I Should Have Kissed You

What would you do if you were told that you were to live with the boys from One Direction? Sound too good to be true right? WRONG!

Follow the story of 18 year old Jasmine who can't believe her luck when her boyfriend wins her the competition of a lifetime; to meet and stay with her favourite boyband, One Direction, in their complex in London. Turns out that she got more than she bargained for, could heart break strike and a new found love blossom whilst she's away from her friends and family in Australia?

Find out in the new fanfic I Should Have Kissed You :)


5. You've Got A Friend In Me


*Liams POV*

“Last night was interesting. You should have seen Harry though, it was like he’d never seen a girl before… yeah I think you’re right. Our little Haz has got a little crush on the Australian girl…hang on there’s someone at the door.”

I got up from the couch and made my way over to the door to find Niall munching on some crisps making a little mess outside my door.

“Niall you have a key to my apartment, you don’t have to knock and wait for me”

“Sorry Liam, my hands were full” Niall said holding up the packet of crisps. “Who’s on the phone?”

“It’s Danielle now come inside, make some tea or whatever, I’ll be with you in a second.”

Niall nodded in approval and made his way to the fridge. “Hi Danielle!” he yelled from the kitchen.

“Yeah that’s Niall, he says hi. Alright babe, I’ll see you when you get back from tour. I love you, bye”

“Where’s Danielle?”

“She’s dancing with Jessie J now, so she’ll be back from her ‘Laserlight’ tour soon.”

“you miss her don’t you?”

“yeah I do. Now I know how she feels when we’re on tour. Can we bring her on our Up All Night tour? Lou can bring El and if you, Zayn and Haz have a special girl by then bring them as well.”

“that’s not a bad idea actually. Although Harry might bring Jas.”

“What makes you say that, sure he was practically following her like a lost puppy yesterday but that could have been out of good interest?”

“Really Liam? Good interest? Seriously man, you’re Daddy direction but sometimes you act like Dopey Direction!”


“any way, you should have seen Harry last night. I left my guitar at their apartment so I went back to go get it, Harry answered the door and when we were talking, she came out in these little black pyjama shorts and this tight grey tank top. Smoking body by the way and yeah, Harry just stood there almost drooling.”

“No way!”

“don’t believe me? Ask him yourself! If I hadn’t of interjected there would have been a longer awkward pause than there was before.”

“Aww Niall to the rescue huh?”

“You know it! So what’s the plan for today?”

“I’m not sure, let’s get Zayn up, surely he’s still asleep and we’ll go to Lou’s apartment for the day, see what they want to do. Lou said last night that we’re going out for drinks as a belated welcome party for Jas.”

“Oh cool, stock up on some pints! Woo!”

“Easy Niall, you don’t want to get too smashed in front of her, don’t freak her out”

“oh come on papa Payne! Loosen up a bit, you know I can handle my liquor.”

“well if ‘papa Payne’ loosens up too much he could end up in hospital, remember? One kidney over here!”

“loosen up with lemon squash?”

“this is why I love you Nialler, you’re so considerate” I said sarcastically, laughing as I made my way to the key bowl. I grabbed my keys and signalled Niall to go out to the corridor.

“Let’s get Zayn”

*Nialls POV*

“ZAYN! WAKE UP! OPEN THE DOOR!” I shouted banging against the door.

“Niall! Be quiet, I’m sure Harry and Louis, not to mention Jas can probably hear you!” Liam shouted.

“Hey Vas Happenin Lads!”

“Zayn? You’re normally still in bed!” I said. Zayn had come from the elevator with a large bag of McDonald’s breakfast.

“you can have your breakfast when we get to Harry and Lou’s apartment okay Niall? I just bought a few of everything, is that alright?”

“Zayn that’s more than enough” Liam said reassuringly

“Ok that’s good then, let’s go wake up those 3” 

Zayn grabbed his keys and opened the door to Harry and Louis apartment. We found Harry and Louis watching cartoons drinking Louis’ favourite Yorkshire tea.

“What do you have there lads?”

“I smell McDonalds!” harry said propping his head up from the couch.

“you’re right Haz”

“I’ll be back” I said as I ran out of the apartment. I grabbed my guitar that was right beside my bed and ran back to the boys.

“Let’s go wake Jas up. It’s 10:30 now so she can’t get mad” I laughed.

“Good idea!”

*Jas’s POV*

“Oh my god I can’t believe you’re living with one direction!” my friend Lucy said in the passenger’s seat. I was driving through the country side where I grew up as a little girl. “I know neither can I, they’re so hot!”

“yeah especially the curly haired one”

“Lucy! You’re such a fake fan! His name is Harry and he more than hot, he is absolutely fucking hot and he’s the sweetest guy!!” we laughed as the warm country side breeze blew through our hair. I turned on the radio and a new song from One Direction was being played. It had a soft guitar playing followed by Niall’s angelic voice.

“It’s time to get up in the morning, got McDonalds breakfast for you” “or any other brand” “I drove two miles to get it” “So now get up and eat it” “Don’t be selfish Jas”

Just as I realised that the song wasn’t part of my dream, my eyes shot wide open to find all 5 boys singing and jumping around me


“TIME TO GET UP!” harry finished.

