A Summer Holiday with One Direction

Jenna is now turn 18, she's a crazy,cheeky & beutyful girl, with pretty tan and brown long hair with a bit blond dip dye. Australia, the beayty of summer, there is Jenna be on her holiday. First day Jenna is going to a beach party, she's get drunk and meet one direction. But what happens next day when she wake up in someone's room, in only underwear and a beauty boy i laying beside her..? check it out.! xx


2. finally..

I wake up on Zayn's shoulder, he just sit there and look at me, M: oh, i'm so sorry Zayn'n.. Z: haha, don't be sorry! it was convenient? M: hahah, yes! Z: what you listen to? M: actually, Agnes Obel with Riverside, beauty song I am in love with it! Z: oh, yea that's a nice song.. M: you don't know what i talk about right? Z: right... M: here.. i take out my right headphone and give it to him, then i start over Riverside, close my eyes and i sing with the song. When the song was over i opened my eyes and both Zayn and Niall was looking at me like i was a ghost  M: whuuut? i askked confused, N: not.. noth... Z: nothing, it's just, you'r voice is so beauty.. he sais with a big smile, M: you must be kiddin, right now! Z: does I look like I do? M: ymm.. yes! N: wrong answer! niall shouted low. i just smile at them. Stewardess: Please take you'r sit, and take on the belt. she said and we did like she's said. 10min later were we already in Australia, i was so hapy for that reason. Stewardess: Hello and welcome to Australia temperature outside is about +39, time here is now 10:20 and wi will thank you for a wonderful flight. I stand up and so do the boys, then we take our handbags and go out to the airport. Now i have my bag so i get already go and take taxi to my hotel, i said goodbye to Zayn, Niall and Harry and walked away, i take a taxi and was on my way home, i pick up my iPhone and call my mom, M: hey mom, i'm already on Australia! Mom: oh, thanks God, i'm so happy for that! are you tired darling, have you sleep something on the plane? M: calm down, mom. yes i slept maybe 12 hour's or something the rest I wal talking to two boys that set beside me, Niall and Zayn! Mom: oh, isn't the boys from One Direction? M: i don't know mom, i don't listen to music like that, you know that! Mom: yes, calm down please! okey, we talk later i must go to sleep now! M: okey, bye mom, love you. Mom: love you to, bye. Go too sleep? riiight... it was like 12 hours time difference, i totally forgot it. When the chauffeur said we was already in my hotel I be like happiest girl in the world, or like Justin Bieber's biggest fan that meet him, yes i was like that! I take my bags and go to reception, pay for an All InClusive band and take my key, i was on 7 floor and my room number was 769, so i take my things and go to the lift, i choose number 7 and the door closet, and i feel like i was going up. I get out and getta my as to my room, opened the door and go in, the room was really beautiful, like on pictures or romantic film, from my balcony i had a view of the sea and a beautiful beach. I packed up my things and go to toilet for a fresh up shower. When i was ready i dressed up in bathrobe and just go to my bed and fell asleep. When i woke up again this day, i take my iPhone and change the time to Australian time, it was about 18.24 so i go to the toilet and did a make up, then i dressed up a red dress and strong yellow shoes, i took my iPhone and look at the time it was about 20.35, so i go out to the beach, like I've had read it was a lot of events here, party every night i like it, i find a nice club and go inside, took one, two, three, four drinks and start to dancing, i dance like i was some pro dancer, but i wasn't, i saw a boy with beauty eyes and brown hair, he stared at me whole the time I was dancing, so I just got my ass and sat next to him, Boy: Hello, beauty! M: Hi, DoncsterBoy! and i turn around to see him in eyes, i took a new drink and drink it slowly when i was waiting for he's reaction, Boy: how did you know I'm from Doncaster? M: haha, I've been there a lot, years ago, you have a truly Doncaster accent! Boy: oh... you're good.what's you'r name? he asked with a beauty smile, on his face. M: I'm Jenna, and you? Boy: I'm Louis but you can call me Lou! M: oh, Lou. nice name, but i prefer DoncasterBoy! he smile at me, L: you wanna dance? M: sure! we go out at the dancefloor and start to dance, things like this it's normal, it always end's with some dances and kisses, but nothing more. After dancing in 2 hours, me and Louis go to the bar and we ordered some drinks. After 1 hour both me and Louis was drunk.  

*morning 11 a'clock* I woke up, it was scary because i was in someones room, when i take the blanked off i was only in underwear, holy shit, what have i done? i was thinking to my self, i look around and i saw a beauty boy beside me, he was wearing underwear too, i hope nothings happend, we both had underwear and we were not naked, i go to the toilet on my way i took a t-shirt probably it was that boy's t-shirt, i take off my whole makeup and sat up my hair in a messy bun, i wear the t-shirt and goo out to kitchen, i pick up eggs and bacon and did breakfast for both me and that boy, then i heard someone stood beside me, i turnd around and saw......

Niall? WTF? N: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? Niall shouted over the kitchen, M: calm down, okey. what it look like i do? N: doing breakfast? M: yes! i said with a irritating voice. N: but what r you doing in our hotell room? M: i don't know i woke up in someone's room in only underwear so now am I standing here and doing breakfast.. then Zayn and Harry come in the kitchen and staring at me, Niall take then to the sofa and expained what happened. I did breakfast and eat, then i sat down on the sofa with the boys, Z: but who did you came here with? M: ymm.. i don't know. I don't remember he's name, I don't remember something from yesterday, the only thing i know is that I meet a boy from Doncaster yesterday, and he was so freaky beautiful.. H: Oh, gosh... did you and Louis sleep with each other? M: Is he named Louis? Z: yeah. M: ymm, no i don't think we sleep with each other, i woke up in underwear so did Louis. H: okey, good. Then in the room walked Louis and one more boy with brown a bit curly hair, Lou: oh, is this you'r new girl Harry? Lou said and laugh, everyone was looked at him like if he killed someone.. H: hahah, good one Lou, but this beauty woke up in you'r bed beside you! Lou: WHAAT?! Then we explain everything to Lou and the other boy was named Liam, M: it's time for me to go, ymm.. I got my ass up and go to Louis room, changed to my clothes and a saw a paper beside the bed and i saw my name and that i've got signed it, I took the paper in my hand and saw my and Louis name, Louis Tomlinson, what a name i was think, but when i looked after i literally freeze, After 10min I could function normally, it was a marriage contact, me and Louis. I Totally don't know what to do or say, i ran ou to the living room when the boys sat and watch tv, M: I AM MARRIED, WITH LOUIS FREAKY TOML..SOMETHING! everyone's looking at me and Niall los her dish with breakfast, Liam run fast to me and take the paper out of my hand, and he freeze, literally like me. Li: sh.. she.. shee's right... Lou: I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, GIVE ME THAT! he shouted and tore the paper out of Liam's hand, he freeze, just like me and Liam, i didn't know what to say, Niall, Zayn and Harry do the same. M: we must figured out something, im freaky 18 years and married, are you f*cking kiddin me? H: what we do now? I just sat down on the floor and started to cry..

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