When the existence of the world hangs in the balance, the children of the elements must walk upon the earth to defeat the beast that threatens their survival.


5. Chapter 4

I sink my teeth into the last bit of meat on the rabbit leg and watch Posiden calm down Oceania, her tears spilling over the floor. Oden is standing in a puddle of tear water, looking glum, whilst Thorn screams at him and stamps her feet on the floor. The ground shuddering under her feet. My eyes swerve to Cloud who is sulking in the corner of the room watching Apollo help calm down Thorn.

I toss the rabbit bone in the bin and reach for a palm sized strawberry tart. As I bite into it. Father places his hand on my shoulder.

"That's your fourth tart in the last ten minuets", his eyes not on me but looking towards the cracks in the stone underneath Thorns feet.

"Would you rather I have a tantrum or sulk in the corner, fine by me", I wipe the red geletine from my mouth.

"I'm just saying, you're going to get stomach pains". I glare at father.

"And I'll won't get hurt when we go fight Nergle", I hiss. I grab two oranges from the table and join Cloud in her corner.

"Hey, you want an orange?", I say placing it in her lap. She slowly picks it up, her eyes fixed on Thorn.

"How could they do this to us?", She spits.

I want to say the same. I want to cry and scream at them. Instead I eat, and consider how they see it. Four immortals, old immortals. They are weak compared to us, if they were to fight Nergle then they wouldn't stand a chance. If, no, when we fight Nergle we could actully kill him. I explain this to Cloud and give her time to conider.

"No, I can't do it.", She says.

"We have to, if they lose their element then the kingdoms will fall apart, we are too weak to fully control our element", I say.

"Well let Nergle take over the earth, it's not like we have anything to do with it any way"

"Cloud, I can't belive you could say that, you know that Nergle will torture the humans", I've suddenly gone off eating my orange. Cloud sighs.

"The humans don't even know that we exist. It won't be any harm for our fathers kingdoms", I breath in and try not to slap her for being so selfish.

"Nergle steals human souls to use as energy so he can rise to power. Do you want that? Being a slave to Nergle?", I shout at her.

"And you can't escape, my father was lucky",I realise how quiet the hall is but I continue.

"And Nergle used to torture my father whenever he got bored"I scream at Cloud, who looks terrifed seeing me this angry.

"Calm down Flame", Apollo says. I whip round to face my father.

"I don't care what these lot do", I say gesturing to Cloud, Thorn and Oceania, who have stopped crying and staming cracks into the floors,

"I'll do it with out them, I'll kill Nergle"


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