When the existence of the world hangs in the balance, the children of the elements must walk upon the earth to defeat the beast that threatens their survival.


2. Chapter 1


Father taps his fingers against the arm of his throne. Something is wrong. I can tell by his body language, the way he stares into the distance and how he hasn't looked me in the eye for weeks. I take the deepest breath possible in my tight ruby corset.

"Father, why are they coming?" He does not reply. His eyes transfixed on the nothingness in front of him. His face emotionless, not the tiniest sign of anger or sorrow. This worries me. If he does not contain those emotions then the kingdom will die. I reach my hand out, I am about to wrap it around is shaking hands when a voice booms across the hall.

"Lord Poseidon and Miss Oceania", My father snaps back to reality and rises from his throne. He strides up to Poseidon and hand extending out. Their hands shake and they glance towards Oceania and then to me. I cannot blame them. The last time we met, about two hundred years ago, we ended up in a bitter argument that quickly lead to a fight. 

Our elements have always clashed. As the ancient saying, Water and fire never mix. Our fathers however are an exception. Poseidon visits regularly, with out his daughter, for the odd drink or a meal with my father that I never attend. I can't stand anything water related so I can see my fathers concern. He doesn't want the grand hall flooded and burned, like last year.

I attempt to face up to Oceania. I stand up and some how I find myself walking along the hard stone floor. My footsteps echo around the room. I can feel the tension gathering up as a move closer to Oceania. As I am a few meters away, I realise the sweat droplets on my hands. I brush them against my skirt, shuddering. I can feel my hips through the silky material of my extremely tight skirt.

I stop in front of Oceania and put on my most convincing smile. She returns by nodding her head slightly. We look at our fathers and see the relief on their faces. They start to talk and wander absent minded to the table set out with food. I try to listen in on their conversation but their voices are hushed. This alarms me.

"Flame?", I hear Oceania say behind me. I pick up a questioning tone mixed in with a hint of fear in her voice. I break my gaze from the men and look at Oceania. This is the first time in two hundred years that I have concentrated on her features. Her eyes are bright blue , like the sky outside Apollo's castle. Her skin shows tinges of pale blue. Her hair, dark blue, sweeps down on her bare shoulders like waves.

"Flame!", She says drawing my eyes to hers. I lift my eyebrows in a manner that questions her but still doesn't show arrogence or supourity.


"Something's wrong", her voice hushed so the servants placed around the room cannot hear what she says. I myself, can hardly hear her.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know", I close my eyes and sigh.

"How can something be wrong if you don't know what it is?", I say. My tone a bit too superior.

"I don't know what it is but..."

"But?", Those blue eyes of hers widening in anger. She hates being cut off.

"Look something must be wrong if the elements are gathering here, tonight"

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