Li: WHAT? M: oh, hey Liam! :D Li: -.-' HA-HA ur so funny Jenna! M: danke! :D I stand up and start to sing Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' while I was on my way in, all the other boys sat on the sofa, i walked in and still singing 'Boyfriend' M: swag, sawg, swag on you. if i was ur boyfriend i never let you go, i can take you... then someone came and hug'd me from back i was pretty sure it was Louis, but no it was Zayn, M: What are you doing, Zayn? i said and smile! Z: i need ut help, please! i smile and nodded for a 'yes' we got up and walked in to Zayn's room I sat down, noo i throw myself on Zayn's bed and look at him, he sat next to mee Z: Okey, soo i like a girl, really, really much, but i don't know if she like me back.. he look so sad now, it hurts me too se him like that, i want to see that beauty smile, and see the happines in his eyes, now it was only sadness and confusedness (?) M: Okey, you should tell her, if she feel the same it would be great! Z: But if not? our friendship will be destroyed, M: Zayn, drear Zayn! You are Zayn, Zayn Malik! You ONly Live Once, so take that chance, i'm pretty sure that she like's you back, who don't want a boy like you? Z: So do you think i should tell her? M: I'm pretty sure you should, it's gonna be okey, i promise if she not feel the same say it was a joke, we looked at each other and started to laugh like idiots..

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