I Should Have Kissed You

What would you do if you were told that you were to live with the boys from One Direction? Sound too good to be true right? WRONG!

Follow the story of 18 year old Jasmine who can't believe her luck when her boyfriend wins her the competition of a lifetime; to meet and stay with her favourite boyband, One Direction, in their complex in London. Turns out that she got more than she bargained for, could heart break strike and a new found love blossom whilst she's away from her friends and family in Australia?

Find out in the new fanfic I Should Have Kissed You :)


2. This Is It


*Jasmine’s POV*

I never really noticed how hectic an airport could really be. It was 10:30 in the morning and people were everywhere! Luckily I had travelled overseas before so I knew what I had to do and where I had to go. Caleb had come to the airport with me to say goodbye. I loved him for that!

Passengers on flight LZH1DN please ensure that you have checked in and are at the appropriate gate with boarding passes and passport ready for a swift departure.

This was it, I was on my way to meeting my 5 idols! Wait, I was going to LIVE with my 5 idols!! AHHH I was super excited.

“Looks like you better go now gorgeous. I’ll miss you” Caleb said pulling me in and kissing me softly on the lips.

“I’ll miss you more”, I looked up at him with a smile. I grabbed my bags and headed to the terminal.

Planes didn’t really freak me out. I was the whole concept of being very high up in the sky that freaked me out the most! I made my way to my seat which coincidently was 1D, plugged my earphones in again and was ready for take-off. Soon enough the jet lag was starting to creep up on me so I decided to sleep for a long period on time that I was on the plane.



I felt a small nudge followed by a sweet voice repeating “Miss. Miss. The plane is about to land. Would you mind putting up your seat to prepare for landing? Thank you very much”.

This was it. I was in London about to meet One Direction!

When the plane landed it was a quick trip through baggage claim, I was one of the first out of there. As I headed towards the exit there was a man standing by the door, holding a sign saying Jasmine Harper. That was me!

“Miss Jasmine Harper, welcome to London. I am your chauffeur Leonard, you can call me Leo if you like. Let me take your bags to the car for you.” The man grabbed my bags and led me to a shiny black Mercedes Benz. As I jumped into the car, the nerves had started to kick in. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t be one of those fans who would scream in their faces, scaring the living daylights out of them! Leo could see in his rear-view mirror that I had become very pale.

“Are you alright Miss Harper?”

“Leo, call me Jas. Yes I’m alright. Just a little nervous I guess. I mean, what if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m annoying? Even worse what if I scare them away? What if-”

“Miss Harper, sorry for interrupting but I have known these boys for a year now and I can guarantee that they will like you. All you have to do is be yourself. Trust me, they will love you for that”



“Thanks Leo.”

“My pleasure Miss Harper. Just letting you know that we are almost at the complex now.”

I gathered all my belonging that I had scattered along the car seat. I fixed my hair, put some make up on and finally added a touch of my cherry lip gloss and I was ready.

The complex was inside of a large building that towered into the dark sky.  It was night by the time I had arrived so the trees leading into the lobby we all lit up. It looked magical. Leo walked to the elevator with my bags and I followed close behind him. He pushed the button for the tenth floor.


We had reached the tenth floor and the sound of an acoustic guitar filled the air. There was a large corridor that seemed to go in a big square shape which made its way back to the elevator. The boys were right, they weren’t too far away from each other. They were the only occupants on the tenth floor. I continued to follow Leo until we stopped in front of 10C. Leo looked at me with a huge smile. He raised his hand and knocked three times on the door.

The beautiful melody played by the guitar stopped abruptly as I heard footsteps approach the door.

‘This is it’ I thought to myself as the door opened wide.

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