The book of debates

This book is my first book where I really want to talk to the reader and find out about there opinions on some of the questions that have no right or wrong answer. Please leave your opinions behind in the comments and tell me what you think.




1. cats vs dogs

 In my opinion dogs are a lot better than cats. Let me explain why: 

 Cats may be slightly more clever than dogs and be able to jump higher, but think about it, what would you rather have as a pet, something that stays in the house when you want it to and is always happy to play (a dog) , or, a pet that you barley ever see and that will hiss and even scratch you if it's not in the mood (a cat) !

 Of course there is a downside to dogs and that's that you need to take them for walks about 3 times a day. I personnaly enjoy it however some people are just to lazy to get up on a morning.

 Well, there's my opinion please leave your opinion in the comments!



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