I'm Yours

A One Direction fanfiction I wrote a long time ago. It's finished so I just have to upload all the chapters. I don't know how many chapters there are but on word doccumet there was 62 pages so this will take a while;)


6. Movement

"WHAT?!” Niall said with a confused look on his face. “MY STOMACH! THE BABY! IT MOVED!” I yelled. Everyone rushed over to me and sat down. This was the first time the baby moved and me and Niall had the biggest grins on our faces. Niall put his hands on my stomach and the baby kicked again. Niall jumped. “HOLY FUCK!” he yelled. Everyone put their hands on my stomach, one at a time, all of them giggling and laughing every time the baby kicked. After about half an hour of the baby moving, it finally stopped and everyone calmed down a bit and we went back to the movie. 
2 hours……………..
I got really tired at about 10:30 so Niall and Louis helped me up and me and Niall went to bed. “You don’t have to come with me you know”. I said. “I know, but I want to go to bed with you”. Niall said, but he choked on the words and I don’t know why. “Niall, are you ok?” I asked. He looked down, frowning. “No, we have work tomorrow”. He said. I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Niall, I’ll be fine, it’s just one day, really Niall, I’ll be absolutely fine”. Niall sighed and looked at me, biting his bottom lip. I hugged him again and laughed. “ok, but, can you at least call me at lunchtime so I know you’re alright?”. He asked. “But what if I forget?” I said, knowing I most likely will forget. “Never mind, I’ll call you”. Niall laughed. I pouted and laughed as well. “Ok, and if I don’t answer?” I asked. “If you don’t answer, I’m comin’ home”. He said in a serious tone. I smiled. “Heh, thanks”. Niall kissed my head and we went to bed. 
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