A Summer Holiday with One Direction

Jenna is now turn 18, she's a crazy,cheeky & beutyful girl, with pretty tan and brown long hair with a bit blond dip dye. Australia, the beayty of summer, there is Jenna be on her holiday. First day Jenna is going to a beach party, she's get drunk and meet one direction. But what happens next day when she wake up in someone's room, in only underwear and a beauty boy i laying beside her..? check it out.! xx


5. i feel so stupid..

After being at the beach we start to pick up our things, then Zayn's girlfriend came to me P: emm.. Jenna right? I turnd around to face her and she stood and smile at me, M: yes, it's me. And you are Perrie, Zayn's girlfriends right? P: yes, it's me! Can i please have a picture with you? M: Oh, with me? P: yes, i just love you'r blog, it's amazing! M: oh, gosh! thank you, pretty! P: can i get one picture? M: oh, sure you can! P: Zayn can you take a pix of us? Z: sure, love! Zayn took Perrie's iPhone and me and Perrie hug each other and smile Z: doone! ur pretty girls! P: thank you, love. she said and kiss him. M: can you send it to me, pretty? P: yes, i can you wanna hang out with me? M: sure! i said and smile. P: nice, we can go and eat something I'm really hungry! M: yes, good idea me too! Z: Can i go with you? P: sorry, love. girls lunch. she said ans stick out her's tongue to him, i started to laugh, i get up my thing and put my clothes on took my iPhone and went to Lou, M: Baby, me and Perrie go and out Lou: okey, love cya later? M: yes, sure we do! But Louis? Lou: Yes, baby? M: you know that we aren't together? Lou: what you mean?? he said confused. M: have you ask me if i wanna be ur girlfriend? Lou: loveee, u r my wife! M: on a paper yes. i said and gave him a kiss and go back to Perrie, i really like her, she's so nice! M: we go? P: sure, love. Then we walk away to a restaurant with Italian food, we take a sit and ordered, we took a pizza. P: love, is it okey if Eleanor and Danielle came to us? M: ymm, sure.. P: you know who Dan and El is right? M: no, sorry.. P: oh, darling nothing to say sorry for, Danielle is Liam's girlfriend she's a dancer, and Eleanor have something on wth Louis before that happend M: oh, nice but what happpend? P: you and Louis get ymm.. 'married' M: oh... i feel so stupid.. P: why, you do that, love? M: because i haven't an idea of that Louis maybe have something on with someone, and i just came in and destryed everything between them, i'm so stupid.. i feel tears in my eyes, they fall down, one after one, then a beauty girl with pretty long curly hair walk in and a girl with long brown hair baside her she was so sute, oh gosh. when that curtly girl saw us she's run to me and hug me, - what happend, love? why are you crying? Then Perrie explained everything to her, the curly hair girl was Danielle, Liam's girlfirend and the cute girl was Eleanor. Eleanor sit next to me and hug me tight, E: you don't have to be sad, you don't destroyed anything, it's alrigt! Me and Louis we're dating months ago, and it's alight calm down, beauty. It was so sick, but possetive, that girls didn't know me but they take care of me like we we're bestfriends, i feel so good with them, they we're so nice to me, i've never feel so safe with someone except Louis, i really like their, i already knew that they have a gold heart. After we have eat, we pay for the lunch and get off to shopping, everyone of girls pick out a dress to me and so did i to them, then everyone pick out a dresses to everyone, when we were ready everyone has like 10 bags with only clothes, but it was so fun. After we went back to boys and the hotel and the time was 19.34, when i have changed my clothes to a pait jeans short-shots and a white tube-tope with ' I'll take you up. I never stop. Baby I take you to another world' text, I've got this tube-top from my friend on my birthday, i like that text, i sat down on the window and put my headhones in my ears and started ' Breakeven - The Script' and start to thing about everything, I mean how muh my life have changen n just a few days, it was so sick, I have Louis, and Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor are so great friends, but I have a home in London, in abut 1,5 week this gonna be over, and be just a memorie, I'm gonna went back to my 'life' and be a blogger, and life my life like a did it before, without Louis and the boyd and.. i start to cry. i didn't know wthat to think, this will be over..? i don't wan't to, i feel so stupid, what I am doing int heir hotel? why I am living with them? Why do i love Louis? no, this is wring, everything gonna be just a memorie in 2 weeks, what have i done? i feel so stupid about this, about everything.... I must calm down, but i just can't, let's try the only way out, I got out from my and Zayn's room and get in to Niall's room, M: Hey Nialler! N: Hey, what's up? why have you cried? He get up from the bed and hug me, and the tears run again.. N: please, don't cry, you don't deserve to cry.. what's wrong? M: I feel so stopid about everything, i mean i really love Louis, i do, but in 1,5 I must go home, to London and get back to my life, and tihis gonna be just a memorie, and i don't wan't to, I can't imagine a life without you guys, and the girls, it's so hard I don't want everything to be over.. N: calm down, Jenna. don't feel stupid, you don't have to! Louis love you too, and i know he doesen't let you go, he don't want this to be just a memorie, remember that if you love each other you gonna survive this! I believe in both of you, i really do! M: thank, you Niall! Seriously, thanks! I hug him and smile, M: But Niall? N: yes, Jenna.? M: Do you have a guitar can i borrow it, i need to calm down and find a way out, and to play is the only way to me to calm down, N: yes, ure just take it whenever you wan't, but can i listen? he sais and smile soooo cute. M: thank you and of course you can! I go and pick up his guitar and start to play, i play a song by Green Day  ' When September Ends' but the acostic version, i closed my eyes and play it again, and again, i sound's so beauty. After i've play in 30 min's i've opened my eyes for the first time, and in the rom it was rose's everywhere i could see, and a beauty text in white rose's ' WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?' then i feel someone's hands aroung my waist, I turned around to face Lou, i already knew it was him, i feel it on his perfume, they smell so gooood. He looked at me and in his eyes i saw that he was so excited about this, but i saw that he was scared too. M: Louis, I love you, I really really really do, but what's gonna happend when i went back home to my normal life, and be just a blogger? Lou: nothings, change, love. I live in London too, and we can move on, and we can live together i really wanna that, i love you so much! I only knew you a few days, but i wan't to spend my whole life with you. M: okey Louis, i believe you, i do! I love you too, and yes i wanna be you'r girlfirend even if we're already married. Louis start to laugh and kiss me. Lou: but hey, where did you get this top? M: it's a  present from my friend, i really love the text, it's so real, that person must be good at thing like that, ah... Lou: seriously? Come with me! He took my hand i go, and i was after him, he put in a cd and start a song, it was a fast song, and in the chorus i've heard that text from my top, the song was really good, i've never haerd it before but i've already liked it, M: who's have made that song? it's amazing! Lou: And you said that you don't like One Direction! M: noo.. no' I mean yes, but   .. Lou: i know what you mean, baby! He left a kiss on my mount and hug me tight. I kiss him back, and whisper in he's ear M: i love you like a love song, baby.! Lou: I love you more that a love song, baby. and then we get back to Louis room and fell asleep, i fell Louis hug me and i fall asleep.

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