The boy in the woods

Rachel is just the type of girl that you would always find alone somewhere, reading. She didn't have any friends and she didn't thinks that she needed friends, or that's what she told herself anyway. But her mind thought differently.


2. The noise

                                 It was a type of wailing noise. Like a mix between crying and screaming. and it terrified Rachel. She turned to where she thought the sound was coming from and scurried back, forgetting that the lake was behind her. She fell into the mirror like water and was shocked to find that it was warm, unlike the cool air in the forest. She despratly tried to swim to the top but it was so hard. And the water felt so good on her cold skin. She tried once more to swim up to the surface but the water was like syrup, she desperatly tried to stay awake but it was no use she felt herself slipping away into the untrobled land of dreams.

                                The next thing that she felt was a piar of hands on her next and then on her wrist. It toke Rachel a moment to realise that he was checking for a pulse. She started to say that she was okay when her words were blocked and she had to run to the nearest tree to avoid throwing up over herself and the person who had been checking for a pulse.

                              When she was done she wiped her mouth with her sleve and walked over to where she had been lying, not looking up. when she got there she saw the feet of the person who ,she thinks, had saved her. She slowly looked up at the figure in frount of he which gave her the chance to see what the person was wearing. He had bare feet and the bottems of his trousers were torn and frayed, when she looked up futher she saw that he was wearing scruffy blue jeans and no top. Around his waist was a belt made of forest vines and it held a knife and a small water-skin. The skin on his torso was smooth and tanned  his hung down by his sides and Rachel could see the mucsels prominently through his skin. When she looked up at his face she could see the concern in his grey eyes.

                             "Are you okay?You've been out for a while." the boy said in deep voice. His short dark hair was ruffled and the skin between his eyebrows was wrinkled with concern. I was suddenly embarrased about throwing up. " Uh, yeh I-I'm fine, Thank you." she stuttered. He broke into a smile, " I'm Nicholas" he said as he put out his hand. Rachel shock it and mumbled "I'm Rachel".

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