I am not afraid of the dark, or wild animals, or things that go bump in the night. The only thing that I am afraid of is happening, I am slowly becoming more and more................... alone. And I am scared out of my mind.


4. The Truth about Zach

                      "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! He told you that?! With who?! I can't believe he told YOU that! I've known him for 3 years and he doesn't tell me anything! Who is he in love with???" Ellie grabbed my arm so tightly that I could have sworn that it was about to fall off!

                       "Uhhh, he didn't say," I lied, I smiled and shrugged "I don't think he trusts me THAT much!" I laugh but inside a horrible feeling is forming in the pit of my stomach, Zach had asked me for one thing in exchange for his friendship. One thing. Not to tell anyone his secret. And what do I do, just blurt it out to the first person who asks, who also happens to be the girl that he is hiding the secret from! The bartender eventually severed us the drinks and we walked over to the table where Zach was sitting with all our stuff. As soon as I saw his face, somehow I could tell he knew what I had said to Ellie. His eyes where dark and cold, his muscles where tensed, as if he was trying to hold himself back, and his once smiling mouth wasn't smiling anymore. Oblivious to the change that I saw in Zach, Ellie sat down on one of the chairs surrounding the table and poured her coke from the can into a tall, black coloured glass and started to drink. But before I too could sit down, "Annabel could I speak with you outside for a moment?" Zach's voice was harsh and he spoke through his teeth. I could tell that what he had said wasn't a question but a command.

                   "Sure, no problem." I said, hoping I wouldn't sound as scared as I felt. I followed him through the crowd of people to the back door that lead to a court-yard outside, when I got out there he didn't turn around to face me, he stood looking out with his back facing me and I could tell that all his muscles were tensed, when he spoke it was through his teeth again. 'I know what you did. Anna' He spat my name out.                

"I'm really sorry Zach I didn't really think about what I was doing, she doesn't know you love her anyway, it's no big deal. Right?" I tried not to sound as scared I was feeling. I was petrified, something seemed different about Zach, and I do NOT mean it in a good way. I couldn't be certain as it was dark out but I could have sworn he was sort of glowing? But not with a happy white light, he was glowing with a black light tinged with red. And it terrified me.

                 "You swore Anna you gave your word. You promised. And bad things happen to those who break their promises" He slowly turned around and I was frozen with fear. My mind was telling me to run away but I couldn't. I couldn't move at all because what I saw standing in front of me was not the Zach that had told me his secret, had given me a henna tattoo and had spent a night with me in the wardrobe. This- this thing standing in front of me wasn't even human and I was scared for my life.

                His eyes were completely black and tinged with a red sheen, his face was all consorted and he seemed to have grown in size almost doubling until I was cowering away from him. In a deep menacing voice that wasn't his he said, "You remember that oath we made Annabelle? When I muttered under my breath? I was swearing by the devil that if you did anything to break that oath then I would have his power in witch to make you pay. You better run, for the devil knows your greatest fears and can make them a reality. You never should have broken that promise Anna, remember that whatever happens next was your own doing."

               I turned and ran with no time to think about what I was doing, I just ran. I ran away from the bar and I found myself at the entrance to my house. I fumbled around with my bag trying to find the key by in my blind panic I dropped it. I bent to pick it up and my shoulder knocked against the door and it swung open, looking closer at the lock I could see animal-like claw marks around it.

              I slowly stepped inside, 'the devil knows your greatest fears' he had said, what was my greatest fear? Was it afraid of the dark? No that stopped when I was 10, "m-m-mum? d-d-dad?" I stuttered into the total darkness of my house. No answer. I fumbled around until I found the light switch, flicked it on and felt sick. I gasped for air backing away, tears in my eyes. The room looked like a bomb site, everything was knocked over and thrown around. On the wall that I had helped my mother paint 2 years ago was a message;



 And underneath was a polaroid picture of my parents, my father yelling and my mother crying, both bleeding.

               I was know crying fully, how could he be so evil? How could he do that to me?! I turned and I ran. I ran away from everything that I had ever known. I didn't have time to think. I just ran as far away as I could.

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