I'm Yours

A One Direction fanfiction I wrote a long time ago. It's finished so I just have to upload all the chapters. I don't know how many chapters there are but on word doccumet there was 62 pages so this will take a while;)


2. Ashlin Visits

We both ran out to the park to get the others, how could we possibly forget today, how did we not prepare?! We found everyone and told them all and as soon as we did, they all bolted inside, I, however, was too tired and nearly collapsed, I wasn’t supposed to run when I was pregnant, no one is. Niall was the first inside so I was stuck at the park, catching my breath back, after 3 minutes I still didn’t have my breath back and I was starting to worry, that’s when I felt someone behind me. I screamed and they put their hand over my mouth and I realised it was Zayn, I mumbled a swear word, relieved.
“What happened to you, are you ok?” Zayn asked. “I, I ran, and, and I, heh, not, not supposed to when….when I’m, I’m preg, pregnant” I coughed out. Zayn’s eyes grew big. “Everyone’s been worried about you, we couldn’t find you, Niall was looking everywhere, lucky I had to come back to get my shoes” he smiled, and he bent down and picked me up. He grunted as he did so.
“I know I’m fat, you really don’t have to carry me Zayn”. I said, trying not to be ashamed of how fat I was. Zayn just laughed.
“Haha, you’re not fat, you’re just pregnant, and it’s totally different” Zayn said, walking towards the house. I just frowned and looked away. Finally we reached the house and I saw Niall inside, he spotted me and bolted outside. He grabbed me from Zayn and kissed my cheek. “I was so worried, where were you?!” He whispered. I was about to try and tell him but Zayn cut in and said everything that I told him, except he wasn’t out of breath. Niall laughed and hugged me, without touching the baby. He took me inside and sat me on the couch so I could get my breath back. After 15 minutes, I finally got my breath back and learned never again will I run pregnant. I got up and helped everyone clean the house before Ashlin got here. After we finished cleaning up, we had about 10 minutes before she was supposed to arrive, we all sat in the lounge room and thought of ways to tell Ash about me and Niall, and the baby. Demi came up with the idea that I wear a crop top and Ash to just notice my stomach and ask about it. We decided that was better than Lou’s idea to run screaming at her “I’m not a virgin anymore” and lift my shirt up. We laughed really hard when Lou said that. “WHAT?! It’ll work!” he said, pouting like a little kid. I went into my room and changed into my creamy green crop top, then there was a soft knock at the door, I went to run and answer it but remembered what happened last time I ran. I quickly went over to my mirror, the crop top made me look even fatter than I already was, and I DEFINITLY looked pregnant now, there’s no way anyone could miss it. I slowly walked outside where everyone was sitting on the couch, me, Maz, Demi, Az, and Danielle all went to the door and pulled it open. We saw Ash stand there, she was really different, but then again, she was the one in the group that always changed. But she had a complete makeover, we almost didn’t recognize her. Last time we saw her, she had long black hair, loads of makeup, and always wore skinny jeans and tank tops, now she had short, bronze hair, big black boots, high pants, and a crop top on, she looked really pretty, she made every outfit she wore work for her. We all squealed and hugged her heaps, and really tightly, except me of course, I hugged her, just not as much as the others. We grabbed her hands and dragged her inside, all the guys saw her, got up and ran towards her, she screamed and ran behind the couch, she was always the wuss, but I don’t blame her, the guys did go a little phsyco with their hugs. They all laughed and surrounded her, then they all ran to her and grabbed her, hugging her to death.
“AHAH! EASY GUYS! DON’T BREAK ME!” Ash laughed. After she put her bags down and the boys calmed down, I moved my hands from my stomach, crossed my legs, and leaned back into the couch. Ash stared wide eyes, I only stared at the TV, glancing at Niall from the corner of my eyes, making sure Ash didn’t see me. Niall was doing the exact same thing. She quickly looked away, grinning to herself, and then we all decided to go and have some lunch and we all sat down at the table. Harry, Liam and Demi all grabbed out a pile of food from the fridge and put it all on the table. There was chicken, salad, fruit, and loads of soft drinks. I forgot about all of this, me, Niall, Az and Liam all went shopping the other day for food especially for today. I rolled my eyes at myself, then once all the food was out, everyone got stuck into it. After lunch, everyone was so stuffed, and really tired we decided that we would all just have a rest. All the girls went to one room and all the guys went to the other. We all sat on the bed, and then Ash finally spoke, but she was really nervous. “Umm, El?” She said, looking at the bed. I couldn’t help but grin. “Umm, yeah”. I giggled. “Umm, are you, uh,” I looked at the bed then as well. “Pregnant?” I suggested, looking up and grinning to myself. Ash looked up and her eyes went huge. “YOU ARE?!” she said. We all started laughing, except Ash. “YES! IT TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!” I laughed. Her eyes went even bigger and a big grin spread across her face. Then she started laughing as well, causing all of us to start again, then her face went serious suddenly. “El?” she frowned. “Yeah?” I frowned as well. “Who’s the dad?” She asked. I looked at the bed again, as did everyone else, except Ash, whose eyes stayed locked on me. “Umm, Niall” I mumbled.
"Who?” she said, I must have mumbled too quietly.
"Niall”. I said, loudly and clearly. Her eyes grew large again, and her mouth dropped. “NIALL?!” she laughed. “WHAT?!” I said. “I did NOT see that coming. You guys are together? How long have you been together?” She said, suddenly really interested. “about 3 years" I said smiling. “WOW!” was all she said. After about 30 seconds of silence, I was the first to break it, I always was, I couldn’t help but laugh when it was silent, another thing me and Niall had in common. “how many weeks are you?” Ash finally asked. “I don’t have a clue!” I smiled. “but I’m around 2 months” I said. “ok cool!” she said. It was starting to get late now, and Ash had a taxi waiting for her. So we left the room and all the guys came out as well, and we all said our goodbyes to her, then she left. We told the guys’ what happened and Louis was upset no one used his idea, but everyone knew he was joking. Everyone was so tired after a big day so we all just made some hot chips and took piles of them to our rooms and ate there, Niall took my hand and led me to the room, and we sat down, flicked the TV on and watched whatever we could find. After we ate, Niall took the plates out to the kitchen then got back into bed hugging me. We got scrunched up under the covers and Niall put his hand lightly on my stomach as we fell asleep, but I knew Niall was in for yet another restless sleep. All he's been doing for the past 2 months is blaming himself. No matter how many times I tell him it isn't his fault, he just won't listen to me.

2nd chapter! Woooo! Comment bitches!:) jks! ahha
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