I am not afraid of the dark, or wild animals, or things that go bump in the night. The only thing that I am afraid of is happening, I am slowly becoming more and more................... alone. And I am scared out of my mind.


3. The Butterfly

I could see how much he wanted us to meet up so I replied that I would. I tidied my self up and put my ginger/brown hair into a ponytail and took a quick look in the mirror. My peachy skin was dotted with freckles, which was normal for me this time of year, and my green eyes looked as if they were holding a secret.  

    I thumped down the stairs, grabbing my black nirvana hoddie on my way out and left. My parents didn't mind me going out because I was such a goodie-goodie that they knew that I would always be 'responsable'. If they knew that I was going to a tattoo parlour then they would FREAK! My Dad would probably have a heart attack on the spot and I'm not even starting on the amount of lectures my Mum would give me!.  

   When I got there Zach came towards me with a picture in his hands, I couldn't quite see it, but I could see him grinning like a Cheshire cat from a mile away.

"Hi," I said nervously, he made my legs go weak, I don't know why.

"Hi Annabell! I didn't think that you were going to come! Look at this!" He showed me a drawing of a butterfly, it was beautiful!

"That's gorgeous!" I exclaimed, "Who is it for?"

"It's for you!" He said and that's when I realised what he meant. He wanted me to have a tatoo, a tattoo! Me!

"Zach, no. I'm only fifteen so it would be illegal and my parents would flip and I am not even starting on when it fades and it goes green and horrible or like when I am a Granny and it's wrinkly and..."

   He cut me off ...

"Wow! Annabell! It's in henna you idiot!" He said laughing.

"Oh right!" I stopped holding my breath. " Cool!" I didn't know what else to say so I just let him 'henna' me  for 30 minutes.

   He wiped the mixture off and. discovered that I actually love it! I wasn't so enthusiastic when it was on paper but looking at it in the mirror it's so intricate and beautiful it's hard not to fall in love with it! He must have been ages neatly drawing those delicate wings and patterns.

   I think he finally classes me as a 'friend'. I am glad at that because I am not popular at our school, especially after I slapped Lexi and Sally. He has even invited me to the local '60's Diner' in the town! I don't know if it's fancy dress or not, but I have a 60's outfit and I'm wearing it!

   As I got to the crowded diner and immediatley realised I had made a mistake, they were all there in their black skinny jeans, biker boots and they were all plastered in black eye shadow. They were all wearing the same leather jackets and sippping their cokes whilst talking about something exetremely depressing. I quickly ran into the toilets and did what I could to 'Gothify' my look.

  I pulled out my manicure set and ripped the red skirt with the white polka-dots and turned it into a mini skirt. Then I took of the fake glasses and put them into my glass, then, I wiped away the blue eye shadow and red lipstick and put black there insteade. I finally looked presentable. I nervously walked out of the toilets and joined them.

"Hey Anne. How are you?"

"Hey Zach, please don't call me that! You know I hate it."

"But 'Annabell' is too girly and bright. I'm calling you Anne."

"Fine, I'm getting a diet coke, anyone want one?"

"I'll come with you now." Spoke up Elle.

   Elle was the manager of the tattoo parlor that Zach worked at. She was quite tall and very skinney with crystal blue eyes and hair as black as cold dust, shining everytime she moved her head. She too was in black, black skinny jeans with a black tank top and leather jacket. Her make-up was different to the other girls though. she was wearing a silvery eyeshadow and dark red lipstick. Her shoes were different as well, white sandles with silver straps and diamontes.

 Zach introduced us and we walked up to the bar and ordered, the waitor told us that it might be a while untill our order came, we waited. We got to talking, eventually, she asked me how me and Zach met. Then I remembered that she was the person Zach fancied! I bit my lip and tried not to tell her, she then noticed my face and said...

"What's up? You know a secret don't you! You know why Zach has been actting wierdly the last few months! TELL ME!"

   I tried to protest but I gave in...

"Okay I'll tell you," I said with a smile on my lips, "He's in love!"

I wispered. As soon as the words were out my lips I instantly regreted saying them and I wished I could take them back. I wanted to take them back because I just realised that I had broken my promise.




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