The boy in the woods

Rachel is just the type of girl that you would always find alone somewhere, reading. She didn't have any friends and she didn't thinks that she needed friends, or that's what she told herself anyway. But her mind thought differently.


1. The lake

                                       As Rachel walked through the woods she suddenly realized how peaceful everything was. The was normally noise all around her when she was in the woods. Today there was no rustling in the trees or in the bushes, there was no tweeting of birds or barking of dogs. Everything was just ...silent.

                                        When Rachel walked past a clump of trees, for reasons that she herself could not explain, she walked off the path and through a small gap between two of the trees there. Hidden by a ring of evergreens was a lake. Not a big lake but too big to be called a pond. It wasn't full of murky water and mud, like most woodland lakes,but it was a beautiful blue color, and it was so still that the surface was like a mirror.

                                     Rachel sat down by the edge of it and looked in. She looked just like the type of girl who you would always find sitting alone somewhere, reading. Which was exactly what Rachel was always doing. She had straight mousy brown hair that fell lankly down her back, framing her heart shaped face. Her almond shaped eyes were the same color as the lake, with flecks of green and gold. She had a thin top lip with a slightly thicker bottom lip. She had pale skin and could never seem to be able to catch a tan.

                                    She started to get her newest book out of her rucksack, when a noise broke the perfect silence around her.                                          

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