I looked around and the boys looked pretty pleased with themselves.

“If that’s the wakeup call I’m getting every morning please do it a bit louder, I don’t think people in France heard you!” I said sarcastically burring my head under the pillows.

“Someone’s not a morning person” harry said

I chucked the pillow that was covering my face straight at Harry’s head, knocking his curls about. The boys laughed.

“Jas please don’t throw a pillow at my head, I’m the one who bought the Macky D’s so I come in peace” Zayn said reaching for the closest pillow, trying to get it out of my reach.

“can someone please pass me my jumper from the suitcase”

Harry sprung from his spot on my bed and bolted to the suitcase.

“It should be on top somewhere” I said rubbing my eyes

“Oooo looky here, what’s this?” Harry slowly took out some black lingerie I had packed, probably in the rush of getting my things together. “Who’s this for, eh?”

It was one of those moments where everyone slowly turns to face you. They all tilted their head to one side and raised one eyebrow.

“ummm” I could feel myself turn red. I thought these boys would respond best to a bit of cheeky humour “well, you never know boys, perhaps you might get a sneak preview?” I said as I winked, their faces dropped and they turned all red.

“Please don’t ever leave” Niall said whilst pulling me into the biggest bear hug. We all laughed at Niall’s remark. As the boys started to make their way to the food, Harry took his time so he was the last person left alone with me.

“here you go” he said as he passed me my white Nike jumper. I tried standing up but I got a little head rush and I fell back on the bed.

“jump on” Harry suggested as he turned around facing his back to me.

“Seriously Harry? A piggy back?”

“yeah, why not?”

“I’m going to break your back Harry!”

“Oh really now? That’s a risk I’m willing to take love” this time he winked at me as I jumped on his back.

“To the kitchen curly!”

*Louis POV*

I could hear something hitting the walls followed by “Ow” and “sorry”

“Are you sure you’ve got me?” Jas said

“Chill Jas, you’re super light, I can carry you just fine”

Before we knew it Jas emerged from the corridor on Harry’s back.

“Ok just a heads up guys, don’t let Harry give you a piggy back unless you want bruises all over your arms and legs.” She said

“We know” Niall, Zayn and I said lifting up our sleeves to reveal the small blotchy purple spots on our arms that Harry had given us.

“Oh so Liam’s the smart one not trusting Harry” Jas said

“No, it’s not that I’m smart, I’m just stronger than Harry so it’s normally me giving him the piggy backs” Liam said flexing his muscles.

“Aww it’s ok Styles, your muscles will come through eventually” I said teasing Harry as he dropped Jas to the floor.

“Shut up Lou” He said whacking me across the head.

“Ok so we’re going out tonight, Jas have you got something to wear?” I asked.

“depends on where we are going..”

“how about ‘Masters’ that place is always packed and Lou you promised you’d take me!” harry whined.

“if it’s always packed what makes you think that we can get in this time?”

Harry looked disappointed.

“I’m only joking bub, I’ll see what I can do”.

“Who wants to go out for lunch!?” Niall asked

“Nialler you just ate breakfast!” Liam laughed.

“uhhh.. yeah.. I know that. Just thinking ahead”

“whatever you say Niall.  Haha come on go to your apartment and get ready. Looks like we’re going out to lunch.”

*Zayn’s POV*

Everyone had disappeared after breakfast and it was only me and Jas left at the table. We were the slow eaters I guess.

“So Zayn”

“So Jas”, I laughed. “what’s up babe?”

“not much. kind of missing home.”

“It’s alright. I know the feeling. I know Bradford isn’t as far away as Australia but I get what you mean.”

“how can you be away from your family for so long?”

“I don’t know, I guess you kind of get used to being on your own. I miss them all like crazy but I’m doing what I love and it makes not only me happy but my family as well. I call my mum every night though so it’s not like we don’t talk so yeah. It’s hard,  but without them and their support I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

“That’s fair enough”

*Jas’s POV*

“So who are you leaving behind in the land of Oz”  Zayn said, taking the left over cups on the table to the sink.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“my mum and my brother. Dad left when I was 2 so it’s only us 3 and my dog Cole.”

“any special friends?” he said nudging my arm.

“what? Umm yeah. I have a boyfriend Caleb, he’s the one that won the competition to get me here.” I smiled.

Zayn looked a bit confused.

“what’s that look for Zayn?

“oh nothing.”

“what tell me”

“don’t get offended or anything but don’t you think it’s a bit strange that your boyfriend let you travel to the other side of the world to live in the same place with 5 teenage lads for a long time?”

“but Louis is twenty”

“he’s a teen at heart. But that’s beside the point”

“I know what you mean though. I thought about it a lot but I’m scared I’m overthinking things. I trust him and he trusts me, that’s what I’m putting it down to. I guess this trip is our true test to see how well we cope without each other.”

“We’ll if anything ever happens, which I’m not saying will, but if worse comes to worse, know that you have a friend to turn to no matter what.”

“awww thanks Zayn”

“any time Jas”



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