I am not afraid of the dark, or wild animals, or things that go bump in the night. The only thing that I am afraid of is happening, I am slowly becoming more and more................... alone. And I am scared out of my mind.


2. 1 week earlier

   We were sat cross-legged in a circle, with the bottle in the middle, spinning frantically. It finally stopped its course of embarrassment and chose its next unwilling victem. Zachery. He was Josh's cousin and Josh had been forced to bring him over to Lexi and Sally's house for the sleepover. He was quiet overall, but there was one thing wierd about him. He was a goth, he had long greasy black hair that hadn't seen a hairbrush in over a year, pale skin and dark black eyes. They looked like two large pupils. Wierd!

   Lexi asked him in her high pitched voice...

"Truth, dare or mix?"


   I was intruiged by his deep, dark voice, as soon as he said the word he shrank back into the curtains of his thick hair. All eyes were on him, not Lexi, I could tell she hated that, she coughed and began to dish out punishment for taking away her spotlight. She said...

"Dare part: Take Annabell into the wardrobe for two minutes!

Truth part: Tell her EVERYTHING about yourself!"

   The whole group burst into laughter and clapped Lexi, who smirked. Zach got up and walked into the wardrobe, as if nothing happened. As he was climbing into the wardrobe his black eyes locked with mine, he winked and then shut the door. I blushed and looked down, Lexi and Sally jeered...

"Comon Annabell! Get into the closet and listen to the goth's life story!"

   Then they both started laughing, I scanned around the circle Josh looked angry,his blue eyes flaring and his long blonde hair almost covering his eyes. Sally and Lexi were lying on their backs, their identical faces  grinning and their dyed blonde hair all over the place. There was an empty place nxt to Sally, then next to the space was Ben was as he normally is, no expression.

   I got up and walked to the wooden wardrobe, I opened the door and climbed in, after the door was closed my eyes adjusted to the dark. I could make out his outline, I closed my eyes and sighed. Then I opened them again.I could see more of him now. Then Sally shouted...


   I looked up and into his eyes as he started talking...

"I was born in England with my mother, brother and father. My dad walked out on us when I was twelve, I have always hated him for that. We were poor and had little or no money, I was forced to work in the local tattoo parlour. I facinated over the designs and was sson designing my own. I wasn't allowed to do any tattoos but I would love to one day. Oh, and a few weeks ago I was introduced into a club the people in work go to. Now I'm sixteen I can join, they're Satan worshippers! So am I!"

   My jaw dropped, he laughed and hit his head on the wall. He began laughing again and barely managed to say...

"I welcome pain!"


   I breathed a sigh of relief and tried to open the door, it wouldn't. They had put a padlock around the doorknobs, we were locked in. I got angry, this was typical Sally and Lexi. The twins hated me, they were popular, I wasn't. I was clever, they weren't. They always scowled at me and made jokes about me in school. I knew going to this sleepover would be dangerous. I had played right into their manicured hands! I cursed myself and tried to break it out. No use.

   Zach spoke up...

"Well why don't we make the most of our time then?"

"Uhh, uh okay!"

   Was all I could manage, we were obviously going to be there all night so we started talking. Eventually their laughs and chats subsided. I found that I was drawn to him and we ended up talking all night. He told me his deep, dark secrets. One was that he was in love with the manager of the tattoo parlour. He made me swear to the devil I wouldn't say. He chanted when he made me promise. In a different language.

   We really got on and I eventually fell asleep. We had swapped numbers and arranged to meet the next day. At ten the next morning we were opened up. The light was blinding. I was starving and extremley angry. I slapped Sally and Lexi, grabbed my bag and left.

   I was in for it when we got back to school. I didn't care, it felt amazing slapping them. Watching their laughter turning into hurt and then anger. I walked down the street to my house and slammed the door, I ignored my parents and walked into my pink bedroom. My bejewelled phone beeped. It was a text from Zach, it read...

Hey Annabell! ;)

Wanna meet up? Tattoo parlour at 1? :)

pleeeeease! :D

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