When the existence of the world hangs in the balance, the children of the elements must walk upon the earth to defeat the beast that threatens their survival.


4. Chapter 3


A glass slips from my fathers hands, splattering wine and cracking the crimson diamond  floor as it shatters within impact. Hades lifts his an eyebrow and smiles evilly. 

"Now then Satan, that's an expensive glass that you had there. Shame that I can't persuade you back to the underworld. You would be richer than you are now. Oh and I'm sure I could find it inside of me to leave your precious world alone", His voice is silky but laced with evil. I look at those eyes of his, deep red like the colour of blood. They swerve and meet mine.

"Of course if you don't want to join me, then I could find someone else", he saunters up to me. I can see father being restrained by Poseidon and Apollo. Even Thorn and Oceania step back when he reaches me. He looks me up and down, giving me a strange nervous feeling.

"How would you like it darling? Come with me to the under world, be the richest immortal alive. How does that sound?", he says putting his hand on my cheek. It's cold against my hot skin but smooth. I look into his eyes, father says that thousands of innocent mortals have died looking into those eyes, yet they seem kind. It's so hard to say no, being the richest immortal. I open my mouth to agree but before the words can pass my lips my father shouts at me.

"Don't Flame,you know what he did to me", I snap back to my senses and slap Hades' hand away from my cheek. This makes him angry. More angry than I have ever seen. I step back but his anger is directed towards my father. 

"Damn it Satan, why do you want you daughter to fight Nergle but you won't let me have her. You know she would be safe in the underworld", he screams.

"I know what you did to Mars and Anthea, do you think I'm that stupid, you will do Flame more harm than Nergle", Father shouts back.  What the hell does Hades mean about me going to fight Nergle.  I thought Nergle was dead. Hades can see the confusion on my face. He laughs.

"Well I guess you didn't break the news to them.Good luck with that", He smirks and the looks at me.

"If you don't like the future that your father has set for you then you can always join me in the under world", he blows me a kiss and then walks out the door leaving me speechless. The first thing I do is turn to my dad. I can feel smoke in my breath as I speak.

"So what is this about me fighting Nergle?"

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