I'm Yours

A One Direction fanfiction I wrote a long time ago. It's finished so I just have to upload all the chapters. I don't know how many chapters there are but on word doccumet there was 62 pages so this will take a while;)


1. Snowball Fights

El’s POV
I woke up, lying on Niall’s bare chest; I was 2 months pregnant and had a little bump on my stomach. For some reason, I always woke up on Niall’s chest no matter where I went to sleep, even if it was on the couch, it just grew to be a habit. I sat up and curled into a ball under the covers, it was mid-winter so it was still snowing and freezing. I sat there for about 10 minutes before sneaking out, trying not to wake Niall up. He was too upset to be awake, this was the second time I’ve been pregnant, but last time I got an abortion, which killed both of us because we couldn’t bear to kill our own child, this time we were putting the baby up for adoption, we were upset, but not ready for a baby just yet. I left the room and went to get some breakfast, Liam and Harry were up, but they were the only ones.
“Would you like some pancakes?” Harry asked.
"Um, yeah, sure, make a little extra for Niall as well too please?”
"Ha-ha, a LITTLE?! Ha-ha yeah, he’s gonna need A LOT more than a LITTLE” Harry laughed. I couldn’t help but laugh as well, of course Niall would need a lot more, that was one of the things we had in common, we both loved food as much as we loved each other. I sat at the table next to Liam, who just stared at my stomach.
"Ok, can you stop? Ha-ha YES IM FAT! WEVE ESTABLISHED THAT” He looked down grinning.
"Sorry” he laughed. We both started laughing then. Harry came over and put 2 large pancakes on my plate, and 2 on Liam’s. We both dug into them, syrup and cream everywhere. Harry dipped his finger in the cream on put a blob of it on my nose. I gave him a death stare before cracking up laughing. Anna walked down the stairs then, rubbing her eyes. Harry ran up to her, spinning her around and hugging her, kissing her lips hard before holding her hand and guiding her to the kitchen table where he put a plate with pancakes on it for her. A little while after we finished, Niall and Danielle woke up and sat at the table with us. Harry made a few extra pancakes for them because he loves to cook, Anna was so lucky to have him, I was lucky to have Niall, because although he never cooked, whenever we were being lazy, we would go to either milkshake city or Nando’s for food, which was all the time. Everyone was eventually up and we all decided to have a snowball fight. Of course, me being fat and all, I got to have Niall, Louis and Maz as a team, everyone else was a single player only, I felt special.
“Heyy Zayn, where’s Demi?” I asked, I only just realised she wasn’t here yet.
"Oh, she felt sick last night and it took her ages to get to sleep, so she’s still asleep now” Zayn said.
"Oh, I’ll talk to her when she wakes up” I said. He gave me a thank you nod and we started the game. Me, Nialler, Lou and Maz all went and hid behind a big tree in the park, (where we were playing), and waited. Louis ran out first, pelting snowballs at Harry, who was waiting for someone to walk out, but Lou walked around the other side and scared the shiz out of him. We cracked up laughing, and Liam and Danielle used this to their advantage, they both ran either side of our tree, and pelted us with snowballs, I squealed at the cold and Niall ran in front of me to stop the snow from touching me. I quickly wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him from behind. Finally they stopped with the snowballs, mainly because they were so tired. And Me and Niall went inside to get warm, because we had the heater on. We got inside and undressed to change into warm and snow free clothes. When I took my shirt off, you could really see the bump now, it looked huge even though it wasn’t at its biggest yet. Niall looked at my stomach, and smiled, but I could see the hurt in his eyes, half from thinking he was so stupid, and half for the fact that this would be the second time we lose our own child. Then, the sorrow left his eyes as he looked at my face, he smiled again, but this time it was because he was happy. He came over to me and hugged me. But it was really weird because he was keeping away from my stomach trying not to touch the baby. I laughed, and he put his stomach back a bit so he wouldn’t touch mine. I just frowned, pretending to be sad so he would hug me properly, it worked and he did hug me, it was really light, but he was hugging me properly. I changed into warm clothes, as did Niall and we sat on the couch, well, actually, I sat on Niall’s lap while he sat on the couch. I snuggled up in his chest while he stroked my face and played with a loose strand of my hair. He kissed my cheek before whispering. “I love you”. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the back of the couch. I leaned back with him and whispered back, “I love you too”. And I kissed his lips. Just as I got comfortable I remembered something, Ashlin was coming over. She was our best friend, we’ve all been friends for at least 7 years and we haven’t seen each other for 6 or 7 months because she’s been away in Thailand helping out from the floods. I sat up off Niall’s lap and checked my watch, it was almost lunchtime, she would be here in an hour, and she still didn’t know I was pregnant, she didn’t even know me and Niall were going out, we’ve all been good friends for years but the day after the first time Ash left, about 3 years ago, me and Niall started dating, and we’ve been dating for 3 years now, I don’t have a clue how to tell her, but I guess my stomach would do all the talking. Niall got up as well, frowning, obviously he forgot as well. “What’s wrong babe?” He asked in his sweet Irish tone of voice.
“ASHLIN! SHE’LL BE HERE IN AN HOUR!” I said in a panicked voice. Niall’s eyes went big and he swore under his breath. 

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