When the existence of the world hangs in the balance, the children of the elements must walk upon the earth to defeat the beast that threatens their survival.


3. Chapter 2


The familiar hot air whirls around me. I look to Oceania as it blasts in her face. Air becoming flecks of lava that burn her skin when it touches her. She tries to block it with by sending a flow of water along her body but she has no luck. She glares at me. 

"Fire, I command you leave Oceania alone", It continues for a few seconds, just to show me that I don't entirely own it, that only my father can command it, and then it stops.

"You should really learn to control your element", Oceania says, clear water droplets fall from her soaking wet hair. They drop onto the burns on her arms and shoulders, I watch in awe as they sink into her skin and turn it back to its normal colour. Her hands wringing out the last of the water rise to me.

"No", She barks, her eyes glaring at something behind me. I whip around and find myself centimeters away from a giant wave of water. It breaks apart and falls to the ground. 

"See Flame, that is how you control your element", She says walking over the puddle of water that is evaporating due to the sheer heat of the outdoors. she leans over the balcony and looks at the view surrounding our castle.

"So what was this about? With the rest of the elements coming here tonight?", I say joining her at the edge of the balcony. We managed to give our fathers the slip, saying we would take a wander around the castle.

"Well, My father was preparing to visit your castle and he told me to go with him. My obvious question was why and all he said was that the elements would be gathering", her voice growing quieter as one of my servants emerge from the balcony windows. He looks warily at the puddles on the floor.

"Miss flame, you and miss Oceania have been requested to return to the grand hall by Lord Satan",I nod.

"Tell my father that we are coming", I grab Oceania's hand and lead her back to the hall. Apollo and his daughter, Cloud, are in deep conversation with my father when we arrive. A voice draws our heads to the other end of the hall as it announces the arrival of the last element. 

"Lord Oden and Miss Thorn", Oden looks glum as he enters through the giant ruby doors. His frown deepening when my father calls him.

"How are you, earth", Father shouts as Poseidon chuckles.

"Quiet Fire". Oden clearly is not in the mood for jokes. It might be about the elements gathering or that he has been assigned with Earth. Oden originally owned air but Apollo over throned him and took the power. He probably doesn't feel happy with seeing Apollo again.

Thorn looks breathtaking. Her green hair has been put up in an elegant bun with  highlights of brown threaded through it. Her dress is bright green and ends just above her knees. Her shoes are brown sandals with a ruffled pattern. Her mouth is stretched into a large warming smile. Before I have time to return that smile, another voice draws my eyes towards the hall door again.

I can't belive it.

I have never saw him before but I can recognise him from my fathers descriptions.

There, leaned against the door frame is,


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